June 2018 Lightworker Guidance

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The following messages are divided into 3 groups of lightworkers which correspond to the 3 main operations of Source Creator--creator, sustainer, destroyer. If you're unclear about the role you play in the shift of humanity into divine community, then book a “Messages From Your Spirit Team” reading with me. We'll dig into your soul's function in the Divine Plan.

Week 1

WAYSHOWERS: "Glory/Victory." Lead with the fire of Archangel Michael--or any other Divine Consciousness you associate with the Fire Element and Divine Power--in your work this week. This is a time to focus on the Divine Masculine principle which is the expression of Source. For us as humans, this is the unique personality/signature of your Soul in this life. Help to continue clearing the way for healing of this principle as we approach the Solstice. Embrace unity through diversity. HEALERS: "Prayers." This is a call to the prayer warriors out there. The power of your spoken word can move "mountains" (i.e. blockages, stagnation, etc). Speak the Truth of people's wholeness back to them, speak the Truth of sovereignty for all beings, speak the Truth of Reality in all things. The Idea Of Separation is only upheld if we keep agreeing to it. Your refusal to not align with the Lie shifts trajectories and maintains it. WARRIORS: "Direction." You must go into the fray this week. The spark of Light is there to transform and transmute the dark. The power of Phoenix is available. Remember Mother/Source is greater than any fear, and obstruction, any fight. She blesses those who allow themselves to be vehicles for her Reality. Burn slowly to melt the barriers you find. Seek wholeness, not destruction.

Week 2

WAYSHOWERS: "Strength." You will need courage this week to push through any fears you have about creating "the new". Consistently return to the Vision and make decisions from that place instead of getting sidetracked by fear of the unknown. The shift to physically taking action on the ideas that were downloaded in previous months continues. Your path is always at the growth edge of your soul group. HEALERS: "Far Away." Your test this week is embodying the Divine Neutral principle. This is not an operation of inactivity. On the contrary, it is Ma'at. The centerpoint around polarity whirls. This aspect needs to be strengthened as the Divine Masculine principle comes back online more fully from its recent clearing. Do not be swayed by negative or positive polarity. Remember--unity through diversity.  WARRIORS: "Power." Embrace your Sun aspect and walk as suns of El. Let the brilliance and power of the Divine Flame/Fire permeate the environments you move through. The work of clearing and transmuting will be much more "in your face" than before as space needs to be made for the return of Mother Dragon this fall. Remain righteous but guard against being tyrannical.

Week 3

**Summer Solstice Energy Gateway**

Week 4

WAYSHOWERS: "Princess of Wands." You are encouraged to go forward in creative expansion with the tasks set before you. Vast potential and opportunities abound with the Sun (and subsequently dominant Leo) energy this week. It's a "go" in all areas so make as much headway as possible while obstacles are minimal. Lead with the heart in all endeavors and make sure to remain in integrity in your dealings. These next 3 months--Summer--is the time of making physical that which has been deposited in the spirit. HEALERS: "6 of Earth." The focus this week is on the physical body. It must be catered to in order to help it support integrating the high frequency energies. Focus on more sleep, whether night time hours or by incorporating naps. Also focus on increasing physical activity that build muscle strength. Your body is meant to be strong. You may be surprised at how much more you can flourish when you allow th body to come to mastery. WARRIORS: "5 of Earth." The battle rages on. The recent flurry of emotional activity has created an open feeding ground for the dark forces. Pay attention to the areas exposed, whether in the etheric or physical, as this tells you where you can help transmute the lower energies to their higher vibrational aspects and put in protective forces to stabilize the new. You will be busy this summer. Ground your heels in. You're going to earn your stripes.