2019 Forecast and Weekly Forecast 1.1.19

Hello all!

2018 was the year of hearing (and hopefully answering) the Call. We caught a glimpse of the Light that was to lead us out of the darkness of the past and onto a new, untrodden path ahead. It was a time of trial by spiritual fire--a burning away of the crust, the safety net, to reveal what was truly underneath our picture perfect world. Some of it was pleasant to see. Some of it wasn't.

2018 was the year of the accounting. A time of seeing what is there, of truth-telling, of assessing the harvest, of determining what's working or not working, etc. It was a year of standing at the threshold of the closing of one generational/incarnational cycle and the opening of another, guided by Saturn's entry into Capricorn. With this deep karmic review, many relationships, personal habits/beliefs, and ancestral contracts have rushed forward to "test" our resolve. Were we really going to choose something new or were we going to repeat the past?

2018 was a Call to heal AND to embody  the courage to push out of what was comfortable (i.e familiar) or "normal" and to remember the true nature of the soul.

It was a Returning.

It was a Birthing.

Now we're here at the start of 2019, fully birthed whether we are ready to be or not, new "babies"--truly renewed souls--set to learn how to navigate the path before us.

2019 is the year when we learn to get our legs under us and make ourselves strong. There will still be healing to do; there is always healing to do. But, our individual mastery is a key focus this year as well as the healing of the Divine Masculine Principle. Uranus, Mars, and Venus kick off the year imprinting our collective consciousness with the principles represented by Aries and Scorpio. The empowered feminine principle, the "Wild Woman, of Venus in Scorpio in tandem with the childlike aspect of the masculine principle, the undisciplined warrior, of Mars in Aries are both graced with a blessing from Uranus (the Mind of God) to go on a journey of growth for the year. Both Venus and Mars will emerge in grounded and evolved aspects by year's end: Mars in Scorpio (the Warrior King) & Venus in Capricorn (the Matriarch).

The North Node in Cancer (the Divine Feminine Principle) will also keep our focus on our individual Soul Sovereignty, our emotional independence, resilience, and intelligence, as well as balancing our home and inner stability with our career ambitions.

The dance of these two principles in sacred marriage will show us what “integration” & “ascension” really look like in practical terms. Are you up for the challenge this year?

Jupiter’s square with Neptune will happen three times in 2019 which will give us the opportunity to harness our drive to move forward boldly into the future in a constructive way that is in alignment with our “why”.

Lightworkers are going to be faced with healing a lot of deep, past incarnational events including Ancient Earth experiences, familial karmic contracts, abuses of power, and more, whether within their own personal experiences or in working with others. The “purge” continues for lower dimensional energies, entities, attachments, cords, AI programs/inorganic tech, etc. The next wave of those who made their most recent vibratory “jump” will need support in coming into energetic mastery and aura clearing. We all will have to operate with much more agency and power while also leaning on the vast support available in the Divine Realms. Time to step it up!

2019 is going to be an exciting year that builds upon the foundation we laid in 2018. No need to reinvent the wheel—refine your processes & way of being instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water.

For Inner Sun Alchemy there are a few changes coming up for the new year:

1) The newsletter will now be sent out weekly and include the astrology and lightworker forecasts (see below for the first week of January!). The monthly tarot forecast videos for each zodiac sign and the Oracle Talks are now being live-streamed on YouTube. The Oracle Talks will happen weekly on Tuesdays at 10am PST. The NEW January 2019 videos are up now! Click HERE to watch them.

2) I am one of the featured Guest Experts for Melinda Alexander’s (@mumumansion ) 2019 Getting Free program. If you’re looking for a powerful community of women that support self care and balance both online and offline, I highly recommend checking it out. The last day to sign up is Jan 6th. Click HERE for full details.

3) I will be interviewed again on the Beyond The Ordinary show with John Burgos on February 6th. There will be a brand new package created exclusively for the BTO audience. More details are coming soon.

4) The 90-day Spiritual Life Coaching programs are now being offered to those who are being called to wake up to their individual purpose and spiritual abilities, as well as those who are entrepreneurs wanting to take their business to the next level. Click HERE for more details.

I’m looking forward to sharing yet another prosperous, healing, and empowering year with all of you. Please feel free to share these newsletters with your loved ones who you feel may benefit. We’re in this together. Onward and upward!

My love,


Astrology forecast for the week of January 1, 2019:

▪Tues, Jan 1st - Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn
▪Thurs, Jan 3rd - Mercury in Sagittarius squares Chiron in Pisces and trines Uranus retrograde in Aries
▪Fri, Jan 4th - Sun sextile Neptune in Pisces
▪Sat, Jan 5th - NEW MOON PARTIAL SOLAR ECLIPSE in Capricorn at 3:33am PST, Venus in Scorpio trine Chiron
▪Sun, Jan 6th - Uranus goes direct in Aries
▪Mon, Jan 7th - Venus moves into Sagittarius

Happy New Year! Can you believe we're at a fresh new start already? The planetary positions on Day 1 give a imprint of what what we'll be exploring in the coming year. Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn, Pluto, and Mars are all in their home signs (talk about power!); Venus is about to officially finish the long-term Scorpio journey we've all been clawing our way through since 2010; Uranus in Aries is helping us to continue breaking out of our shell; and Mercury keeps our eye on the prize in Sagittarius. It's an all an incredible way to make way for the Year of the Earth Pig in Chinese astrology. The focus on the Divine Masculine Principle also takes center stage on January 1st with the Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn (the Father or Elder) and Mars in Aries (the Son or Young Warrior). Where can you learn and grow, heal and thrive, as it relates to this Principle? What remains to be reconciled? Forgiven? Activated? Our considerations for the legacy we're building for our lives and our loved ones will drive many of our actions, but we will also develop the mastery of maintaining emotional independence and resilience (the Divine Feminine Principle) so as to not slip into martyrdom or savior dynamics. Ours is a quest for the Holy Grail of our Heart. Once we do the work of balancing this Principle, then we'll get the chance to experience Oneness in a new way when the North Node shifts into Gemini in 2020. That Gemini transit will bring about the dance between the feminine and masculine within. Till then, think of this time as a Rite of Passage--a necessity for the development of a healthy masculine principle. Honor, Integrity, and Right Action are your heralds!

Lightworker Forecast for the week of January 1, 2019:

WAYSHOWERS: "The Star" The new templates of the High Heart crystallize and are activated at the start of the week. The new spiritual empowerment and abilities for this upcoming leg of the journey come online as well to give the experience of deep centeredness. The old cycle gets eclipsed out by weekend with the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse. A "clean slate" awaits! The next door opens, the new legacy/contract is ready to be enacted, and it's time to move on. Don't look back. Let that timeline (or Ancient ones) die out. Those wars continue because we keep reliving them on some level. Get off the merry-go-round, release the addiction to (the feeding off of) the trauma, and let yourself be free (healed). With God All Things Are Possible. Amplify the Presence of God within to help you with this if you're having difficulty letting (which can also look like getting "revenge", not wanting to face our karma, not wanting to accept our Shadow nature, etc). Divine Neutrality in all things.

HEALERS: "The Hermit" Nourish your bodies with good food, get back on track with any physical exercise routines if you got off track during the holidays, get 9 hours of sleep each night if possible--do all you can to make a solid home for the soul "rebirth" experience happening now. The Mother Goddess' energy will give you another boost to your "healing waters"/inner reserves. Respect the cycle of the natural world as your body does. You won't miss anything, don't worry. All things in their timing. This is also an important time to accomplish the specific goals your Higher Self and your Spirit Team give to you each day. Work hard and build good karma (patterns) that will set the momentum for success. You can take a step back from being in control of everything and trust that what is to be done will get done in perfect timing (i.e. lean on your team more--no need to carry unnecessary burden). Lighten up!

TRANSFORMERS: "The Hanged Man" At this point it will be revealed what you must release or break ties with as it relates to your soul family/cluster or past timeline experiences. Time to cut the cord, rescind the contract, ascend higher. Use the days leading into the New Moon Solar Eclipse to do any "unbinding" work. Once completed you will successfully move on to your next higher expression. It's important to recognize when you are comfortable with your story and how that can hinder you from moving on. Don't be so set in your ways. What Spirit is really asking for you to focus on is the present moment especially establishing boundaries in your behavior/discipline, interaction with others, and management of life. Your humanity is always the most important thing (if it didn't matter, you wouldn't be here)...and your ability to make this "human" thing work is a reflection of your spiritual maturity.