Weekly Forecast 1.8.19

Blessings Soul Family!

Welcome to the first edition of the new Inner Sun Alchemy weekly blog/newsletter. The insight provided in this newsletter will be divided into 4 sections:

  1. Spiritual Guidance from the Buddhism Reading Cards by Sofan Chan

  2. Astrology Forecast

  3. Lightworker Forecast

  4. Divine Support - an invitation to connect with a saint or mystic of the past for added guidance

I hope that you enjoy this new format and that it truly blesses your life by grounding you in spiritual principles that help you to experience the universe from a place of peace, love, neutrality, and empowerment. If there are additional things you’d like to see added such as affirmations, journal prompts, etc, then please let me know by sending an email to info@innersunalchemy.com. This is a living, breathing, sacred space of devotion to the Reality of Existence and your true divine nature.

My Love,


Spiritual Guidance for the week of January 8, 2019:

“The path to enlightenment is an endless process. You have to practice diligently and with discipline. Eventually, you will become the path itself, and fewer struggles and sufferings will come your way….Awakening is not something to attain in the distant future but a way of living in the now; it is experienced moment by moment on the path.” - #4 The Path, Buddhism Reading Cards by Sofan Chan

Astrology forecast for the week of January 8, 2019:

▪Tues, Jan 8th - Mercury in Capricorn square Mars in Aries
▪Fri, Jan 11th - Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn
▪Sun, Jan 13th - WAXING HALF MOON in Aries at 10:45pm PST, Mercury conjunct Saturn, Jupiter in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces
▪Mon, Jan 14th - Mercury sextile Neptune

We start the week with Mercury tempering the drive of Mars a bit in order to give us a chance to check in with where we may be over-zealous in our push forward. We're still in Winter in the northern hemisphere so the pull of our greater vision is having to "battle" our natural need for stillness and listening to the Divine. By the end of the week though we tap into our power once again similar to when the Sun conjunct Saturn transit happened on New Year's Day. Watch out for potential arguments however! This transit plus Mars in Aries, Jupiter & Venus in Sagittarius, and the Waxing Half Moon in Aries presents A LOT of fire, particularly in relationships! We may be quick to fly off the handle, get more frustrated than normal, be more irritated than usual, etc. Shift that energy to something creative or get some exercise in! On Monday things calm down considerably and would be a great day to review how far you've come over the last 6 months and what areas of your life are closing out with the upcoming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Lightworker forecast for the week of January 8, 2019:

WAYSHOWERS: The Angelic Guardians/Paladins have some work to do--on themselves first, then later on a wider scale. If the trauma brought up last week was faced (and healed) sufficiently, then be prepared for the universe to show you where the "Devil" lies within, either as it relates to the origins of an aspect of your soul and/or what an aspect of your soul has done. This is more than just dealing with our Shadow nature (i.e. our internal fears); it is a facing of our relationship to power and the potential abuse of it that has occurred. You will have to go on the journey of "redeeming" that aspect so that you can be more healed/whole for the work ahead. Make no mistake about it, this is a fight for your soul. The universe will continue to keep your external world more calm during this process so that you can continue to "ascend" that soul aspect. No one gets left behind.

HEALERS: The focus this week is to balance the inner polarities of the "light" and the "dark". You have the strength to go on this journey of uncovering more information about your role in the great battles of Ancient Earth. Maintain Divine Neutrality in all things as Spirit unveils more events. The purpose is to bring you to a place where you can see the full spectrum of experience without being pulled one way or the other. Emotional maturity is key, i.e. not personally judging or identifying with a circumstance outside of you. Also, not holding onto your longheld beliefs or judging something as right or wrong is vital. Knowing when to fight and when to lay down the sword is a testament of Divine Wisdom. While the old shifts and dies away, the new must continually be created and held in the mind; we can no longer assign power outside of ourselves and feign victimhood. Follow the dharmic path.

WARRIORS: The revelation of a core wound and/or longstanding battle continues to be the focus at the start of the week. Many warriors are also wayshowers/paladins so the message about having to face the "Devil" comes up for you as well. This many be related to one of your soul's dimensional aspects that was "modified" or engineered for war. The more you allow clarity to come about what the true roots are, no matter how hard they are to face, the healing can occur on a deep level. The Arcturians in particular may be available to help as it relates to removing tech, but regardless you have a vast team available to support you in your return to soul sovereignty. You will need to shift focus to DNA & repairing various templates (Cosmic "Christ") once the aura/emotional clearing is complete.

Divine Support

St. Martha, sister of Lazarus, Patron Saint of Divine Service & Dominion