End of February forecast 2.19.19

Spiritual Guidance

“Dharma, or divine wisdom, is a heart and mind system of learning. With your heart open, you can be aware of the universal truths amidst your struggle and suffering. It gives you the power to turn experiences around, knowing that there is a purpose to your life that is gently unfolding.” - #17 Dharma/The 5th Realization, Buddhism Reading Cards by Sofan Chan

Astrology forecast for the week of February 19, 2019

▪ Tues, Feb 19th - FULL MOON in Virgo at 7:53am PST, Mercury in Pisces sextile Saturn in Capricorn

▪ Fri, Feb 22nd - Mercury square Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

▪ Sat, Feb 23rd - Mercury sextile Pluto

Our week kicks off with hardworking and focused Virgo energy to help us get sh*t done! This moon is the harbinger of the coming Spring Equinox--just a month away! You can probably sense that the beginning of 6 months of high activity, work, and creativity is coming and you're ready to make a clear, stable path for it. This is a great week to implement new self care regimens and daily routines that keep you operating at your best level. You will be given help or insight in how to practically make some of your inspired visions a reality. Friday is an important to spend time with your ancestors. Pray for their liberation, their healing, their ascension. Pray for and work for the release of ancestral contracts that need to stop playing out in your life. Connect with your indigenous gods and goddesses to help you in this endeavor. Commune with them. Pisces time is both liberating and destructive (in the service of liberation). It's healthy to expect some “tests” to arise. Drop into your heart and make decisions from there vs from your head and the ‘possibility’ space.

Guidance for LIGHTWORKERS for the week of February 19, 2019

WAYSHOWER:  At the beginning of the week the Mother God/Goddess energy shows up strongly to usher a time of massive transmutation to make way for the Spring Equinox corridor. Give back to Her anything that you're ready to let go of. The upcoming month helps to drop off much of the heavy, past incarnational, ancestral “stuff” that's presented and which has been lingering in our minds and auras. This drop off of lower energy will bring a sense of greater balance and serenity within. Lean into it consciously! Also, call in support for your heart and high heart chakras so that you can experience this with more ease.

HEALER: It's important to go to work this week in establishing a new vision for the future and to do so more publicly. You speak to both the New Lights/Souls coming in as well as the Ancients who've been here for a while. It's time to move into more Wayshowership which may not feel as comfortable if you've been used to the hermit life. Stand on what you know instead of trying to be everything for everyone; and if for some reason you're not clear on that, then work with your teams for greater clarity this week. It will come. It's falls to you more than the other to establish new systems which provide grounded touchstones for orientating in the new Light….

WARRIOR: Some nice integration processing is happening for you this week as well an adjustment of your conscious mind to your new stability and power. There's actually not much of anything you need to “do” this week except revel in the peace of your integrated polarities and let the Divine handle things. It might be a good time to contemplate how comfortable you are with shifting from Warrior into King/Queen operation…. Ready to hang up your sword yet and build a kingdom? Or heal others? Or teach?

Divine Support

Saint Teresa, Patron Saint of Spiritual Awakening