September 2018 Newsletter

A Personal Note

Happy September beautiful family! Inner Sun Alchemy continues to expand its reach with an exciting development. I'm pleased to announce that I'll be interviewed live on the Beyond The Ordinary Show hosted by John Burgos. He features international leaders in the spiritual community with a focus on shifting consciousness for the collective. My interview date is scheduled for Monday, October 29th. Register HERE so you can listen in!

For me Summer 2018 has been a mixed bag of fun and positivity as well as financial challenges and disappointment. I have been wanting to do more but having Mars (and 5 other planets!!!) in retrograde put the brakes on a lot of things. That "stasis" energy starts to shift this month and I'm so grateful. As someone with a Virgo moon, I do truly find personal fulfillment from putting in work. Of course, the challenge is always to respect the cycle of rest and I'm still working on it!

I'm going to be starting a fundraiser for a short, fantasy film I wrote called "Black Sand" which I'll be directing and acting in. It's about a Guardian Angel trapped in a magical prison who faces a life-changing all while danger lingers just beyond the boundary. My goal is to shoot the film mid-October. I have been slowly bringing a team together and finding costumes, props, etc to support this creative project. If you'd like to donate to the making of this film, you can do so directly via Venmo (@Jynnette-Lewis) or PayPal ( or by going to the Media page on my website (I'll place a link for a fundraiser by mid-September). You can stay up-to-date on the film's development on my artist Instagram page @theartistjynnette as well. It will be an incredible journey. I'm ready! What about you? How are you letting your creative spark manifest?

General Astrology Forecast

The power players of manifestation--Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn--are direct this month. The outer, transpersonal planets--Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto--are still retrograde. What does this mean for us? The external influences will be minimal and our natural abilities to create and manifest are given free reign.

This can be amazing or frightening depending on our mindset.

Will we take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and move our dreams, our goals, our lives forward, not worrying about having everything "perfect" or if we'll get it "right"? Or will we crumble under the weight of our own inner critic, isolating ourselves, losing the race before we've even begun?

September is the first time in a long time that we've had a predominance of planets in the Earth signs. We truly can make real, practical advancements. This won't be the time to have our heads in the clouds, daydreaming of what can be. This is the time of, simply, "doing the work". Take care of the material things that require your attention: manage your money better by sticking to your budget, be consistent with the care of your physical body (eating, exercising, sleeping), clean your home space, organize your files, etc. Just get it done. But also, move much slower and methodically otherwise you'll burn out.

Every week I provide astrology forecasts and spiritual guidance on Instagram. Follow me at @innersunalchemy to see what coming up astrologically so you can plan out your week. A compilation of the weekly forecasts for the previous months is on my BLOG page.

General Lightworker Forecast


This month will see lightworkers wearing many hats, truly juggling the functions of all 3 classes of lightwork--wayshower, healer, transformer--at once. With the recent quantum timeline jump and the new levels of integration with our higher aspects, more of our true Creator State is in play….which means more power and responsibility is placed back in our hands as those who have mentored us in the spirit for so long take a step back. (The Magician card has been showing up A LOT in my clients’ sessions.) We are the “Higher Levels”. We are the Ancestors. Literally. We are both the future and the past coexisting in the Source-individuated soul that we are.

We are tasked with maintaining the newer, higher vibrational frequency in play now as a perpetual state of being.

We are tasked with taking practical action steps on what we've been downloading in the Spirit. (NOTE: this may trigger a lot of money “stuff” so I'd recommend taking the initiative to clear relevant familial DNA imprints, both mom and dad side of the family. No more carrying karma without conscious consent, ok?)

We are tasked with being a Warrior in the spirit as needed. Put on the armor of God. Everything above the 5th dimension isn't all “love and light”. Comprehending the complexity of who the players are and their purpose requires a more discerning mind. This is Chess now, not Checkers. You operate in a space of rulership--this is Soul Sovereignty. How will you manage the dominion under your stewardship? How will you show up as the Lion-Hearted King/Queen?

These are deeply important considerations. A Crown comes in October with the arrival of the Star Dragon energy. The extent of what it will provide you will be based on your rulership this month. Stay in alignment with your Heart. What is True is what will prevail.

Every week I provide forecasts and spiritual guidance for lightworkers on Instagram. Follow me at @innersunalchemy to see what coming up in the etheric realms so you can effectively navigate your gifts and purpose. A compilation of the weekly forecasts for the previous months is on my BLOG page.

A Final Message


I know the summer months weren't quite what any of us were expecting. For some it might have been quite challenging. But we're still here, still learning, still growing. As always make the cultivation of your unique and direct relationship with God a priority. Peace is the greatest commodity we own. Relish in your consumption of It.

My Love,


P.S. Have you had a chance to check the article written about me in VoyageLA magazine. You can read it HERE.

P.P..S. Did you know that every Saturday at 10am PST I host a show called “Oracle Talks” on Instagram where I talk about what’s happening in the cosmos and in the spirit realm in addition to answering questions that viewers have? Join me this Saturday! Bonus….the video is available to view up to 24 hrs after the live recording!