June 2018 Astrology

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*Tues, June 5 - Sun conjuncts Mercury in Gemini *Wed, June 6 - Sun & Mercury square Neptune *Tues, June 12 - Mercury moves into Cancer *Wed, June 13 - New Moon in Gemini @12:43pm PST, Mercury sextiles Uranus in Taurus & squares Chiron in Aries, Venus moves into Leo *Thurs, June 14 - Venus squares Uranus *Fri, June 15 - Venus trines Chiron, Mercury opposes Saturn in Capricorn *Mon, June 18 - Neptune goes retrograde *Tues, June 19 - Mercury trines Jupiter in Scorpio *Wed, June 20 - Mercury trines Neptune *Thurs, June 21 - Summer Solstice, Sun moves into Cancer @3:07am PST, Venus opposes Mars in Aquarius *Fri, June 22 - Sun sextiles Uranus *Sat, June 23 - Mercury opposes Pluto in Capricorn, Sun squares Chiron *Mon, June 25 - Venus squares Jupiter *Tues, June 26 - Mars goes retrograde *Wed, June 27 - Full Moon in Capricorn @9:53pm PST, Sun opposes Saturn *Thurs, June 28 - Mercury moves into Leo *Sat, June 30 - Mercury squares Uranus & trines Chiron

Week 1

This is a quiet week (comparatively) and I'm sure so very welcome for many! Enjoy it while you can because this month will be pretty powerful with Neptune and  going retrograde later. The dance of the Sun and Mercury will gift us with lots of mental clarity, creative ideas, openness to new things, and strategic networking. Please, please, please make the most of this week to really get ALL the downloads, projects, plans out of your head and onto paper. Make the connections with people; share your vision; start getting folks on board. Some of the things you want to create can't be manifested in isolation. The Grand Water Trine from over the weekend was oozing with prosperity potential which means that what comes through now will not only create abundance but fulfillment too. The Gemini energy keeps us in our child-like nature which is not hindered by adult restrictions (i.e. Don't be your own saboteur and shoot down ideas! Let everything come out. Creativity is ALLOWED not forced.) How innocent can you be this week? Can you let your Inner Child come out to play and have the experience of creating without the worry of survival?

Week 2

After a lackluster week of astrological activity, things pick back up with the personal planets making changes in our Mind, Emotions, Money, and Networks. The highlight of the week is the New Moon in Gemini of course but don't sleep on the shifts that Mercury and Venus are making! Mercury in Cancer is associated with the 3 of Cups card in tarot which speaks of alignment of Higher Self, Personality, and the Soul. It's a beautiful energy of communion, of speaking directly from your heart. Expect more opportunities to develop meaningful relationships in the coming weeks. Network, network, network! Venus in Leo is the Strength card in tarot and is very much about leading with courage and charm thru any perceived blocks. As long as the North Node is in Leo, the path of liberation will continue to be through your unique gifts, your joy, your humanity. The end of the week may start to bring a bit more emotional waves with Neptune slowing down to go retrograde. Think before you speak!

Week 3

The first of the 2 big retrogrades this month happens as Neptune appears to change course and go backward in the sky on Monday. To me Neptune retrogrades are a time of "low tide" = when the ocean pulls back and you get to see what's going on under the surface. Everything is laid bare! Now this can be amazing or it can be overwhelming; it really depends on you. If you've been unwilling to face your demons and deal with the "hard stuff", then this will be a wakeup call. But if you are someone who actively participates in personal & spiritual development, you'll be grateful to have things revealed that you may have missed. The beauty of the retrograde is that the intensity of emotions subsides significantly! You'll do what you need to do, whether it "feels good" or not. There remains beautiful Grand Water Trine energy which can support creative flow and bring more prosperity & opportunities to you. Continue moving ahead with your plans! But the other powerful transit this week is NOT the summer solstice but rather the opposition of Venus and Mars on the North & South nodes of the moon, respectively. This axis of Leo & Aquarius energy comes front and center like a mini-eclipse. You're going to have to start thinking about what YOU want: What's next for your fulfillment? Can you answer that without trying to be everything to everyone? Can you step into more abundance without feeling guilty? Can you pivot how you show up even though you might lose some folks?

Week 4

Ah yes.....the time has come: Mars retrograde. Are you ready?! Not only is this planet associated with our physical vitality, sexual drive & expression, and ambition but also how we deal with conflict. This can mean that we will have to really pay more attention to the health of our bodies, possibly see a decrease in addictive sexual behavior, and approach our goals with considerably more patience and wisdom than we normally do. BUT...and there's always a "but"... this is also occurring on the south node of the Moon in Aquarius which means facing our internal fears big time! This is less about external restrictions as it is about grappling with what we want/need vs our "idea" of how we need to show up in the world. How can you see your way through? The Sun in Cancer and Venus in Leo at the North Node of the Moon. Your heart has the answers for all the questions of your mind. An unencumbered heart! Continue going in the direction of love and creativity and shine. Family and romantic relationships will be tested this week! Whatever is coming up now will have to continue to be faced throughout the summer. The resolution of whatever is occurring won't come about until early autumn although major decisions & changes mostly will happen during eclipse season (mid July & August). Keep a cool head.