December 2018 Newsletter


It’s the end of the year and I’ve got lots to share in terms of announcements, personal messages, and forecasts. Buckle up and start scrolling…..

First - I’m excited to announce that I’m featured on the cover of the November issue of Spiritual Biz Magazine - an online publication highlighting business leaders in the spiritual industry. Check out the interview HERE

Second - Registration is currently open for my Lightworker Academy which begins on Saturday, January 5, 2019. Whether you are a counselor, bodyworker, energy healer, or yoga teacher, the Lightworker Academy promises to be a curated experience like no other. It features 13 weekly live, online video classes with me, bonus readings, monthly offices hours, AND a 20% discount on my services for the entire 6 month program. I'm looking forward to cultivating an incubator for those individuals who've been hearing the Call to step up and step out in their work for the world. If you feel called to this offering, I highly encourage you to apply and share this opportunity with others who you think it will resonate with! Applications will be accepted through January 2, 2019. Read the full details including the complete list of classes and price on my website HERE.

Third - I am now offering 90-day Spiritual Life Coaching programs to those who are being called to wake up to their individual purpose, creativity, spiritual abilities, and soul sovereignty. The deep inner-standing that we are spiritual beings having a human experience is pushing us to integrate this knowing into practical application in our daily lives. We see now that the spiritual world sets the foundation for what we experience in the physical world. I can assist you in comprehending the new world you’re waking up to, navigating the transition from the “old” to the “new”, and manifesting more powerfully AND effectively. For more details, check out the Coaching page on my website HERE.


It's been interesting to watch my language over the past month as I've struggled to perceive what the future holds. It seems as though I've truly been battling myself - old version vs new version - as it relates to creating a new life and a new way of being. I'm so used to having things laid out much more clearly, being more comfortably ahead of the crowd so to speak. But, I see as I look back, that I've really been afraid… afraid to forecast ahead of my own free will what I want to step into. (Did you catch that?) As my responsibilities and activities continued to increased, the old patterns of victimhood slowly crept back in. The familiar refrains, “I don't know what's coming next”, “I don't know what to do”, “I have so much to do”, “I don't have time to take off”.... played louder and louder from my subconscious mind into my conscious mind. However, a moment of clarity came. I am afraid of the power of declaring AND following through on what my new standard of being is. I saw the Fear and then I breathed into it. I held it in compassion with a touch of amusement. The jig was up. It was a hidden part of me asking if we (me and it) could really have what we wanted, could it be that easy, what about what ‘could go wrong’?....

I listened to a sermon from Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith of the Agape International Spiritual Center reminding us that we need to have the WILLINGNESS to let go of the suffering and replace it with a higher vibratory pattern. This caused an epiphany that forced me to look at where I've been telling myself that I can't do something, when in reality I can if I could just open up and get over my FEAR. I was reminded of my state of mind/emotions when I moved into my apartment--my first time living on my own. I realized then that I could have gotten my own place years ago but I was SO scared, convinced I couldn't take care of myself or make enough money. (Going back to the streets is a real and lingering trigger as someone who experienced homelessness as a child.) So now, of course, I'm fascinated about where/how I've been doing that recently. Where/How am I closing myself off from having what I really want? What scares me about that life? Better yet, what excites me? Or, MORE HONESTLY, what does my dream life look like NOW? Is it still what it's always been? Things are closer now, more real, because it's literally a part my reality now, just at a smaller scale.

Going into the final month of 2018, my personal focus shifts back to Self and God. Holding space for what is going to be deposited in the Winter hibernation. This is a time of accounting, to look at:
1) what has been created
2) what is being cultivated
3) what is coming to fruition now
4) what needs to be pruned
5) what needs to be restored

This is also a time of rest--a period of "non-activity" where NO NEW SEEDS are planted, simply a maintenance and/or deepening of what is already in place.

I invite you to join me in review. Feel free to use the following questions in your journaling time:

  • What have I birthed?

  • How was my Motherhood AND Fatherhood expressed?

  • How was my Creativity explored?

  • Where was my Sexuality developed?

  • In what way has my Spirituality deepened?

  • Where have I forgotten to show up?

  • Where have I given my Power away?

    These questions and more emerge now….

My Love,



Approximately 75% of the planetary transits (including Moon) are going to be taking place in the Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. While normally this might suggest a time of emotional volatility, I think the effect will instead operate as a necessary counter-balance to the powerful & fiery Sagittarius energy at work since the entry of Mercury, Jupiter, and the Sun into the sign in November. The rapid expansion and opportunities showing up for everyone--while exciting--must be tempered with the seasonal “slowing down” in respect to our natural rhythms guided by Nature. Gratefully, Mercury, Chiron, and Neptune all go direct this month which will dissipate much of the remaining “mental fog” you may have been plagued with over the last few weeks. (Only Uranus is left of the retrograde planets.) Venus will finally venture past her original retrograde point in Scorpio a few days before the Winter Solstice offering us the beginning sense of a clean slate from several years of tough healing & transformation work. (She will fully exit Scorpio at the beginning of January.) Winter Solstice itself will be a powerful day of renewal signaling the beginning of the return of the dominance of Light in the northern hemisphere. My suggestion to make the most of this month is allow yourself to sit in and with the magic that will absolutely FLOURISH all month. How many fairies, devas, angels, sprites, elementals, guides, ancestors, and more can you play with this month? How childlike can you be in the midst of planning for/accomplishing all your big “adult” goals? There is something quite celestial happening just behind your breath….


We are officially in the first trimester (1st third) of the 18 month transit of the North Node through the sign of Cancer. The opportunity for purposeful creation of new contracts in our individual and collective akasha is here. While many lightworkers have been doing considerable work freeing themselves of ancestral constraints and present-incarnation trauma, there are always more layers to uncover and liberate--whether within the self or others in the soul cluster. The akashic release and repatterning will be be happening en masse and consciously in the collective. Lifetimes of cycles, karma, and contracts are up for review, revision, and/or release. An important reminder is that the “new” is really the “old”, rather the “original”. All that is occurring, ultimately, is the revelation of the light within. Think of this as a light bulb whose glass is covered in thick dust. As the dust gets wiped away, the light within shines brighter. The light doesn’t grow, it shines as it always has--it can simply be seen more clearly now. Also, the way the environment looks with this a new light adjusts as well. Eventually, the glass is wiped clear and the bulb’s function as an illuminator continues without hindrance. Soul cluster connections will continue; some are for the next leg of the journey, others are not. Maintain your discernment and unapologetic alignment with the highest experience of life you wish to embody in every moment Now.