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Astrology Readings

Map out your soul purpose with the planets!

QUICK FIX (astro)

15 min (audio only) recording for $45 - BOOK NOW

If you simply need a fast answer to a question or help with a pressing decision, I can email you a recording with my advice based on your natal chart & the current transits within 2-3 business days. The audio will be available for download for up to 14 days.


(Personal or Business)

30 min ($75) or 1 hour ($150) - BOOK NOW

Are you at a crossroads in your life? Is it time for change? Wondering when things will shift for the better? I can help you navigate the astrological influences so that you can move forward in living your best life ever! This reading will give important information related to how the current and/or upcoming transits affect you. The 30 min sessions are good for general guidance or short-term planning. The 60 min sessions are good for doing month ahead forecasts or for going in depth in multiple areas, whether career, relationships, money, relocation, etc.


(Personal or Business)

$150 for 1 hour - BOOK NOW

Have you been wanting to learn more about astrology? Needing greater clarity about what information your natal chart has for you, your personality, your relationships, your career, your purpose? This reading gives you one-on-one time with me to get the full rundown on the meaning behind the planets and houses of your natal chart.  This session includes a workbook that you will be sent to help guide you during our session.


(Personal or Business)

$225 for 1.5 hours - BOOK NOW

Get a jump on what 2020 has in store the upcoming year. We’ll explore the transits of each planet--Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury--the nodes, AND the eclipses! There will be a lot to cover but don't worry! This session will include a workbook with important information and there will be time set aside to get into the strategic planning for the year. Note: If you've previously done a 2019 Astrology or Business Astrology Forecast with me, you'll get 20% off this reading.

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"Excellent astrology reading! Jynnette is professional and explains things well. My reading she did deeply resonated with me and gave me some clarity. I also enjoy her YouTube videos if you'd like to get a taste. 5/5 would recommend." -- Hien Hong @hienhongyoga

"One of the most thorough, honest, and comfortable sessions I have ever had.  My Astrology Forecast was nothing short of amazing. Jynnette is very compassionate, listens well, and is straight to the point. She lays out the blue-print of what's to take place in a way that you wouldn't expect. Definitely worth it. Everything that was expressed has been happening left and right. If feels great to know what's to come so that you know how to handle it. I have more clarity, wisdom, and better judgement with each day. Book your service now and tell her that Karisia referred you. You will be so happy that you did. Thank you, Jynnette! You are truly a blessing!" -- Karisia Marinese @mxblacksushi