July 2018 Astrology

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• Wed, July 4 - Chiron goes retrograde in Aries • Thurs, July 5 - Sun in Cancer trines Jupiter in Scorpio, Mercury in Leo opposes retrograde Mars in Aquarius • Sun, July 8 - Sun trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces • Mon, July 9 - Mercury in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus moves into Virgo • Tues, July 10 - Jupiter goes direct • Wed, July 11 - Venus trine Uranus • Thurs, July 12 - NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Cancer at 8:01pm PST, Sun oppose Pluto retrograde in Capricorn • Fri, July 13 - Venus trine Saturn retrograde in Capricorn • Sun, July 22 - Sun enter Leo, Venus in Virgo sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio • Tues, July 24 - Venus opposes Neptune Rx in Pisces, Sun trines Chiron Rx in Aries • Wed, July 25 - Sun square Uranus Rx in Taurus, Mercury goes retrograde in Leo • Thurs, July 26 - Sun opposes Mars Rx in Aquarius • Fri, July 27 - FULL MOON TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius at 1:21pm PST, Venus trines Pluto Rx in Capricorn


So.....just an FYI.....this month is going to be crazy. LOL! We dive head first into eclipse season with 2 eclipses occurring before the end of the month AND have 2 additional new retrogrades to contend with. If you've done yearly forecast readings with me, then you know I've already told you to ride the wave of momentum you've already built because summer is NOT the time to launch new things out of the blue. SO much will be shifting and changing. Keep space open for the shifting tides and as always: Lead. With. Your. Heart. This is still a Leo dominant time so you must always come back to your "response" to life (not your assimilation to group thought/behavior). This week gives us a bittersweet trigger with Chiron going retrograde right on Independence Day in the U.S. Lots of self-inquiry on what personal freedom means, what individual liberation means, what healing & wholeness of self actually looks like. Authenticity will be forced. Deep healing is available. And once again with the Mercury-Mars opposition we face another "check in" of our heart vs head dynamic. This will mirror the Venus-Mars opposition from the Summer Solstice in June. Remember how wonky that ENTIRE week was?! Yeah.... Mercury will put its spin on it. And guess what? Later this month the Sun will too. I know..... Breathe. 


This week we sit firmly in the Divine Feminine principle as a Grand Water Trine AND a Grand Earth Trine are activated. Not to mention the solar eclipse in Cancer! Focus on your heart, your emotions, safety, and laying the groundwork for stability in the future as it relates to your relationships, health, and money. This a time to receive what the Cosmic Mother has for you. Melt into the experience of what it feels like to allow things to arise out of the Divine Flow inherent in the Universe. What happens when you move when prompted from within instead of without? This week is dripping in opportunity as well now that Jupiter will be moving direct so expect from here on out for the speed to pick back up similar in pace to the first quarter of the year (but hopefully a little bit more manageable!). With that said, it still holds true to not pull the trigger on any big decision if you can with most of the other planets in retrograde. The only area of caution is the Sun/Pluto opposition. This can present a few ways:

  1. as major power plays between people,
  2. in feeling like you have to choose between work and home, or possibly
  3. choosing to take the step into the Light (peace, love joy) vs falling back into the Dark


No major planetary transits.... Yes, you read that correctly. There are NO major planetary transits this week. It's just the Moon making her way through the signs and creating her own aspects. What does this mean? It means two things: 1) The Grand Water and Grand Earth trines are still predominant. 2) We will be experiencing the "fallout" from the Solar eclipse and an emotional rollercoaster. The bareness of this week can make us feel like we're floating in the middle of the ocean or in the middle of space. It can be incredibly disorienting, emotionally triggering, hyper-real. We are literally in the womb of the Cosmic Mother and we don't quite know what's going to be birthed. "Water" and "Earth" as the divine feminine principles have everything to do with our emotions, our soul, past lives, our energy bodies, our health, our finances, and our relationships. These are the areas that can completely shut down our creativity, divine inspiration, or even willpower when their foundations are shaken up. We're getting a chance to see what's really under our "hood". Most likely all of the areas aren't an issue but there will be one at least that's a thorn in your side. What's being held in a loop? Money? Health? Relationships? Karmic patterns? I'm sure you're saying to yourself, "I thought the old is supposed to be cleared with a new moon?" Remember when I said last week that this was just a foreshadow of what will need to be addressed during the 18 months of the nodes in Cancer-Capricorn? Please take note of EXACTLY what is showing up right now, from last week thru the end of this week. Negative AND Positive. This information is going to be absolutely vital to helping you maximize opportunities and minimize obstacles next year. You will have some very uncomfortable stretches when the nodes shift...but if you can pay attention now, you can give yourself a fighting chance to make it through the upcoming gauntlet.


Did you enjoy the "break" from major transits last week? Good. Because this week is probably one of the most confrontational weeks I think we've come across thus far in 2018. Most of the transits revolve around tricky aspects--oppositions and squares--while also amplifying the emotions due to yet another planet going retrograde (Mercury) and a lunar eclipse. To all my fellow Water signs out there, know that I feel your pain. Ha! This will be a disorienting week so don't bother to set high expectations. Be preemptive in your planning and leave plenty of wiggle room to get things done. One key transit that I want to draw attention to is the Venus-Neptune opposition. I think this will bring up issues between mothers and daughters and the ideals/restrictions placed on both. Be mindful of arguments! But this can also speak of profound spiritual journeys that relate to our deep questioning of our relationship with God. The other quite important transit is the Sun-Mars opposition. If you've been reading along with the astrology forecasts the past few weeks, then you know I've been bringing attention to the persistent spotlight being put on the moon's nodes. The North Node in Leo has been highlighted with the personal planets, one by one. First it was Venus (June 21, on Summer Solstice), then it was Mercury (July 5), and now it will be the Sun (essentially on the eclipse). This has addressed our personal values/heart, our minds, and now our unique gifts/talents. All of which has been opposing the South Node in Aquarius where Mars has been magnifying what our belief systems really are. Some of it has not been pleasant to face. But you can't evolve/adapt without knowing what you're dealing with. Try your best to hold your tongue though. With the Sun in Leo you may be prone to fall into "my way or the highway" mode quite easily. And with Mercury also going retrograde in Leo? There's potential for creating a lot of collateral damage. Shift your focus to your physical body, the natural world, and creativity. You can make it through this week!