Weekly Forecast 1.29.19

Blessings Soul Family!

We’re finishing our 1st month of 2019! How was it for you? It was a little all over the place for me but that’s to be expected when there’s been so much happening with the eclipses and the energetic changes from all the collective upgrades. Know that we are all in this together and we will thrive, one step at a time.

Enjoy this week's forecast messages below!

Spiritual Guidance:

“Awareness is the amazing knowingness that comes from the intelligence of the mind, the opening of the heart and the different sensations within the body. These three major dimensions are simultaneously aware of the different layers of truth and, when in balance, can create great contentment and wellbeing in the body, mind and spirit.” - #14 Awareness/The Second Realization, Buddhism Reading Cards by Sofan Chan

Astrology forecast:

▪ Tues, Jan 29th - Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius
▪ Thurs, Jan 31st - Saturn in Capricorn sextile Mercury
▪ Fri, Feb 1st - Mars in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn
▪ Sat, Feb 2nd - Venus in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries & square Chiron in Pisces
▪ Sun, Feb 3rd - Mercury sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus moves into Capricorn

▪ Mon, Feb 4th - NEW MOON in Aquarius at 1:03pm PST

Our week kicks off with an always loved Sun-Mercury conjunction in forward-thinking, community-oriented, and carefree Aquarius. This can help us to gain clarity on what's ahead for us, what has opened up on the new path...and it's exciting! Saturn supports this transit by giving a big boost, showing us more of the details we've desperately been searching for. Then the first day of February sees Mars get an infusion from its “parent/leader/guide” Pluto who provides discipline and direction for our drive and ambition. Our physical body's energy should be strong in the days surrounding this transit too! Over the weekend a renewed hope for the future and commitment for our spiritual & personal is sparked by the Venus-Uranus trine and Mercury sextile Jupiter. The vision of tomorrow gets etched in the Now experience of our heart. The new moon in Aquarius is the final cap on a beautiful journey and transformation of all the personal planets in harmonious, healing aspects--Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. Ready to start feeling like yourself again? I think this week may do the trick!

Lightworker Guidance

WAYSHOWERS: It is time to start taking action on the collaboration ideas that have been coming through to you from Spirit. Working with other lightworkers in groups of 2 or 3 will amplify your power and your reach as well as speed up the process of manifestation in the physical realm. It’s time to think bigger and more long-term. Once you have the bigger vision in mind, then look at it practically for what would be the most appropriate first step or iteration. While changes happen instantaneously in the non-physical realms, we are still bound by time and space here in the 3rd dimension (although even now things sync up more quickly!). Know that you may cycle around to something 2 or 3 times as it catches momentum and traction. Remain vigilant against any subconscious fears and instead spend more time in meditation to support the rewiring of your subconscious mind.

HEALERS: Continuing under the guidance of the Mother God Principle, work with the new geometries to entrain and stabilize the new Divine Human Crystalline Templates. Work with the Arcturians in particular if that relationship exists to facilitate this as needed. Once the process is “complete” then the next stage of (re)developing the aura “body” will commence from the Haric level first….

WARRIORS: The Mother God Principle brings balance to your emotional and physical bodies in the continuation of your healing. Your new mental stability helps you to remain in a space of Divine Neutrality and foresight. You must still defend the altar of your soul as this potent restructuring will take time. You’ll also have to deal with the shifts in your external world that necessarily must adjust now that you’ve “changed”.

Divine Support:

Saint Mary MacKillop, Patron Saint of Teachers & Students