August 2018 Lightworker Guidance

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The following messages are divided into 3 groups of lightworkers which correspond to the 3 main operations of Source Creator--creator, sustainer, destroyer. If you're unclear about the role you play in the shift of humanity into divine community, then book a “Messages From Your Spirit Team” tarot reading with me. We'll dig into your soul's function in the Divine Plan.


WAYSHOWERS: "3 of Cups" Yes, celebrate! We made the jump! And it feels SO good. The flow, ease, and grace is steady now. Be sure to work with crystals that help you ground and stabilize. We are now entering into an unprecedented point in our human history with the increasing high levels of cosmic radiation hitting the planet. Your energy will be vibrant but be mindful not to "spin out" or fry your circuits. Physical exercise (in particular, resistance/weight training), consistent hydration, and anti-inflammatory foods are absolutely essential. Create freely and joyfully. You're going to get what you ask for--personally and in service--so make it worth it. Many don't know what's next. You do. You're the vision-holders. Lead. You'll find your flow by the Lion's Gate. (See important dates below.) HEALERS: "The Empress" The 'reboot' of the collective consciousness during the lunar eclipse gateway last week has completed. The second quantum timeline jump of 2018 has occurred. Now we begin the initialization of the new programs (note: this analogy is in keeping with the guidance from the lunar eclipse gateway). Prosperity, abundance, strong & healthy bodies, opportunities, and more flourish throughout the week. THIS is what Leo season is supposed to be like, am I right? Focus on self care with a strong slant towards pampering. Reconnect with your social circles if you've been in "work mode" too long. Also....relax. As we go higher collectively, the less we "carry" and process as more and more soul power shifts back into the hands of each individual. You don't have to work as hard as you have had to in the past to get the same result. Remember: respond, don't react. TRANSFORMERS: "Death" The quintessence of your role presents this week. As mentioned during the lunar eclipse gateway, you have been working under Shiva's charge for the collective transformation of Divinity-In-Form. The revelation of the sophistication of what this really entails comes with the Lion's Gate passage which runs Aug 5-14 (see important dates below). Sekhmet will most likely come thru to reveal herself to you and fashion you into more of the warrior (upgrade) you need to be for the next didn't forget I mentioned the next "battle" coming up at the end of the month, right? Enjoy your flow. You deserve it.

*Lion's Gate Passage August 5-August 14
*Lion's Gate August 8th
*New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo on August 11th
*Stargate Opening and Cosmic Trigger August 29


WAYSHOWERS: "7 of Earth" What ROI (return on investment) are you seeing from what you have built, developed, explored thus far? Where can you refine more, cultivate greater mastery, actively ascend your abilities? Operating at the level of an Adept may have gotten you pretty far in life, i.e. learning/being/doing just enough to be "above the average" vibration. But where do you have the opportunity to focus and consciously walk the path of Mastery? Is there a fear of perceived limitation, a lack of variety? The adjustment I'm offering you to make is deceptively simple. But please don't brush past this. This will have massive impact on your trajectory and influence in the creation of New Earth For All. Discipline and Choice are your friends. If these are coming from the Heart, you won't go "wrong". Slow down, breathe, operate as Creator Incarnate in every moment. What would happen if you did this over the next 7 days? Go into that unknown territory. (See important dates in comments below.) HEALERS: "Strength" You are the heart of the Lion this week. Cultivate avenues for Divine Power and the expression of the Inner Child with those clients you may be working with. The Heart and High Heart chakras for the Human Collective will continue to have a lot of energy surging through them. It may uncomfortable or even disorienting to be overwhelmed with such force. Rose Quartz directly on the skin over the heart for 10-20 minutes will help stabilize. Also, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Aquamarine, Pearl, and Amethyst may be helpful. You may find that the darker colored crystals & stones that you use for protection and/or grounding aren't providing you with the same benefits. We have to keep the frequency light, truly. Clear quartz or any other light-colored crystal will be better utilized for the time being. Also, use the Star Tetrahedron for additional protection in the etheric. (Imagine 2 pyramids, one pointing up, one pointing down, with the bases touching on the same level of the heart.) Remember: We are alchemizing Infinity. TRANSFORMERS: "Page of Cups" Your warrior training begins now. This is the week where you get clear on what specifically you're "fighting for" and how you want to show up. Remember: the spiritual tom-foolery (i.e. warfare) will pick up at the end of the month. The timing couldn't be more perfect though--both Mercury AND Mars will be direct. Develop new protocols for protection (you may want to use the star tetrahedron as mention above for the Wayshowers) or other techniques for navigating the higher realms safely. Grid your home if your haven't already, or upgrade it is you have. You're going to be more noticed now and there may be the potential for direct attack. Don't get caught off guard. Consider this Bootcamp for the warrior class. Dicipline, honor, cleanliness, power, purpose, and more are principles to live by in all your dealings. Hold the ground that was gained by the angelic realm over the past few months.


The "lights"/souls that were kept in sacred hiding in the Ancient Days have been "hatching" over the past few years after the turning of Ages into Aquarius, i.e. they have been waking up to more of their spiritual selves and actively going on the journey of spiritual and personal development & healing to facilitate their individual ascension process at every dimensional level. The other groups--Eagle-Hearted, Lion-Hearted, Bull-Hearted, Kristos-Hearted) have been receiving their wake-up calls too. (The Lion-Hearted are getting their upgrades during this month of August). The dragon-seed subset of this collective are preparing to receive their crowning of the Cosmic Mother (Star Dragon) soon. This will be an important transfer of power that will fundamentally tip the scales in favor of the Ascended Planetary Consciousness we call Earth/Gaia/Tiamat and usher in the return of Her sovereignty from ages of control and oppression. As your higher level dimensional aspects come "online" in your consciousness and make themselves available for healing & integration, know that this will help to fortify you in preparation for the next Angelic army advance. As I mentioned, this wave of "lights"/souls that continue making the quantum jumps are the ones who may be a target for Dark energy (and who have been most likely been receiving direct guidance to up their personal protection in the spirit). Remember that your power derives from your direct & personal relationship with God. Start AND end there. Devotion, Bhakti, Worship, Praise--whatever you want to call it--that's where Truth lies. That is what is Real. The answers to your questions are in that sacred, intimate, quiet space. Go there and get the nourishment your soul seeks. For those that have a darker/unhealed dragon aspect in their higher dimensional levels, be sure to keep it in check. You will have to hold the container for its rage that needs to be expressed/processed in a healthy way. Underneath the rage is balanced power and empowerment.


WAYSHOWERS: "2 of Swords" Continue using this week to cut any remaining cords or DNA imprints of past traumatic experiences or maternal/paternal lineage stuff. Make sure to repair your energy body at its many layers. Spend even more time in meditation to facilitate the integration of the awakened Lion aspect (if that did or is starting to come through while the Sun conjuncts the star Regulus Aug 23). Inner peace will give way to the Divine Wisdom within that responds and actively engages with Life in a moment-by-moment function. This deeper clearing of your Akashic Records is amplified with the Full Moon in Pisces and will be available through Monday the 27th when Mars goes direct. Please don't miss this opportunity. You can free yourself from SO much right now. Afterwards, you will need to be making decisions that have higher stakes and which affect more people--publicly. The next Stargate Opening and Cosmic Trigger happens on the 29th! HEALERS: "Queen of Cups" There is DEEP healing and clearing happening on the maternal lineages. A lot of heart opening is on deck as well. This is a time to hold space for the releasing of trauma for the feminine principle within the Human Collective. Don't be afraid of the purge. Remember, the ocean/quantum waters is more than big enough to heal all our pain and the Astral Realm. It's time we acknowledged how infinite and powerful our Great Mother is. She can handle it. TRANSFORMERS: "The Moon" There is a massive Astral/4th Dimension gate open as we continue on the trajectory into the Full Moon in Pisces. Talk about the thinning of the Veil! Be on guard/watch for what comes out of the shadows. There are many different types of "Dark" energy. In one instance, there are what I call the minions. They have no conscious engagement with an individual soul; they simply follow orders (e.g. entities or AI programs). They tend to be easy to clear. In another instance, you have those who are consciously engaged; I call them the controllers. They are the ones the minions follow. They are also the ones you gotta fight. Third, you have the shadow aspects which have a contract with your soul to help with your development. They don't go away; they just return to Neutral. This is a connection of Divine Love. It's the controllers you will have to really have to deal with! At this point you should have had, or about to have, your next higher level integration. Operate from that level and take up more space as that aspect in the lower realities.