November 2018 Lightworker Guidance

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The following messages are divided into 3 groups of lightworkers which correspond to the 3 main operations of Source Creator--creator, sustainer, destroyer. If you're unclear about the role you play in the shift of humanity into divine community, then book a “Messages From Your Spirit Team” tarot reading with me. We'll dig into your soul's function in the Divine Plan.


WAYSHOWERS: "54-Soul" This week is a portal for the shift into the North Node in Cancer transit which will occur early next week. That sensation of floating in the middle of the ocean with nothing "solid" to grasp onto is what many will experience. I daresay this will be the norm for the next 18 months. There is no external touchstone to bounce off of, no solid ground to settle into. We are--and have been--the centers of our own mini universes. You are showing how to navigate this experience to others. Being fractals of Creator is no longer an idea, it is a waking experience. 
HEALERS: "45-Faith" Now is not the time to "hermit". You are tapped into an incredible amount of spiritual power. Operate as the CEO of your life and continue to create and declare what is to be and that which must go. Be unwavering in the fulfilment of your goals and vision. Divine Neutrality is the key though! You are not to judge, rather you are to assess what is in alignment with the goal/vision/timeline or not. New contracts are continuing to be written in this "mutable" time. Make sure your side of the deal is on point! 
TRANSMUTERS: "40-Power" There is another integration point on hand for you. Whatever has been the recent focus in terms of your personal ascension work will be rewarded/completed this week. Naturally, this will increase your strength; as you heal and call back to yourself more and more aspects of your individual consciousness as well as other soul aspects, you can leverage more soul power. Keep your focus on purification this week! 


WAYSHOWERS: "26 - Goodness" This week is a time of integration. A Divine Marriage has occurred. Now the stabilization of the New begins. Think of this as the necessity of having a cast after a broken bone has been reset. There must be a time of stasis so that the fusion between the parts can become stronger and stronger. From the outside it looks as if nothing is happening. But within.....there's a whole new world emerging. (Can you also see the magnitude of what can occur during Winter months?) Revel in your Honeymoon. It's been a long time coming.

HEALERS: "99 - Home" The Divine Marriage threshold that we crossed last week infuses so much energy into all the systems of our bodies, our aura, the New Earth grids, the Kingdoms, and more. This will NOT be stepping down in intensity. Focus on expanding all energy bodies to lessen the effects or feelings of "overwhelm". Much will be processing through the heart. Stay ahead of the wave so that you may guide others through with ease and grace.

TRANSFORMERS: "1 - God" I mean..... Bae. Talk about Honeymoon! This week will absolutely orgasmic. The resurrection is at hand. The Phoenix is rising from the ashes. You will emerge renewed, resfreshed, and emboldened from a long time (perhaps years?) of being in battle. Receive your knighthood/coronation. Enjoy the sweetness of merging with your Beloved. Let it ooze from every pore for the world to see. (If folks don't want what you have, is it really that good?) Live ya life!


WAYSHOWERS: "111 - Transformation" This week you may see more of the 'old' popping back up again. We are still in the last few months of a longer term cycle closing out so the parade of 'what was' will continue to present itself to you. Stay in line with the core intention of the New Earth. Ask yourself, "what is that new framework, that new consciousness, that new behavior, that new heart I must have to anchor the Light"? The full picture of what will be is not being revealed to ANYONE so try to avoid the desire to find the 'perfect' way or THE answer. Trust in your path. We are exiting the portal from the Cosmic Mother Star Dragon by the week's end (end of Venus retrograde). HEALERS: "48 - Releasing" A rapid expansion of soul power ripples through the collective which will be both exhilarating and disorienting. Whenever there is massive growth it is always good to be mindful of opportunistic energies around. This week is no different. It will be easy enough to clear though. Use the Transmutation Fire to quickly and easily purify, clean, and revitalize in any circumstances that call for it. This purposeful and supportive to make the most use of the remaining days of the Venus retrograde.

TRANSMUTERS: "83 -Preparing" This week for many is going to be like a 'final test' before we leave the sacred womb of the Venus retrograde. Continue to be consistent and steadfast in each step you take forward. Focus on what is directly ahead of you and test the truth of what is being presented. You're not being told everything or there are things you're not seeing. Operate from Divine Mind in all circumstances. Things aren't going to be so 'black and white' moving forward. It will take longer to settle into a decision or a path because there are more 'players' involved. We're also moving out of duality and into triality as a living experience. You may not like it but this is where you need to grow in order to be a wiser divine being.


☆☆Cosmic Stargate/Timeline Trajectory Shift Nov 21st-25th☆☆

WAYSHOWERS: "60 - Healing" Slow down this week, wayshowers. It's vitally important that you refill your well as much as you can at the beginning of the week. Specifically, spend more time than usual connecting to the Oversoul of your soul cluster. This is a message from Mars.

HEALERS: "99 - Home" Your next healing assignment for collective will be coming in this week (if it hasn't already). But, you won't receive the message if you're too "busy". Get quiet this week and listen to the messages coming through. With the massive clearing of the Akasha recently, it will be much easier to do deeper work more effectively than ever before. Work with Archangel Tzadkiel (or associated deities) to facilitate a lot of this healing if you so desire.

TRANSMUTERS: "54 - Soul" Your individual soul power is the focus this week. You should feel pretty balanced and relaxed right now. There may still be a bit of unsettled restlessness within you that arises from time to time but it's an opportunity to resolve the "binary" dynamic and shift to "trinary" for peace. (Peace is an action verb.) There are no real fights unless you step out of your center. Maintain your boundaries. Don't show your hand. Strategy is just as important as strength.