December 2018 Lightworker Guidance

The following messages are divided into 3 groups of lightworkers which correspond to the 3 main operations of Source Creator--creator, sustainer, destroyer. If you're unclear about the role you play in the shift of humanity into divine community, then book a “Messages From Your Spirit Team” tarot reading with me. We'll dig into your soul's function in the Divine Plan.


WAYSHOWERS: "111-Transformation" Karma is neither good nor bad but rather a ledger of reaping from the seeds you have sown. This week is a reminder that what you do now will determine the experiences, the fruit, you have later. A predominant place of where you'll be addressing this specifically is your finances. Yes, money. And your relationship to it. And your mindset around it. Heed wise council for how to grow and shift your previous experience to one of overflow. Financial independence is a necessity, not an option, moving forward.

HEALERS: "42-Friendship" The recent wave of those who had ascension experiences is still percolating in the energy body. More clearing and transmuting is happening and will continue over the next few weeks. (We'll get a break in January.) Gentleness and rest is required. We won't be able to move faster than this process of stabilizing the new energy/consciousness bodies. The collective sensation of being on a new path, feeling/thinking/acting like a new person will continue to be supported by the universe. (The butterfly's body is still being formed and it's not yet time to emerge from the chrysalis.) The new is here. And it is divinely guided.

TRANSFORMERS: "96-Communication" Even though you have a lot of energy, you are advised to conserve your resources. Let the fire, the power, the creativity build. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, it will require much more effort to tap into the inner fire/sun because of the autumn/winter time. (This does affect our capacity to "war" or fight because our body is still a key container for the energy flowing through you.) Work in tandem with others, whether fellow lightworkers or your Spirit Team members. They can do more because they don't get tired nor are they bound by physical constraints.


WAYSHOWERS: "Ace of Cups" The activity picks back up again in the Spirit to help you adjust to your new sovereignty after the Choice Point last week leading up that New Moon in Sagittarius. Mercury's transit back into Sagittarius will be felt tremendously as well so expect lots of messages coming through. Whomever in your Higher Dimensional Aspects are still needing support in order to integrate more fully requires your focus, time, and attention this week. Spend time bringing balance to your inner collective.

HEALERS: "King of Disks" You should find that a greater stabilization is available now and that the "new" set in place last week has its "legs". Longer term cycles are still being closed out--we're still in the corridor--but Divine Balance, karmic returns, and new contracts are being written. Be mindful of your behaviors, speech, thoughts, and emotions once again for they continue to be the seeds/soil/water of the new timeline.

TRANSFORMERS: "Queen of Swords" Continue conserving your resources and keep your cards close to chest. The inner world is not for all to see at this time--not even fully for to be seen by you. There is a transition out of current groups and into new alliances that is being facilitated by the Divine. Your work and your influence will be expanding but that will be revealed in time. For now, you should be a bit out of reach for others.


☆☆☆SPECIAL MESSAGE: There is a lot of information coming through for this sacred & powerful passage of the Winter Solstice. Please share in the comments below your experiences. Let's chat about it on the next Oracle Talks!☆☆☆

WAYSHOWERS: "38 - Danger" Our yearly planetary alignment with the Galactic Center is always a "tricky" time for Lightworkers because it both a karmic check-in as well as energetically exposed time for our soul's aura bodies. Take care to watch what is surfacing now. There may be some intense and ancient contracts and/or memories that surface from the depths of your soul's incarnational journey that ask to be addressed. Whether this is the revelation of trauma from another lifetime, the existence of a family "curse", or seeing AI or other entity attachments implanted from previous spiritual battles, be prepared to get an accounting of "what was". (In particular I'm noticing more clients and other Lightworkers having to deal with inorganic/AI/tech stuff in their aura from past lives as well as Twin Soul "stuff".) None of this is "new" but if any of these present, it means you are in a strong enough position to clear it (or seek help to clear it) and move on.  And move on you can with the upcoming Winter Solstice. There is another timeline jump opportunity. As usual keep your attention focused on the Highest & Most Beneficial Outcome possible for all beings as well as yourself. We're entering into new territory. Get ready to scout once again!

HEALERS: "25 - Movement" You may experience sleepless nights as a myriad of messages come thru for you from Spirit in dreamtime. A lot of dissolving of "old mind" is still needing to take place as you work to establish new protocols, new routines, and new projects for the future. Continue to work with Archangel Gabriel or other Water Deities that you have a relationship with (Quan Yin has been presently frequently for many) to support the release. A new available consciousness emerges by weekend which is unencumbered by the past. Successfully juggling your Divine Masculine and Feminine aspects within is the priority. Ascension is the merger of two to create three (binary --> trinary).

TRANSFORMERS: "5 - Teacher" A test is coming for you around a new opportunity. You're older and wiser now after having come to a place of deep wisdom and understanding of what relating to another means. You may find that many options present for you--whether romance, business, creativity, etc. But, you must use your discernment and patience to see if that which is below the surface matches up with what is being presented. This, of course, will require you to be really clear about where you are going. You may have to leave behind a Twin Flame/Soul, a business partnership, or a creative project and this will be the only way that the new Twin, the new business partner, or the new project can come thru. Venus' transit through Scorpio has given everyone the chance to practice being unapologetic about what they want or don't want. But, sometimes the Warriors are addicted to "saving" and forego making a choice. It's're allowed to be happy and to have fresh life. Put down your sword, open your heart, and let Mother heal you.


WAYSHOWERS: We are in the final month of the 6-month eclipse effect that began on Aug 11th (the closing date is the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Jan 20th). The last remaining Lights for this particular wave will be returning home to their Selves in addition to deep healing for the divine feminine (i.e. soul) aspect occurring for the collective. The High Heart is coming online as well to become the primary conduit and interface between one's higher and lower dimensional aspects instead of the "4th chakra". Soul sovereignty is indeed returning. Keep working on rewriting your soul contracts and also offering that service to those in your lineage. Let's all get lifted!

HEALERS: The "rebirth" is occurring on a soul level for those who've chosen their respective higher paths. Send Source Energy Healing out through the fields for all willing hearts and minds to facilitate profound wholeness. The nourishment provided by this pure Source essence is deeply needed to kickstart a rapid growth process. The new Kings and Queens are arising, ready to be trained, but they require your leadership and guidance to help them navigate their new responsibilities. Again, Soul Sovereignty is in play now and the establishment of the New Earth is at hand. Work with Quan Yin and/or other Water/Mother deities or Pleidian counterparts to amplify this work.

TRANSFORMERS: Depending on your affinity, work with Metatron, the Arcturians, and/or the Crystal Kingdom to anchor the new higher dimensional templates into the 3D plane to continue creating the bridge between "worlds". A lot of ancient ritual/occult/curse dynamics will continue to be revealed within your own past, that of your soul family/cluster, the land which you steward, or Ancient Earth timelines. Whatever shows up is ready to be removed and reset to a new paradigm. The spiritual warfare may be heavy but understand that you have Karma on your side -  the scales must be balanced.  You MUST use higher level techniques as these Darker Forces which you encounter now are not of earth.