May 2018 Lightworker Guidance

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The following messages are divided into 3 groups of lightworkers which correspond to the 3 main operations of Source Creator. If you're unclear about the role you play in the shift of humanity into divine community, then book a “Messages From Your Spirit Team” reading with me. We'll dig into your soul's function in the Divine Plan.

Week 1

INITIATORS: Continue to stabilize the field/grids/etc at the beginning of the week. The angels will be coming in once again for another wave of clearing. By week end individual souls will be much stronger and in alignment with their oversoul and the Human Template Oversoul as well. You can work on behalf of the collective or your own soul group--all of it helps. SUSTAINERS: Your connection with the various kingdoms of Earth are heightened this week. Work from a place of Divine Neutrality this week as the balancing and adjustments take place. Let things evolve to their highest resonance not where you think they should. Peace is on hand by week end. The calm before the (next) storm. TRANSMUTERS: Maintain the level of intense clearing work that you have been doing. This is supporting the revitalization of the World Tree and re-orientation to the original path. Another wave of angelic support comes in by week end to make way for Mother's Mother. Apparently, the last few weeks were a harbinger for Her, a taste of what's to come.

Week 2

INITIATORS: You must remain focused on creating the new. It is time to start "building" versus "anchoring". SUSTAINERS: The birthing canal is front and center for all of us. Keep the water flowing to aid in the transition. Archangel Gabriel and Their team are available to help you, along with the nature spirits. TRANSMUTERS:There is a massive heart opening occurring. Hold the gates/portals open to allow for the release. FINAL MESSAGE.... The beginning of the week may be very tough for some as more and more hidden truths are revealed. This could continue showing up with family, friends, business partners, or even an individual subconscious. Many surpressed memories around childhood trauma (especially sexually) are now available for release and healing. This final wave--for the time being--will open the door for rapid reorientation of the mind & belief systems. Use the healing, restorative powers of Archangel Tzadkiel and Gabriel for yourself as needed; pray for others to support then. Suicide and sudden death are also on the table just like last year around this time. Remain steady. Be an unmovable force of Unconditional Love Incarnate, purposefully. 

Week 3

INITIATORS: There is much opportunity available for working with various geometries, colors, sounds, and Star Being Collective consciousness this week. We have received A LOT with this Cosmic Stargate Alignment which completes on Tues. Unpacking all the new afterwards is the fun part! What new revelations or abilities or access have you been granted?SUSTAINERS: A portal is open right now to new levels of consciousness and etheric forms. Allow this newness to inform your work as you work closely with Divine Mother (i.e. Source) energy. Maintain your protective barriers while this unfolds. There is peace in the midst of seeming chaos. TRANSMUTERS: Another stronghold will present this week that will need to be worked on and taken down. You will be given new marching orders in addition to what you're already doing. Focus and get to work. You can handle it. Support for this next round of "purge" is stronger that it's been thus far. Engage, and the Universe Itself will move!

Week 4

INITIATORS: This is the week when you make a firm decision to go boldly in the direction of the highest trajectory for your soul. Do not delay when the moment presents. Now is not the time to falter or revert back to old habits. This Prince leads with its heart and shines brightly. Your brilliance is what will lead the way for others who are coming "behind". They are going to be looking for the Wayshowers. Say 'Yes' to your new path and move forward! SUSTAINERS: Yes, things are moving at the speed of intention right now. Use that to you advantage and pursue the vision of the highest outcome for all in all dealings, healings, conflicts, etc. You are truly holding the field right now of Unconditional Love and Divine Peace. With that being said, don't give much time or energy to thoughts, feelings, or actions which bring you down, dim your heart light, or steal your joy. Stay lifted! TRANSMUTERS: You are holding both the light and the dark this week, clearing and infusing at the same time. It's a different place to be in than you may have experienced in the birth in the midst of dissolution. But this is the nature of Shiva, is it not? Give thanks. And lead with your power--your courageous heart.