Astrology 101 - The 4 Most Important Signs

When I work with I work with astrology clients for the first time, I guide them through a deeper soul understanding of 4 specific signs in order to shine a light on:

~ Who they are ~

~ Why they are “hardwired” the way they are ~

~ How they can more easily manifest in the physical world ~

~ Their soul purpose in this incarnation ~

The four signs I reference are…

  1. The Rising Sign

  2. The Sun Sign

  3. The Moon Sign

  4. The North Node Sign

The Rising Sign

The Rising Sign, or Ascendant", is able to be determined based on an individual’s time of birth. It shows which zodiac sign was on the horizon at the exact moment that someone entered the physical realm from the spirit realm. The Rising Sign also marks the beginning of the 1st House in the natal chart. The Houses represent the different areas of our life, such as health, relationships, family, career, money, and more. The moment of birth also reveals in which Houses all of the planets reside. Given that the orbits of the planets are fixed, we can use those cycles to determine when a planet is transiting a particular House in the natal chart. My recommendation for everyone when they’re reading or watching any forecasts from astrologers is to follow the interpretations based on the Rising Sign; this is because the interpretations will more accurately reference which Houses are being affected. Of course, for greater specificity, checking the degrees of the transiting planets and comparing them to your Houses or having an astrology interpret for your individual chart is ideal.

The Sun Sign

The Sun Sign shows your dominant personality and, more importantly, the primary strategies you use to deal with the transiting planets in your natal chart. You can have the same Rising Sign as another person but if your Sun Signs are different, your approach to handling any opportunities or obstacles will vary greatly. The Sun Sign is also unique to this current incarnation—it is the individual ego that has the human experience. The zodiac sign characteristics are also influenced by the House the Sun Sign is in as well. For example, you may be a Gemini Sun Sign but your Sun is in the 8th house; this would show 8th House tendencies (Scorpio-like) in addition to the Gemini qualities. The Sun Sign is the least effective for forecasting unless your Sun is in the 1st House.

The Moon Sign

The Moon Sign represents your deeper emotional love language—i.e. how you show up for others and how you perceive/receive love most deeply. Venus, Mars, and Mercury also give clues to other aspects of your love language complexity, but the Moon will show where and how to get our deeper needs met. The Moon Sign also reveals the easiest way for your soul to manifest its desire in the physical realm. I group manifestation styles in 2 categories: Masculine Manifestors & Feminine Manifestors. Masculine Manifestors are associated with Fire & Air Moon Signs. Feminine Manifestors are associated with Water & Earth Moon Signs. The primary difference between the two relates to where their “fuel source” is for creative inspiration, drive, ambition, and vision. The Masculine Manifestors are externally oriented: they must actively engage/collaborate with others and new life experiences to keep the momentum going on their goals. The Feminine Manifestors are internally oriented: they must spend time alone in communion with their own soul and Source, drawing upon their own experience, knowledge, etc, otherwise they’ll get pulled off track by the distracting energy of other people. Of course, we manifest on the full spectrum of possibilities, but when it comes to initiating and staying motivated with a dream, working more in alignment with the Moon Sign Manifestor type will speed things along.

The North Node Sign

The North Node Sign reveals the archetype, characteristics, and experiences your soul is seeking to have in this life, i.e. your soul’s purpose or intent. It’s not that you need to “become” that zodiac sign per se, rather that there are qualities that the sign represents which can bring about a more balanced expression of your true divine nature. The North Node Sign characteristics can be brought into every area of your life, not just career. For example, if have a Cancer North Node, then in order to be in alignment with your soul’s intention you would seek to infuse the Cancer qualities—intuition, going with the flow, softness, nurturing, healing, etc—in all you do. If you’re lucky enough to have your Sun Sign be the same as your North Node Sign, then this will be easy for you!

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