October 2018 Newsletter

A Personal Note

I have an exercise for you. Go find your old journals from 2010. (Honestly, go get them....) What was occurring in your life back in the Fall of 2010 (Aug-Nov)? Venus going retrograde in Scorpio along with the final stretch of Jupiter here as well is highlighting the themes of those times. Do you see a pattern between then and now?

In 2010 I was initiated into Kundalini Kriya Yoga by Yogiraj Gurunath Siddhanath (Note: this is not the same as Kundalini Yoga. I don’t really practice now but at times do get called to do a Kriya or two). At that point in my life, I'd been "called" many times to develop and keep to some spiritual discipline on my path in order to ground me in what I'd learned and attained, but to no avail. I say "calling" but it was really an admonition to get my shit together and developing my abilities. I had been fighting that a long time. Over and over again, I'd hear the "call", grope in the dark for something, and then either grow out of use for it or be called out. The latest at that point in time was being called out of church and leadership. So I said, "Ok God, what now?" Did I miss something? The Call, the real "call", was the one I was terrified to do yet which I had spoken of in times past: seeking first the kingdom of God. Fast forward to me learning about an upcoming satsang &  initiation with Yogiraj. Three nights before the event I was dreaming with God asking why I was here on Earth. Guess who showed up? Yogiraj.

He told me I already knew what I was supposed to do (which I did actually), and that my problem was that I didn't believe that if I followed that path that I'd be able to have everything else I wanted. He was right. I didn't believe. The need and love and appreciation and curiosity about all things God is very much in me--but I didn't yet believe. In truth, I resisted. In his presence I confessed that I resisted because I was afraid of being alone. I believed that being closer to God meant being further from everyone. That realization hit me hard. I kept struggling with that whole thing, believing I had to choose between God (Who I love) and everything that entails being a human (which I love). And Yogiraj said, in essence, that that was where the leap of faith had to come in. To trust that if I made the jump into the undifferentiated Oneness of God, that I would still have those other things. Once again, this all came down to courage (Leo north node). My soul already said "Yes" a decade ago during my re-awakening. I kept holding out on some level because I thought I was going to miss something. Fast forward to today and I can see that I have literally battled myself with this same theme since. It took getting jettisoned from a relationship, job, and apartment over the past 2 years and being so inundated with Ascension work that I had no choice but to submit to the birthing of the “Inner Sun Alchemy” platform.

Damn. Fear is no joke.

I won't be so hard on myself though because none of us exists in isolation--that is very much a Western concept. Instead, I can see that who and what I am now wouldn't have been contained and supported the way it would have needed to be back then (and over all the years I tried to reconcile with how to do this "thing" of supporting myself fully from spiritual work.) Interpreting astrology the way I do, I can DEFINITELY confirm that assessment as I look back. I actually would not have been able to do it because the timing wasn't right.

What do you do in the midst of transition?

What did I do? I focused on building those aspects of my life that were important to my human experience --growing my inner circle, exploring the city, road trips with friends, dating, and creating with other filmmakers. But, still it wasn't easy to chill in collective "stasis" until it was time for ovulation/flowering.....

There were many other things that came up for me in my time with Yogiraj that relate to leadership, power, savior/martyr complexes, etc that I won't go into now. I can already see that these themes will specifically some up to be addressed in 2019.

General Astrology Forecast

The big thing this month that I’ve been anticipating all year is Venus going retrograde in Scorpio. I see this playing out as a consistent and persistent checking in of where your true heart’s desire resides. Where is the “Hell Yes!”? (Maybe I should change the words to “Heaven Yes!”...) You may find that it’s much easier to go deeper to the truth of what is in front of you, no longer distracted by the superficial. In fact, you may crave the depth and complexity. Real substance. You may also find that you get really clear about what you like and what you don’t like. I see this value-adjusting and value-affirming time period as one that will need much Divine Neutrality and Compassion to navigate through. We’re going to be showing up differently in our relationships of all kinds. Everyone is about to get really clear about where they stand and what they stand for. This is beautiful, self-empowering, and soul affirming. And yes, at times challenging. How are your communication skills? Hmmmm…..

But, in conjunction with this amplification of our Heart Fire (if you will), there may also be a lot of deep grieving over losses we’ve experienced, whether within the last few years or even from 8 years ago. In particular, grief around romantic relationships, family, children, and physical & sexual trauma may arise. Don’t run from it. Whatever the emotional triggers or psychological imprints, lean into it, get the healing support you need, and don’t forget about your physical body. Venus will give us the time to work with these issues thru January next year. Take your time cuz you’ve got time!

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General Lightworker Forecast

This month will be a time of strategizing and of building a foundation for the future. For those of us in the northern hemisphere, it will also be a time of working in tandem with your Shadow aspects as Venus continues her journey thru the Underworld as she shifts from Evening Star to Morning Star. Surprisingly, October may be a more personal time for you than you may be prepared for but this is a good thing. After all the deep healing work that we have individually gone through, we stand on the path of the new trajectory having made it through the threshold. We may still be questioning if we're truly free, if we can really create the new in our own lives, and, subsequently, the world. We may start to fully grasp that we have circled back around to a crossroads of similar choices and circumstances from years ago and chose to take a different path. While exhilarating it can also be frightening. When there's been a wound around financial security for so long, can you recognize grounded opportunities for more prosperity unfolding for you….or do you revert back to what's safe in lieu of taking action? When there's been a wound around love for so long, can you flow gracefully into new love opportunities that arise….or do you start having panic attacks and refuse to take action for fear of getting hurt or it not “lasting”?

The thing that's different now is that there's no going back because the old timelines and the lower trajectories are no longer accessible. We've literally shifted vibrationally so high as a planet that the “old” can't even exist in the same space. And the stuff that's been hiding out (e.g. entities, etc) continues to get jettisoned--which is also why the spiritual warfare within your soul group/cluster and in relation to higher level Dark Forces is increasing. The greater the Power (or cycle) you come up against, the longer it takes to clear or transmute--days/weeks/months vs seconds/minutes/hours. Sustainability is key. Neutrality births sustainability. The Presence of God births neutrality. Love God, with all your heart, mind, and soul.

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