October 2018 Astrology

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▪Tues, Oct 2 - WANING HALF MOON in Cancer, Mercury in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn ▪Fri, Oct 5 - Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio ▪Mon, Oct 8 - NEW MOON in Libra at 8:47pm PST
▪Tues, Oct 9 - Mercury moves into Scorpio (Both Mars & Jupiter officially leave their post-shadow period!) ▪Wed, Oct 10 - Mercury opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus, Venus retrograde in Scorpio squares Mars in Aquarius ▪Thurs, Oct 11 - Sun in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn ▪Fri, Oct 12 - Mercury sextile Saturn in Capricorn ▪Mon, Oct 15 - Mercury conjunct Venus retrograde in Scorpio ▪Tues, Oct 16 - WAXING HALF MOON in Capricorn (also conjunct Saturn & trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus!!) ▪Fri, Oct 19 - Mercury trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces and square Mars in Aquarius ▪Mon, Oct 22 - Mercury in Scorpio sextile Pluto in Capricorn
▪Tues, Oct 23 - Sun moves into Scorpio and opposes Uranus retrograde in Taurus ▪Wed, Oct 24 - FULL MOON in Taurus, Venus retrograde in Scorpio sextile Saturn in Capricorn ▪Fri, Oct 26 - Sun conjunct Venus ▪Sat, Oct 27 - Sun sextile Saturn


This week is quiet in terms of transits but I don't necessarily think it will be "quiet" internally. Our minds (represented by Mercury) come right to the door of the great Deep Black (Pluto) as we start the week. The ruler of the Underworld looks us directly in our eyes, powerfully magnetic, fierce, unmoving. We have no choice but to venture into the Unknown with Venus leading the way. The other planets Mars, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter--warriors in Their own right--hold guard for us. But, they also prevent escape. The 2 other creator Gods of the Holy Trinity--Uranus & Neptune--let Pluto have Their way. The Underworld is the place where the stripping occurs.... But, this is not a violent uncovering, rather a conscious, facing-of-self one. The Mercury-Pluto square coincides exactly with the Waning Half Moon (3rd quarter square) which begins a week of soul/energetic shedding as we head into the New Moon. We may feel as if we're fumbling in the dark, however by the end of the week, Venus grasps our hand to lead us and walk beside us in the journey to the Source of our Heart Fire. We will walk 40 days with Her. Stripping. Testing. Clarifying. Fortifying. Are you ready to meet your inner Vesta?


This may be a week of tension for many of us, not necessarily due to an external conflict (although Thursday's Sun & Pluto square may prove otherwise), but rather because of all the squares. We will be sitting in the midst of Grand Fixed Square of the Moon's nodes in Leo & Aquarius along with Mars; and Venus, Mercury, and Uranus hitting Scorpio & Taurus. Fixed energy can be healing and sustaining, and it can also be rigid and unmoving. With Mercury entering the Underworld with Venus, we may start to finally comprehend that we can't leave this journey now. The door has been closed and the only way "out" is through the depths. What happens when the things that are familiar to you, which give you a sense of normalcy, are taken away? Do you start to panic? Do you fight the unknown? This week will show you your inner nature. You may not like what you see. You may be frustrated with yourself. But the way through that is deep love and compassion, forgiveness and release of judgment, as well as a greater respect for the "timing" of things and your place in the great wave of Life. It may be time to come to terms with what you do and do not have control over. Will you fight this knowledge or embrace it?

The stillness of this moist dark we have entered may be unsettling for some. It's different than the stillness of the cold dark of winter. This depth is alive, teeming with life which we have no knowledge of and cannot see. And yet the Void remains. Unmoved. This reminds me of having my first floatation tank experience. Being deprived of external sound and light while floating in a large body of salt water was unexpectedly jarring to me. I realized how much of an empath I am, how much information I received and used from the outside world to show me where I was. While there were times where I could slip into the Rest of Source, I couldn't fully relax. I wonder if this Venus retrograde will be a similar dynamic. These same considerations of Power--where one has it, where one doesn't--will be a continual theme. You must decide what your orientation to that will be.


By now you should be feeling a definite and welcome shift in your energy. With increasing distance from the lull of the new moon in Libra, things are picking up steam again in all areas of life, especially the Scorpio-related ones: healing (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual), general transformation, connection with ancestors & the Astral realm, money, sex, dating, and metaphysics. Mercury conjunct Venus gives us a chance to see how clearly we now communicate our needs & desires compared to even just a few months ago. We can also see how our boundaries are more defined, our decisions final, our desire to linger in relationships or circumstances that are toxic waning. This is a time of increasing commitment to what makes us happy....and being quite unapologetic about it. With the 1st quarter square moon (waxing moon), the cosmological wave of manifestation marks the beginning of significant progress and success that can be achieved this month. Whatever you have been working on prior to the Venus retrograde will continue to be blessed! Use this newfound wellspring of energy to make up for lost time and forge ahead fearlessly. Remember, once Jupiter returns to its home sign next month, the speed and size of the returns you make based on the seeds you've sown will increase dramatically. Are you ready? Can you handle it? Your ability to be precise AND specific (as opposed to trying to do & be everything to everyone) during this time will show you where you are. Stay focused!


Welcome to one of my favorite weeks of the year. Sun. All. Day. Every. Day. (Literally.) Even the Full Moon on Wednesday is a Sun aspect (opposition). This week is when you get the revelation--the "Why". This is the glimmer of hope, of what can and will be for the future. This is what you must hold onto in the Dark. This is the spark of Light that will ignite the flame of brilliant rebirth. The "Phoenix rising" experience isn't quite here yet as we still have several more weeks ahead of the Underworld/Stasis/Rejuvenation journey. But, for now, enjoy this brightness and restoration. Get your bearings. Love is on the brain--deep desires, saying what you want, finding an easy flow. The dance between Venus, the Sun, and Saturn can be a renewing of vows, a talk of commitment, an expression of interest, a reconsideration of promises. All will be fair and balanced, also healing. Do the dance. It's part of the game. Finally, the support for the manifestation of your goals will continue strongly into next week so don't let up or lose focus. Use this time to the best of your ability before it's time for lunar rest again.