November 2018 Newsletter


As I was connecting in with Spirit for this month's message, Jupiter's energy stepped forth. The planetary consciousness that correlates to the "Spiritual Master" archetype which governs the ascension process is Jupiter. At first I was surprised to have Jupiter come through because normally I share a personal message to begin the monthly newsletter however, They wanted to speak! (I shouldn't be surprised. Ha!)

Essentially, They want to reiterate and reinforce the message that there is much that will remain a mystery to us during this time. If you're like me, you've had a sense that you're only able to decipher maybe a third of what's unfolding next for your life. Mildly unsettling when you're trying to make a plan, right? Yeah. Same. But, the good thing is that the reorientation of our path and downloads/inspiration are happening easily and effortlessly now, our subconscious getting everything it needs to help us on the next leg of our journey.

The last 18 months with the North Node transit through Leo has been about the Call to return to our soul sovereignty--in particular as it relates to our humanity and the healing of our hearts, inner child, and childhood imprints from the last incarnational cycle (approx 28-30 years ago). The next 18 months with the North Node change into Cancer will focus on the activation of our soul sovereignty--specifically as it relates to our soul's nature and the healing of our energy bodies, clarifying our hara (soul intention/purpose), and scaling up our impact on the world for the next incarnational cycle. [Once we get to North Node in Gemini and the outer planets start shifting into Aquarius, there will massive regrouping, new collaborations, and autonomous communities popping up to make the "change agent" endeavors manifest in a much bigger way.]

All that is required of you right now is being clear about what your intentions are and what you want as best as possible. If you're in business for yourself and you need a financial increase, ask for it. If you want love in your life, ask for it. If you want better health, ask for it. Verbally speak your requests in the morning after you spend time in meditation. Connect with your spirit team, let them know what's on the agenda for the day, ask for the opportunities you seek, ask for the removal of obstacles. ASK. You have support in the Spirit and it's time to stop pretending that you're alone in this journey. The realm of Light operates on the Divine Law of Consent (except for emergency situations) so you have to give them permission to interject and move things on your behalf, otherwise the most they can do is just send you messages. Does a King/Queen/CEO makes decisions without first consulting their advisors? Why would you rob yourself of limitless resources?


This month's astrology is jam packed with many important transits and energetic changes. Are you ready?! The first, and most important in my opinion, is the North Node changing signs from Leo to Cancer. We will be under this influence until mid 2020. In what house in your natal chart is this change occurring? This will tell you where the universe will be helping you for the next year and a half. Is it in your 3rd house? That would mean you'll be getting an extra boost for all the associated areas such as writing, speaking, education, etc. Is it your 5th house? That would mean the universe will help you manifest creative endeavors, entrepreneurial pursuits, or getting your romantic life going! This transit will be unique to you. If you want more clarity in figuring out what this means for you personally, then I would suggest booking a session with me.

The next exciting transit is Jupiter's shift into Its home sign of Sagittarius! All the blessings on deck for everybody! Get ready to celebrate and see an amplification not only in the house Jupiter previously left in your chart, but also in the next house. For example, if Jupiter's transit through Scorpio was in your 2nd house and now will be entering your 3rd house, you can expect to see an increase on the money you make and your possessions (2nd house) in addition to inspiration and motivation to write, speak, or learn more. This upcoming 12 month transit is a “both/and” upgrade for us all.

Then, of course, we have Venus going direct, Mars leaving its post-shadow, and the Sun/Mercury conjunct Jupiter all bringing an uptick in the speed of things moving along for our highest good. The only hiccup will be Mercury going retrograde, but honestly, I think the good will outweigh any mischief Mercury might cause.


The sacred container for the communion between the collective of Human Oversouls and the Cosmic Mother Star Dragon energy maintains through the remainder of the Venus retrograde period. The process of the return to soul sovereignty for those lightworkers who have been actively engaged with consciously operating from their Creator State will be complete on the etheric level. The upcoming north node transit will focus on transforming the soul “body” which will ultimately transform what shows ups in the material world.

Remember the process of Creation starts in the Spirit (fire), which then affects the Astral realm/quantum field (the Akasha = water), which then affects the consciousness (air) of a particular dimension, and then finally affects the physical world (earth). What we've been engaging in has been the Spirit (fire) work with the North Node transit through Leo. That powerful Fire of God energy has been necessary to use to help break the strongholds of the past incarnational cycle, hear the call of where the higher trajectory is, and to have the fuel to make the quantum jump to that higher timeline (which many lightworkers did this year). Cancer represents the “waters” and in particular the soul itself, so all activities which focus on the alignment of the soul body (aura) with the new templates (consciousness forms) will be supported for the next 18 months. This also holds true for work with the greater Human Oversoul Akasha to create new contracts based on the new Light deposited from Spirit. (One of the easiest ways to support this evolution on a global level is to join in the weekly Sunday unity meditations. Details are on the “Healing” page of my website. Continued deeper emotional healing will be available for those that need it.)

The “changing of the guard” or the switching of tactics/roles may present by month end. Whatever it is as it relates to your personal trajectory shouldn't really come as a surprise, rather it should make sense and be a natural, higher, and more impactful evolution of your current lightworker duties. Pay attention because 2020 will solidify your work in the world on a larger scale for many years to come (until the next change).