Weekly Forecast 1.22.19

Blessings Soul Family!

Happy Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo! I hope you had a wonderful week filled with joy and pleasure. I had a blast with some dear friends for a joint Aquarius birthday celebration on the night of the eclipse. We dressed up as characters from the board game CLUE: MASTER DETECTIVE (a special edition version from years ago!). I went as Miss Scarlet. You can see pictures of my look on my Instagram page HERE.

Starting in February I’m starting a new talk show called “Divine Masculine Rising” on Instagram Live where I’ll be interviewing incredible men of faith, purpose, and love who are open to sharing their healing journey. We’ll have at least 2 (two) IG Live talks with one man over the course of each month. These will always be scheduled on a Friday at 10am PST.

Our first interview is with my dear friend Jamar Rogers on Friday, February 1st at 10am PST. He was born to a single mother in New Orleans, who later re-married and moved to California. His mom and step-father were very active in church, where Jamar developed his love of music. He sang throughout school but began to have emotional problems during his teenaged years which spiraled into a drug induced haze (his main demon being crystal meth), bouncing around the country, and eventually becoming infected with HIV.

He moved to New York, where he signed a development deal with Phil Ramone. Feeling like he needed to live for something greater than himself, Jamar volunteered with a variety of churches and charities, with a focus on the HIV/AIDS community. One month after being dropped from his development deal with Phil Ramone, he auditioned for the second season of The Voice and told millions around the world his story.

After being a semi-finalist on The Voice, he appeared on The Ellen Show, and was also seen on a host of TV shows and media outlets such as E! Entertainment News, The Today Show, Rolling Stone Online, USA Today, US Weekly, People Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter, The Huffington Post, CNN, HLN’s Showbiz Tonight, Billboard, POZ Magazine, MTV News, Popcrush, Sway In The Morning, BET, The Root Top 100, Saturday Night Live and many more social projects such as the World AIDS Conference and The Clinton Global Initiative.

I’m so excited and privileged to spend this precious time with this heart-centered King. Mark your calendars and watch the live interview on Friday, February 1st at 10am PST on Instagram @innersunalchemy HERE!

Of course the new Inner Sun Alchemy newsletter wouldn’t be complete without this week’s forecast. The spiritual guidance provided is divided into the following 4 sections:

  1. Spiritual Guidance from the Buddhism Reading Cards by Sofan Chan

  2. Astrology Forecast

  3. Lightworker Forecast

  4. Divine Support - an invitation to connect with a saint or mystic of the past for added guidance

Also, with the month almost over, now is the time to go back and review the January Tarot Forecast videos HERE. Please like the videos, comment, and share with friends and family!

Tomorrow morning (and every Tuesday morning) at 10am PST will be the live-streamed Oracle Talks show on the Inner Sun Alchemy YouTube channel. I’ll begin with a channelled message followed by open Q&A for the viewers. Did you miss last week’s episode? Subscribe HERE to stay connected, watch previous episodes, and be notified when I go live!

I hope that you enjoy this new format and that it truly blesses your life by grounding you in spiritual principles that help you to experience the universe from a place of peace, love, neutrality, and empowerment. If there are additional things you’d like to see added such as affirmations, journal prompts, etc, then please let me know by replying to this email. This is a living, breathing, sacred space of devotion to the Reality of Existence and your true divine nature.

My Love,


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Spiritual Guidance:

“As human beings, we all want to experience more happiness and enjoyment in life. We have learned that the more pleasurable and joyful feelings we experience, the better. It therefore seems normal to want to avoid pain and struggle at all cost. And whenever difficulties do arise, it is common to feel something is wrong with us and try to cover it up as soon as possible. Buddha realized, however, that pain and suffering are simply transitory experiences - and none of these need be a permanent state of being. Once we understand that we experience suffering, we are not the suffering itself, we can expand our awareness into understanding the qualities and virtues within our sufferings and difficulties - and use this understanding to achieve peace and happiness.” - #1 Suffering/The First Noble Truth, Buddhism Reading Cards by Sofan Chan

Astrology forecast for the week of January 22, 2019:

▪Tues, Jan 22nd - Venus conjunct Jupiter in Sagittarius
▪Wed, Jan 23rd - Mercury in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries and sextile Chiron in Pisces, Mercury moves into Aquarius
▪Fri, Jan 25th - Mars trine Jupiter
▪Sun, Jan 27th - WANING HALF MOON in Scorpio at 1:10pm PST

Your sense of normalcy, energy, and motivation should feel like it comes back online, closer to the way you are used to them being. Venus gets a boost from lucky and healing Jupiter, Mercury receives inspiration and insight from its elder Uranus before moving in the sign of crystalline consciousness, and Mars is guided with much needed wisdom from the great Warrior aspect of Jupiter. All of these moments of interactions provide a glimpse of what the new you looks and feels like. Take yourself for a spin! The waning half moon (3rd quarter square) in Scorpio is absolutely perfect for doing any deep healing or clearing/cord-cutting work, especially as it related to sexual trauma, abuses of power, or ancestral patterns. Are there situations or connections which still linger from the Venus transit thru Scorpio over the last few months? The corridor of the 7 days leading into the new moon are always a powerful aide in helping you release and free yourself into a higher vibrational/timeline choice. Leverage the universal flow to your benefit!

Guidance for LIGHTWORKERS for the week of January 22, 2019:

WAYSHOWERS: Many of you are seated/crowned in your new positions of dominion now that the full transfer of power has been completed with the full moon total lunar eclipse. Your beliefs creates new akasha timelimes and contracts to experience as sons and daughter of the Mother God principle. Continue choosing that which is the greatest, most fulfilling experience because that's what will be created in this new mini-incarnational cycle. There are no hindrances--at each choice point, regardless of context, you have a myriad of options...choose the highest, always. Old fears may creep in at first, but take a breath, step back, and take a leap of faith. And if it's too much of a struggle because it's so far away from who you've been, then simply wait. Move when you're ready.

HEALERS: For those who have been working with the Christ/Crystalline HUman DNA templates, union, integration, and activation has occurred. The exponential affect of the 12D templates being activation for a fuller embodiment of the Light is tipping the scales for cosmic Karmic realignment. You are now in an active Creator State where you can support the dropping off of old akashic timeline sheaths for those having a Death/Rebirth transformation or even the further clearing of larger, lower polarity collective timelines. The connection to the Godhead Trinity is to be the guiding force in all dealings.

WARRIORS: The soul rebirth/core star awakening comes online even in the midst of deep level warfare. The reclamation of soul sovereignty could never be stopped as its our Divine Right. The Mother God principle works with the Ancients to craft new soul bodies--magnetics, harmonics, etc--to ensure a stable incubation. The roles of some of the older warriors (whose souls have been around for millenia, whether on Earth or as part of other Star Races) may see their roles shift from one of fighting to one of "householder". The trauma from war has taken its toll and the soul as well as Mother are clearing debts to move to a new expression. If you are called to the mountaintop for peace and retreat or to a life of human simplicity, then go. You've earned it. Let the seekers come to you and share with them the wonders of the universe.

Divine Support:

Saint Joseph, Patron Saint of Fathers & the Divine Masculine