Weekly Forecast 2.5.19

Spiritual Guidance

“When you are discipline, you come to know that you have the inner strength to persist with something until the journey ends…. This high level of commitment, fueled by determination and patience, is rewarded by the fruitful outcome at the end - and self-trust and courage are established. In this way, the practice of discipline upon the path can be more rewarding than even achieving the goal itself as you become the master of your own mind and embark on the journey to enlightenment.” - #16 Discipline/the 4th Realization, Buddhism Reading Cards by Sofan Chan

Astrology forecast for the week of February 5, 2019:

▪ Thurs, Feb 7th - Sun in Aquarius sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mercury in Aquarius sextlie Mars in Aries

▪ Sat, Feb 9th - Mercury sextile Uranus in Aries
▪ Sun, Feb 10th - Mercury moves into Pisces

This week offers us two magical days of healing AND rapid personal/spiritual development with the Chinese New Year on Tuesday and the Sun sextile Jupiter on Thursday. Sun-Jupiter days (sextiles & trines) in particular are some of the most auspicious days which we can use to specifically plant seeds for or launch new endeavors. The dance of Mercury with the active Divine Masculine principle being magnified by Mars and Uranus means that we may be inundated with all the dreams, visions, goals, solutions, innovations, and liberations that the Universe is downloading to us at lightspeed? Do you understand now the importance of clearing and releasing, quiet time and stillness, for cultivating receptivity of what God has in store for your life?

Guidance for LIGHTWORKERS for the week of February 5, 2019:

WAYSHOWERS: The inspiration for new ideas of work, offerings, service to humanity and your soul groups continue to flood your mind. There is a portal open to the new collective HUman mind and the availability to create new traditions, new rituals, new teachings. Write it all down! Of course you won’t be able to take action on everything right now but you WILL eventually make use of the downloads at a later date. It is all treasure. Your job this week is to keep saying ‘Yes’, keep being childlike and absorb the new like osmosis, keep listening.

HEALERS: The instability and the shifting of ground that you see occurring is a direct correlation to the massive release of the old energy that is still being facilitated by the Divine. There is also a marked readjustment of timelines from the past that saw the establishment of the papacy. Help the other lightworkers who have ancient “knight”/angelic warrior incarnations to leave the ‘old war’ and to prepare/adjust for the current necessary clean up. This is a healing for the Divine Masculine aspect within all, specifically.

WARRIORS: The waves of ancestral contracts being released continues this week, whether on a personal ancestral level or an Ancient Earth level. The last millennia--or longer--is ripe for being cleared out so be on guard. Continue to support that work within yourself and the collective. Structure and discipline help to catch the speed of spiritual messages and development that come thru.

Divine Support

Dion Fortune, female novelist, author, psychologist, British occultist, and founder of the Servants Of The Light mystery school