In The Process (Part 1)

I recorded a video blog of my current journey which can be found here:

The written component is as follows.....

There are two components that I consider to be absolutely necessary to shifting spiritual theory into embodied living. They are, in order of importance in my opinion:

1) developing a personal and direct relationship with God.
2) using metaphysical knowledge and techniques.

Simple but not easy. The impact is astounding though if you can allow yourself to put God first and engage the power of your soul. For healing work, whether personal or societal--GO TO THE ROOT. What is the "root" of what is occurring? The trauma or trigger is the symptom, i.e the alert system, but it is pointing to the fracturing on a core level of the psyche or greater system. Just as you would look to childhood experiences for the root forms of your interactions in adult life, you would look at the root causes for hot button social issues such as immigration, incarceration, violence against minorities and women, etc.

The microcosm does mirror the macrocosm.

When you deal with and heal the root, the rest of the system MUST change because the core function has been returned to a state of wholeness (or as I like to say coherence) from its previous fracturing.

Function follows form.

Form is the root or the consciousness orientation. Either scale, whether personal or global, is difficult to navigate in this work and requires care, patience, and radical honesty--all of which can be had with in a container of Divine Neutrality and Divine Love. Only you can determine which or both is appropriate for you to work on it any given time although, I would suggest that if you felt compelled to read this, then you are most likely guided to work on the smaller scale (i.e. self) first. Maybe not. Maybe you are called to work on larger-scale issues. Maybe you feel you can handle both. You will know what's best for you based on #1 from the list above:

A personal and direct relationship with God.

Let that lead you through all your dealings and watch the magic unfold. The Angelic Realm is ready and present to support you and this greater work of Divine Love. They are not of the material realm, therefore they do not run out of energy. There is no debt to pay and you do not have to earn their assistance. It is given freely, in Divine Love.