October 2018 Lightworker Guidance

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The following messages are divided into 3 groups of lightworkers which correspond to the 3 main operations of Source Creator--creator, sustainer, destroyer. If you're unclear about the role you play in the shift of humanity into divine community, then book a “Messages From Your Spirit Team” tarot reading with me. We'll dig into your soul's function in the Divine Plan.


SPECIAL MESSAGE (For clarity, be sure to go back and read the Special Message for Lightworkers in the "August 2018 Lightworker Guidance" post:

Venus/Neptune/Divine Goddess energy of our solar system is leading the charge in synching up the harmonic frequency of Earth/Gaia/Tiamat with that of the Cosmic Mother Star Dragon on approach now. This reuniting and restoration is for the sovereignty of the planet Herself, but those souls who have Dragon aspects (i.e. Dragon seeds) will benefit as well--if they've been focused on their healing and processing their rage in particular. WAYSHOWERS are in service to this planetary recalibration/alignment with their very selves, bodies, lives. You can handle juggling everything but you will not have additional energy for people or situations that are distractions. Objectives of the Dark Forces are to pull you off track. This may look like people or events demanding your attention beyond the limits you have in place. Hold your boundaries. You will need to rest your body a little more even though you may not actually be tired. Up your meditation game and you'll adjust/refill quickly. This quiet astrological week is a preparation time for the descent of the Feminine. Use it consciously and wisely. Devotion/Praise/Worship of God is key--this will protect your Heart Fire. HEALERS will be stabilizing the Call to the Mother. Your visions are probably quite vivid now with many Masters, Higher Dimensional Beings, and Archangels showing up. Your Spirit Team will adjust based on your primary function during the 40-day Venus retrograde (and may be different than your regular work). Get back to basics and you'll be fine. TRANSMUTERS are liberating many souls from the energetic shackles placed on them. The waning/balsamic moon energy is excellent for this type of work so leverage it to your benefit. If what you're doing isn't "working" on an entity you're trying to clear, use techniques from a higher dimension or more a sophisticated protocol. Remember your recent upgrades. This is a deeply holy week. Kneel at the altar of you soul and commune with Presence of God which resides there. The gate has been opened and the live synch begins on the day of the retrograde.


* Vision from Venus' transit into Scorpio on Oct 5th *
The Divine Masculine presence is stepping forth as the 4 Elemental Ancients. The 4 Directional Ancients are held in place, steadying the tuning of this Planetary Consciousness to a resonant harmonic frequency/vibration of the higher dimensional cosmic "uptick"--the Wheel of Fortune in action! Jupiter-associated beings such as Archangel Tzadkiel may present more prominently at this time. They are available to be used to work with transmuting or dissolving density and raising the vibration. The Great Four Elemental Ancients protect the arrival and communion with the Cosmic Mother Star Dragon. Her Solar aspects will present, by her side. We bow in service to the Divine.

All souls will benefit from the return, in particular those with healed Dragon aspects. The Golden Lava Dragon will emerge--the new Tiamat, the Ascended one, "reborn", awakened from her slumber, vibrant in her Vesta-like nature, fully empowered, uncoiling from the center of the Earth, renewed, refreshed, immense. (Essentially, the higher templates of Her "DNA" will be activated in such a way that the downloads that were deposited in Her "subconscious" now arises to the "conscious". Her own "revelation" of Self is at hand.) The Mechanical and Black Dragon constraints are being loosened. They don't have the ability or power to hold this back now.

Lightworkers of the warrior flavor might get some awesome upgrades on their armor! Come Jupiter's entry into Sagittarius....it's on! 

Archangelic support = Raphael for stabilizing the greater integration. Gabriel for clearing and lightening up of the Human Oversoul Akasha. Uriel for wisdom and light.


WAYSHOWERS and HEALERS: The greater merge happening between your humanity, your higher dimensional aspects, and the Divine Feminine energy descending from the stars/cosmos takes center stage this week. Expect a beautiful heart-opening and "glow from within" experience to permeate your day. You may receive imagery of a divine "marriage" occurring in your visions or dreams. The Green Ray may also dominate as the HUman heart gets healed on a deep, deep level. (Do you notice the Crystal Heart?) Allow the worries, sorrow, feelings of separation from the Divine leave you now. The Return is here. Continue to facilitate the strengthening of those etheric structures or intentions which support this merge, integration, upload. Be an emanation of Peace now more than ever especially with those you are helping directly. Free your own heart and let go the pain of the past. That heartache can't go where we're going! For any of you in communication with Council realms, start to determine what your active participation in the larger global "steering" will be, elucidate the parameters of that function, and get ready to work. If it's time to step onto a bigger stage, then start making the shifts to do so. Remember your mastery--kings/queens do what they must for the good (and sovereignty) of all. You'll flesh out the details and fine-tune during the upcoming Mercury retrograde so you have time to find your next "niche". WARRIORS: Be mindful of your physical energy and honor your body's rhythms. Remain on top of your exercise--you will notice that your body is becoming stronger now. A lot of the darker forces that popped up recently have been cleared so you may have felt a brief reprieve this past week. Keep your defences up tho! The 1st quarter square Moon is in Capricorn on the 16th and also conjuncts Saturn & trines Uranus. Strongholds are coming down! This also means spiritual warfare will increase on the higher levels. Stay protected! Work with Mars (and/or associated divine beings) for additional tactical/protective support for the duration of its transit thru Aquarius--which it leaves EXACTLY at the same time that Venus goes direct mid Nov...which is when Mercury retrogrades! I know.... 



This week's message comes from the Cosmic Mother Star Dragon consciousness. We are in the process of the "consciousness template rewrite" this week, which perfectly coincides with the Sun-dominant transits detailed in the Weekly Astrology Forecast. The Sun represents our Divine Human Template. Our souls are mini Suns which hold the templates for our individual selves. Now that the merge has occurred with the Star Dragon (Cosmic Mother) essence, the rewriting (i.e. transformation) of the template can occur at the "root" level. Function (expression) follows form (template). This is also why the previous strongholds had to get broken--there needed to be access where it had been blocked previously. It may feel beautiful, serene, ephemeral all week... as if you are floating in stasis. Remain consistent in caring for your body, continue lightening up the foods you eat, and put focus on adequate hydration and stretching to open up your body's meridians. Meditate! 

WAYSHOWERS: "105 - Exchanging" In addition to the special message, know that you are also sending out new energy, vibration, visions, perspectives, etc. Be centered in love, peace, and wisdom that spans ages instead of decades. Be an emanation of the Divine.

HEALERS: "28 - Richness" Connect with new members on your Spirit Team, particularly on the higher levels. It's time to shift your council to be more in alignment with where you're growing next. You're building connection with a new family, a new board of directors. Choose wisely. You have time.

TRANSFORMER: "110 - Doorway" You are helping to set up the connection to the New Earth in the physical realm with the help of the elementals. Protect the space and the portals/vortices you may be assigned to in order to support a stable connection during the merge. You may have to use special seals to block access from the negative energies.