August 2018 Newsletter

A Personal Note

I’m fresh off of a month-long celebration of my Solar Return and I’m thrilled at the amount of transformation and change that has occurred over the past year. This platform, “Inner Sun Alchemy”, has flourished in a way I couldn’t have ever imagined. For instance, I recently had the honor of being featured in VoyageLA magazine! (Read the article here.)

One question I do get asked is...

“What is an Oracle?”

An oracle is someone who functions as a direct channel from the Divine to provide guidance and wisdom. I personally use the tools of tarot, astrology, and my “clair” abilities to relay information. My objective is to return you to a state of soul sovereignty and autonomy so that you can consciously activate and use your true power. I work primarily with Divine Beings from the 5th dimension and higher. At times loved ones who have crossed over will come through with a message for a client, however, this is rare.

Also, there are times when people are not quite sure which of my services are best for them. My recommendation usually falls into 2 categories:

Either option can really help you come to a deeper understanding about why you are the way you are, your purpose in this world, and how to best plan a course of action for your goals, relationships, career, money, etc. If you still are not sure, feel free to reply to this newsletter and I can help you come to a decision.

I have had the opportunity to affect many lives with my spiritual gifts through tarot, astrology, energy healing, and teachings. But things are only just beginning. It’s time to go bolder, brighter, bigger in a sustainable way that honors my humanity while also serving the greater good.

For those who have had sessions with me--thank you for your trust and courage to step past your growth edge. For those of you who are still deciding--this is your year! Come thru and get your life!

General Astrology Forecast

The transforming power of July will not be stepping down in August. The eclipse season continues ushering in a new 6-month cycle of manifestation and healing with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo at 2:46am PST on August 11th. Where is Leo in your natal chart? What house? This will show you where you’ll have support from the cosmos to further your goals and personal development with more ease and “luck” than normal. But even this powerful fresh start will be delayed because most of the planets will be retrograde. This means you still need to take your time, gather more resources and information, and correct the weaker areas in your life. It’s not fun by any mean, but if you remain disciplined in the short-term, then you’ll get what you want in the long-term (not just what you need).

What you do this month, how you handle your responsibilities, how much you remain in integrity with self, will directly correlate to what you experience in January. How strongly do you want to start off 2019? This month (and probably a bit of last month) is the foundation for that. Push through your discomfort! Done is better than perfect.

Every week I provide astrology forecasts and spiritual guidance on Instagram. Follow me at @innersunalchemy to see what coming up astrologically so you can plan out your week. A compilation of the weekly forecasts for the previous months is on my BLOG page.

General Lightworker Forecast

A restoration of balance is in play as we kick off the month. The time between eclipses is when the dust settles, so to speak. Meditation and peace as well as holding to the vision of the New Earth is paramount. As the deep clearing energy of the waning moon pulls us into the New Moon Solar Eclipse on August 11th, you will have to dig deep to maintain course in the midst of energetic weariness.

Don’t get stuck.

There will always be new things to release simply because there is always another step in evolution to take. Focus on what you do have and what is coming. Another crowing is at hand for those who have been going through massive spiritual awakening over the past year. The White Lion returns to herald the Mother Dragon’s return in the autumn. New assignments may be given to you at this time. The battle will pick back up again full force by month end. There’s still many more years ahead of steering our collective so….

  • Work smart
  • Conserve your resources
  • Don’t negotiate or hesitate with dealing with the Dark

Protect the Light--especially within your own humanity.

Every week I provide forecasts and spiritual guidance for the lightworkers on Instagram. Follow me at @innersunalchemy to see what coming up in the etheric realms so you can effectively navigate your gifts and purpose. A compilation of the weekly forecasts for the previous months is on my BLOG page.

A Final Message

Thank you again for coming on this journey with me! It takes all of us to make this world I better place. I would be honored to help you step into your power, expand your reach of your purpose, and strengthen the joy of life available to all. I have lots of brand new services and online classes that have just recently launched this summer. Take a look and book a session with me.

My Love,


P.S. Did you know that every Saturday at 10am PST I host a series called “Oracle Talks” on Instagram where I talk about what’s happening in the cosmos and in the spirit realm in addition to answering questions that viewers have? Join me this Saturday! Bonus….the videos are available to view up to 24 hrs after the live recording!