August 2018 Astrology

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• Wed, Aug 1 - Mars retrograde in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus • Fri, Aug 3 - Mars sextile Chiron retrograde in Aries • Sat, Aug 4 - 3rd quarter square Moon (waning) in Taurus • Mon, Aug 6 - Sun in Leo square Jupiter in Scorpio, Venus moves into Libra • Tues, Aug 7 - Uranus goes retrograde, Venus trine Mars • Wed, Aug 8 - [LION'S GATE] - Venus in Libra opposes Chiron retrograde in Aries, Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde in Leo • Thurs, Aug 9 - Venus square Saturn retrograde in Capricorn • Fri, Aug 10 - Mercury square Jupiter in Scorpio • Sat, Aug 11 - NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Leo at 2:46am PST • Sun, Aug 12 - Mars retrogrades back into Capricorn • Sat, Aug 18 - Mercury retrograde sextiles Venus in Libra then goes direct, WAXING HALF MOON in Scorpio • Sun, Aug 19 - Jupiter in Scorpio trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces • Wed, Aug 22 - Sun moves into Virgo • Sat, Aug 25 - Grand Earth Trine between the Sun (Virgo), Uranus (Taurus), Saturn (Capricorn) • Sun, Aug 26 - FULL MOON in Pisces at 4:56 am PDT, Venus in Libra square Pluto retrograde in Capricorn • Mon, Aug 27 - Mars goes direct in Capricorn, Mercury in Leo squares Jupiter in Scorpio


Did you survive the gnarly final week of July we just had? Did you avoid the conflicts and maintain focus on your personal & spiritual development? Did you give yourself a chance to look back over the last 6 months and congratulate yourself on what you've been able to accomplish? ☆ Do you know the miracle that you are? ☆ This week begins a month long transition that sets the stage for the last mini-manifestation cycle of the Leo/Aquarius node transit. (Note: Each node transit is 18 months which gives us approximately 3 sets of 6 month mini-manifestation cycles with increasing payoffs.) September will see the flow get back to its normal pace. For now the focus is on Mars who dominates with the aspects it makes to the other planets. The concepts and ideas associated with the signs Aries (Self-identity & Needs), Taurus (Physical Body & Desires), and Libra (Balance & Sophistication) are fundamental to where your attention should be. Establish your new "center"--the place from which you will operate from moving forward. A newfound resilience is promised by the week's end. 


Last week Mars was the center of attention. This week Venus takes center stage. She holds the key to Divine Neutrality and Divine Peace through the transition of TWO portals: the Lion's Gate (traditionally observed on 8/8) and the solar eclipse. Access these Divine qualities by choosing to operate from the perspective of your Higher Self--cool, calm, detached, yet deeply compassionate. You can still use the waning moon influence to support the clearing and moving away from old energy, cords, etc through the weekend if needed. But there's also a unique activation on hand for our High Hearts--our Leo/Lion nature. A new "filling of the well" if you will. ■ Nobility. Warrior. Power. Love. Protection. Stability ■ A chance to tap into a deeper realization of our Soul Sovereignty. A higher standard is emerging for how we show up in the world, not only for ourselves but also for others, the planet, the Divine. A deeper understanding of what Sacred Responsibility is and what it looks like. Continue choosing the higher consciousness timeline. Continue to live from your highest vibration. These few weeks of multi-planet retrograde will soon pass and the speed of new life and creation will disorient us if we are not deeply committed & aligned to our "Why", our Heart. Things can be easy. Let them.


We made it! The last of 3 back-to-back eclipses is over and now we can take advantage of the waxing moon to help us rebuild, strengthen, fortify, and empower wherever we may have faltered over the weekend. Congratulate yourself for pushing through and remaining focused! This has not been an easy 6 weeks. But, from here on out the tides shift, the flow begins again, the speed starts to pick up, especially from the waxing moon on Saturday through the full moon. Gratefully, Mercury goes direct this week, easing our communication with others. And there's even a really beautiful trine happening once again between Jupiter and Neptune. This is the last of 3 Jupiter/Neptune trines since Jupiter went into Scorpio last October. The other 2 dates were: Dec 2, 2017 and May 25, 2018. What was going on in your life at that time? Since these are slower moving planets, I recommend looking at what opportunities may have come in a week leading into those dates. Are you surprised by what you find? Were these instances bringing in financial abundance or creative projects? Or was it ushering in deeper ways to heal and release? It will definitely depend on your personal natal chart! Enjoy this quieter period. The time to put in work will come next week!


A welcome infusion of grounding, stabilizing, and fortifying Earth energy awaits us this week! No more floating between this or that extreme. A time of harvest and assessment is on the agenda for the coming weeks with the Sun's entry into Virgo and activation of the Grand Earth Trine. Joy in accomplishing goals, putting in consistent work, caring for the physical body's health, managing finances, and genius revelations & breakthroughs for recurring obstacles are gifts we can leverage if we so choose. Our drive and ambition will start to return with Mars going direct as well. If you (like me) have been frustrated with being put "on hold" for most of the summer because of the Mars retrograde, this is a welcome development. I expect the same kind of clarity and upliftment that happened the day after Mercury went direct to show up in this case. This is also a good time to start making your "boss moves"--those things you've been slow to address that move your goals forward. The ball remains in your court with Saturn still retrograde and Jupiter & Venus direct so don't be afraid to be bold. You know what you need to do, so do it!