September 2018 Astrology

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• Sun, Sept 2 - WANING HALF MOON in Gemini • Mon, Sept 3 - Mercury in Leo sextile Venus in Libra • Wed, Sept 5 - Mercury moves into Virgo • Thurs, Sept 6 - Saturn goes direct in Capricorn • Fri, Sept 7 - Mercury trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus & Saturn (GRAND EARTH TRINE), Sun in Virgo oppose Neptune retrograde in Pisces • Sat, Sept 8 - Venus in Libra squares Mars in Capricorn • Sun, Sept 9 - NEW MOON in Virgo at 11am PST, Venus moves into Scorpio • Mon, Sept 10 - Mars moves into Aquarius • Tues, Sept 11 - Sun in Virgo sextile Jupiter in Scorpio & trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn • Wed, Sept 12 - Jupiter sextile Pluto, Venus oppose Uranus retrograde in Taurus & sextile Saturn in Capricorn • Thurs, Sept 13 - Mars sextile Chiron retrograde in Aries, Mercury oppose Neptune retrograde in Pisces • Sat, Sept 15 - Mercury in Virgo trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn • Sun, Sept 16 - Mercury sextile Jupiter in Scorpio, WAXING HALF MOON in Sagittarius • Tues, Sept 18 - Mars in Aquarius square Uranus retrograde in Taurus • Thurs, Sept 20 - Sun in Virgo conjunct Mercury • Fri, Sept 21 - Mercury moves into Libra & opposes Chiron retrograde in Aries • Sat, Sept 22 - FALL EQUINOX, Sun moves into Libra and opposes Chiron retrograde in Aries • Sun, Sept 23 - Mercury in Libra square Saturn in Capricorn and trine Mars in Aquarius • Mon, Sept 24 - FULL MOON in Aries • Tues, Sept 25 - Sun square Saturn, Chiron retrogrades back into Pisces • Thurs, Sept 27 - Sun trine Mars • Sun, Sept 30 - Pluto goes direct in Capricorn


We start the week off with the 3rd quarter square of the Moon, also called the waning half Moon, which gives us an opportunity to do more clearing. But not in the deep or heavy emotional way as has been the case the past few weeks. This will be more like a light spring cleaning of the Mind. A tidying up if you will! I think it would be a great time to consciously work with your new beliefs and help your mind come in alignment with the vast reset and reload that occurred with the Pisces full moon. Two other big things are occurring this week! First, we have Saturn going direct in Capricorn! This is huge! At this point we now have Mercury, Mars, and Saturn direct. These planets can present the toughest energy that we have to navigate and having had these three be retrograde was challenging to say the least. But now these three planets of Power and Authority and Boundaries and Direction are fully back online and ready to move us forward. Second, Mercury is activating the Grand Earth Trine we had last week with the Sun. That new opportunity which popped up for you at the end of last week, you might see a discussion or development around it with this transit. Whatever it is, it might bring some of you money, whether in the short-term or long-term, depending on where this is in your natal chart.


I'm personally looking forward to a new lunar cycle being kicked off with the New Moon in Virgo. The watery--and at times volatile--moon energy gets grounded considerably in the Earth signs. I think we'll finally be able to focus on what really requires our energy and attention for the month. We'll get better at knowing--in our core--the difference between "effectiveness" & "efficiency". I also think it's going to be easier to walk away. As a sign of purification, Virgo keeps what is necessary as well as valuable, and leaves the rest. Harvest. Burn the field. I love that Venus is moving into Scorpio at the same time. While other astrologers consider this to be a "fall" position for Her (i.e. a bad zodiac sign to be in), I think it's going to amplify the unapologetic recognition and claiming of what is truly FOR YOU. My clients have heard me say time and again to go in the direction of the "Hell Yes!". We are clear on our "No", but often we get tripped up on the "Maybe" or the "Good Idea". But, what does your body say? The body doesn't lie. Venus in Scorpio is the Wild Woman. The one who cannot and will not be controlled. Her desires and magnetism are the only thing that matters to her. Her inner fire (Vesta) is strong. I for one need that fire and that courage! Mars will make us antsy though as it shifts into Aquarius. It will be the only planet in a Fire or Air sign, everything else is Water and Earth--closer to home. Don't let the thrill-seeking nature of the Warrior in Aquarius pull the focus away from the amazing opportunities that continue to be laid out for you with the Sun, Jupiter, and Pluto. Building foundations for health & wealth are key. You may find that your relationships "wobble" a bit as each one of us shows up more self-centered. This is a good thing. Co-dependency is so old cycle.


This is a week of increased activity, change and progress! If there was a tarot card correlation, it would be the 8 of Wands. Mercury is the planet which dominates almost all the transits we'll experience over the next 7 days. They (Mercury) rules our mind, thought processes, communication, writing, negotiation, daily routines, and spirit messages. There is SO much that you'll be able to get done during this time which can help you "catch up" where you may have been stalled out previously. This is also enhanced by the powerful manifesting energy of the waxing moon. This time of the lunar month is when we see the greatest rate of growth in our manifesting. Shake off the cobwebs and inertia of the past few weeks (and months) and enjoy this very clear movement OUT of and AWAY from the energetic gauntlet through which we were recently birthed. Set the practical habits now of the New You. You are imprinting on your subconscious now. Be conscientious about "how" you are programming yourself. The Spiritual New Year comes for those in Northern Hemisphere. Do something to celebrate how far you've come!


Happy New (Spiritual) Year! For me, the Fall Equinox marks the beginning of a new year in the spirit. It's a powerful time of transition which was marked by the Sun's entry into Virgo. The clearing and refining process continues until the Sun leaves Scorpio. I'm sure on some level you're wondering when we're going to have a break, right? Well, I do think this will be a break--especially with the upcoming transit of Venus thru Scorpio. I think this signals a time of deep restoration which we will be able to enjoy for a few months. We may not realize it but there have been a lot of new relationships (and the resurfacing of old ones) popping up in the last few weeks. With the Sun and Mercury leading the charge in the transits this week, how we show up and communicate who we are, what we want, and what we are willing to agree to become the primary focus. We have the chance to more consciously "test out" the "new" inner core that is slowly being uncovered. Some key questions that may arise are:

*Does an even exchange exist in this (possible) relationship?
*What do I really want right now?
*Is someone drawn to their idea of me or the real me? (And vice versa)
*How real can I be in this moment?

Subtle, quiet considerations but oh so powerful! It may be tricky. On a daily basis. However, I think more of the "ease" will return by the end of the month when the Sun, Mars, and Pluto fully reactivate our personal power. We will see we're stronger than we realize, we've healed more than we originally thought, and the depths of our love is greater that we previously imagined. Fall in love with yourself all over again. Your Kingship/Queenship is waiting.