September 2018 Lightworker Guidance

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The following messages are divided into 3 groups of lightworkers which correspond to the 3 main operations of Source Creator--creator, sustainer, destroyer. If you're unclear about the role you play in the shift of humanity into divine community, then book a “Messages From Your Spirit Team” tarot reading with me. We'll dig into your soul's function in the Divine Plan.


WAYSHOWERS: "Princess of Earth" The new cycle began last month. Remember that it takes Time for what occurs in the Spirit to show up in physical reality. Now is when you start seeing what that Quantum Jump at the end of July really meant. Your work requires a moment by moment creation, respecting the cycles of time and energy flow. Continue making practical, in physical action steps to create the new. You must start being more present in front of people to show real examples of what this work looks like. The era of spiritual elitism and/or hiding from the world is collapsing. HEALERS: "4 of Water" Rest. All that has been cleared and transmuted through the month of August in the higher dimensional realms of the Human Oversoul is slowly making its way down to physical reality. Think of this like a dam that has kept water back from the rivers downstream. Significant chunks of the dam have been removed and there is now a huge rush of water. The swell and bulging over of the rivers below is what many will be experiencing emotionally. Expect the waterworks and remain neutral. You may also just need to make it a point to "hermit" more than usual so that you can recharge. Listen to the wisdom of the body and the quantum waters..... TRANSFORMERS: "5 of Fire" Hold a strong defense for the Hearts and Minds of all. Much is occurring behind the scenes to stabilize and integrate what was deposited from Spirit. It may be important to teach others how to protect & strengthen their aura as well as clear/banish negative energy from their space. You most likely won't have to fight at the moment but stay ready so you don't have to get ready. If your energy is low, work with the fire element. Use the fire element to clear and transmute lower density energy in your own field as needed--visualization, candle work, bonfire at the beach, campfire, etc. You don't need to be a martyr for this work.


WAYSHOWERS: "Emperor" The tides turn at the start of this week and you seated in your power. The discipline, foresight and emotional maturity to make the tough/necessary decisions is online now. You will understand that how you handle perceived obstacles determines whether you create more obstacles or opportunities from the situation. Go boldly in the direction you know you need to go. Courage and resolve are the keys for helping you fully step into your new dominion. HEALERS: "9 of Air" After the period of rest this past week, the flurry of very real & human insecurities may start to pop up. The realm of the mind is where the battlefield is now. Lean on the protective and stabilizing powers of the Guardian angels. The amount of angelic support available now is overwhelming and significantly heightened with much of the Ascension work this year. Remain at the edge of the shadow/fear, be fully present as The Witness, and allow the transmutation to occur. TRANSFORMERS: "Justice" Divine Neutrality is the name of the game for you this week. Being an emanation of Peace will be a different experience for you. You'll have the opportunity to shift out of the binary approach to what is called "Light" & "Dark", "Good" & "Bad", to perceive through a more complex lens where no one gets to be the "winner". Try it on for size. Do you find that less of you has to be used up energetically when you operate from this place?


WAYSHOWERS: "9 of Water" This week is one of experiencing what it is to create freely from the Soul level, the Causal Realm. You can truly operate as an Ascended Being, tapped into the timelessness of ever-unfolding creation. This free flow of energy from the etheric levels through the physical realm--unobstructed--is what the "Creator Incarnate" experience entails. Be wise in your creations; be mindful of all considerations related to the highest quality options available to you moment-by-moment. Maintain the standard of the highest trajectory of your life/purpose. HEALERS: "Queen of Air" The welcome weightlessness of clearer emotional bodies and stronger minds reveals itself this week. The clarity, resolve, and deep trust in seeing what is, deciding what to do, and moving forward without attachment is something we often talk about but rarely experience. That is not the case this time around. You will have an easier time making adjustments in your own life as well as working with others. Enjoy the reprieve but leverage it to create more structure and foundations for your work. TRANSFORMERS: "4 of Earth" You will be going through a process of fortification. Your body will become stronger, the fight-or-flight response will stabilize, and the structural integrity your auric field will strengthen. Stay focused on caring for the physical body with high quality nutrition and light foods, adequate hydration, and lots of "downtime". Your physical body can achieve radical change now. The dominance of Earth energy won't last long so allow your roots to grow deep.


WAYSHOWERS: "68 - Perseverance". You are steady and stable through the rest of this month. A peace that surpasses all understanding resides within in a way that shows you how "going with the flow" truly operates. At the same time your boundaries are clear and quite strong now. Agreements which are imbalanced will not be tolerated or entered into willingly. Continue to allow the power being unveiled to fortify all aspects of your material world. Health/wellness, money, and relationships continue to be a focus. Stand strong and immovable against the Dark Forces. HEALERS: "13 - Death". You will have much work through the end of the month. Venus' transit thru Scorpio is triggering all sorts of grief in the collective--especially with women--and many are needing emotional support. Whether you work one-on-one with clients or not, supporting the Presencing of What Is is vitally needed right now. The Heart Fire is slowly unveiling which means a re-acquaintance with those experiences we deeply yearn for to present themselves. Be the Witness to the Telling of people's stories. The healing is in that intimate listening/seeing. TRANSMUTERS: "105 - Trading/Exchanging". This is a message from the spirit of Mars--guardian, warrior. You will be taking on higher level "obstructions". The higher level nature of the interactions  will be relative to what you are currently engaging with. For example, if you have primarily been engaging with "minion" level entities, then you may start interacting with more conscious agents, "controllers". If you've already been dealing with controllers, then you may start engaging with lower level deities, etc. Whatever it is, you can handle it. Lean on the relationships you have with your divine team--and all the new upgrades you've recently undergone--to help you deal with these beings. The return of The Mother approaches. It's about to be a whole new ball game.....