March Astrology Forecast

Below you’ll find a list of all the transits along with interpretations of aspects affecting us most of all, the key Moon dates, and little “jewels” for each of the signs. I invite you to use this information to help you plan the month ahead. The best complement to this information will be the spiritual guidance channelled in my monthly Tarot forecast videos on the Inner Sun Alchemy YouTube channel. The March videos are up now. Click on each sign below or head to YouTube HERE to watch!



To get the most out of this astrology forecast, I recommend that you have your personal natal chart handy so you can discover which houses will be affected throughout the month. [If you don’t have one already, then head over to to create one. I recommend this website to all my clients because it's so user-friendly, informative, and FREE!]

Don’t have time to go transit-by-transit? Then simply interpret the messages in this monthly forecast from the perspective of your Rising Sign/Ascendant; it will give a pretty good approximation of what’s ahead for you. [I’ll explain in the upcoming Higher Learning newsletters my thoughts on the significance of the Rising Sign/Ascendant especially as it relates to predictions.]


New Moon: Pisces on March 6th. A new cycle of manifestation begins that is represented by the Moon card in tarot—the final stage of the “dark night of the soul”. You know what comes next? Keep reading…..

1st Quarter Square Moon: Gemini on March 14th. The beginning of a 14 day process of development; reaching, stretching, clawing your way out of the depths.

Full Moon: Libra on March 20th. The return on investment. This powerful moon is represented by the Sun card in tarot—the rebirth out of the dark, revealing the true divine nature within. You new path is being revealed!

3rd Quarter Square Moon: Capricorn on March 27th. The beginning of the 7 day period that’s most powerful for energy clearing work--cord cutting, ancestral healing, entity removal, etc. Come down a bit from the “high” and settle into your purpose.


March 1 - Venus in Capricorn (29°) square Uranus in Aries (29°). Venus moves into Aquarius and sextile Chiron in Aries (0°).

March 5 - Mercury goes retrograde in Pisces (29°).

March 6 - NEW MOON in Pisces (15°) at 8:04am PT. Uranus moves into Taurus. Sun in Pisces (15°) conjunct Neptune (16°)

March 8 - Sun in Pisces (17°) sextile Saturn in Capricorn (18°).

March 10 - Mars in Taurus  (15°) sextile Neptune in Pisces (16°).

March 13 - Sun in Pisces (22°) sextile Pluto in Capricorn (22°). Sun square Jupiter in Sagittarius  (23°).

March 14 - FIRST QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Gemini (23°) at 3:27am PT. Mars in Taurus (18°) trine Saturn in Capricorn (18°). Sun in Pisces (23°) conjunct Mercury retrograde (25°).

March 15 - Mercury retrograde in Pisces (24°) square Jupiter in Sagittarius  (23°).

March 16 - Mercury retrograde in Pisces (23°) sextile Pluto in Capricorn (22°).

March 17 - Mercury retrograde in Pisces (22°) sextile Mars in Taurus (20°).

March 20 - SPRING EQUINOX. Mars in Taurus (22°) trine Pluto in Capricorn (22°). Mercury retrograde in Pisces (19°) sextile Saturn in Capricorn (19°). Sun moves into Aries. FULL MOON in Libra (0°) at 6:43 pm PT.

March 22 - Sun in Aries (1°) conjunct Chiron.

March 24 - Mercury retrograde in Pisces (17°) conjunct Neptune.

March 26 -Venus moves into Pisces

March 27 - THIRD QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Capricorn (7°) at 9:10pm PT. Venus in Pisces (1°) sextile Uranus in Taurus (1°).

March 28 - Mercury goes direct in Pisces (16°).

March 30 - Mars moves into Gemini


1) Sun, Mercury, and Neptune all in Pisces -- Our perceptions of past, present and future merge into one at this time. We see ourselves as truly a drop within the cosmic ocean. In this place there is rest available and there is surrender asked. This month is quintessentially the Hanged Man card in the tarot. Nothing moves forward until we empty, until we allow the miracle of Divine Grace and Mercy to act on our behalf to show us what had been deposited in our spirits last autumn. Where in your life are you being “redeemed”? What does redemption mean anyway? I came across one definition that really spoke to me: redemption is “the action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt.” When you consciously choose throughout the month to let go, to feel the emotions, to stop fighting, to move’ll be surprised at how quickly the blessings are revealed that have been lying in waiting for you. There should be at least one place where you've been freed from something and yet not quite sure what's coming next--although you have deep trust about what's unfolding. Pisces also is the holding place for our dreams, inspiration, vision. Choose the highest thought, highest action, highest path at this time. Affirm all the hard work you’ve been putting in. Say YES. Give thanks in advance for what’s in store for you!

2) Uranus in Taurus -- For the past 7 years Uranus has been transiting Aries. Aries represents “I am” in our human psychological development. Uranus has been giving us the opportunity to take a look at ourselves and ask, “Who am I?” The influence of the heavy Scorpio energy for the majority of those years brought this question to bear in our patterns with others (family, friends, romantic) as well as with money. Now that there's clarity and hard adjustments, Uranus shifts to the archetype of Taurus. Taurus is “I need, I want” and represents our individual desires and self esteem. When the “I Am” within is clear, then what naturally emerges as an impulse or desire? Depth, comfort, quality, and stability are some of a few experiences we will find ourselves wanting to have. Now that a new foundation is in place, Uranus’ move into Taurus forces us to be in integrity here and helps us to build. Of course, we may have difficulty communicating that right now with the lack of planets in Air signs nevertheless, with rebirth comes a time of practice and strengthening. Drop into your heart, drop into your body: what do you want?

3) Mercury -- Mercury is doing A LOT this month. First, Mercury’s square with Jupiter is bringing our attention back to the time around their first square on Feb 22nd. Mercury rules our communication, skills, and thought processes while Jupiter rules our “higher mind”, our beliefs systems, and our healed inner Divine Masculine principle. Did you have a profound experience on Feb 22nd that was initiated by the square of these two that shifted your underlying beliefs into a completely new trajectory? What was going on in your life then? Second, Mercury conjuncts Neptune which highlights the first conjunction on Feb 18th--the Full Moon in Virgo (that moon was powerful, wasn’t it?) What do you see more clearly now that you were only just starting to get a glimpse of then? Third, Mercury is going retrograde during the first half of the Lenten season. Not only will this be a time of review over what has occurred over the last 6 months specifically but also an opportune time to commune with the Divine. When’s the last time you melted into God?

4) Spring Equinox -- This is probably everyone’s favorite time of year (in the northern hemisphere) because it signals the return of days dominated by the Sun. What does this mean for us? More courage, more power, more personal will, more direction, more fearlessness, more joy, more sex, and more energy is on the way! This equinox in particular is going to be a huge relief because the “holds” will be released and we’ll finally feel like things are flying forward again. Just remember your mastery from the past 3 months though…. Doing less (i.e. staying focused) will get your farther than getting excited and thinking you can do everything again. Whatever house this is occurs in for you will show where you’ll be getting a boost over the next 6 months. Make the most of it!

5) Saturn -- Starting on March 18th Saturn will hit 19 degrees and eventually come up to 20 degrees before going retrograde in April. From December 2018 and until now we have been traversing the middle ground of its 30 month journey through Capricorn. Where is that in your chart? Now is the time to do a quick review of what has occurred so that you are prepared for the “repeat” of circumstances that will arise to build your mastery once the retrograde hits. You should be stronger and clearer than a year ago! Imagine where you’ll be—WHO you’ll be—this time next year…. Remember that Saturn, just like Uranus, will keep an eye your actions. Do they line up with the integrity of your soul and your mission on this planet?

6) Jupiter in Sagittarius -- Sagittarius sits in direct line to the Galactic Center (the black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy). The Galactic Center represents to me the Mother God Principle which “destroys” (breaks down matter AND light and absorbs/transmutes it) and “births” (spews out high frequency rays and fundamental building blocks of the manifest universe). She is the Life/Death dynamic, She is Shiva/Adi Parashakti, She is Creator. Jupiter lights the way through this potent area of space which, for all intents and purposes, represents our journey to the depth and an opportunity for direct communion with the Divine. Any transit that involves Jupiter throughout its walk in Sagittarius has something for you. Don’t sleep on this. If you’ve been asking what your purpose is, pay attention. Jupiter is teaching you. Also, where is Sagittarius in your chart?

7) Venus - For the majority of the month, Venus will be in Aquarius. This is represented by the Star card in tarot which is all about healing, hope, visioning, and communication with Higher Realms. You will have a new beginning in whatever house Aquarius sits in for you and it’s going to be a glimpse of what your heart has always desired. Be open to the possibilities she opens for you. Don't worry about getting everything figured out right now—that’s not the purpose of this transit. Simply stay true to (soul) heart and choose the highest path in all ways.


ARIES: Rebirth, renewal, all systems go!

TAURUS: You’ve found your “why”…. now go!

GEMINI: Do what you do best: build community.

CANCER: You know everything you need to know to be in your position, stop questioning it.

LEO: Time to roar! You’ve got your mojo back.

VIRGO: Open your heart, it’s time to go deep with another you trust.

LIBRA: The work is done, let your natural abilities shine to attract what you desire.

SCORPIO: You’ve dreamed the dream, now it’s time to put in the work.

SAGITTARIUS: Stability has been hard won and now you’re ready to play.

CAPRICORN: Time to start rebuilding your new foundation from the heart/home up.

AQUARIUS: Your sense of self worth will make the way for you.

PISCES: Now that you’re clear about YOU, what do you really want?


Rising Sign - most accurate in predicting what you’ll come across in the month

Sun Sign - strategies you can use to deal with what lies ahead, also your perception

Moon Sign - how you’ll be feeling “behind the scenes”

North Node Sign - what your Soul is paying attention to in order to stay in alignment with purpose