April Astrology Forecast

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Happy Astrological New Year/(post) Spring Equinox! Welcome to your April monthly astrology forecast. There is A LOT to cover so please… Take. Your. Time. Come back to this message often! I invite you to use this information to help you plan the month ahead. The best complement to this information will be the spiritual guidance channelled in my monthly tarot forecast videos on the Inner Sun Alchemy YouTube channel.

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If you want to get the most out of the information below, then grab your natal chart! My preferred website for free natal charts is www.Astro.CafeAstrology.com. I recommend this to all my clients because it's so user-friendly, informative, and thorough. Create your chart and see what houses will be affected by these transits as read through the information below.

Don’t have time to go transit-by-transit? Then simply interpret the messages from the perspective of your Rising Sign/Ascendant; it will give a pretty good approximation of what’s ahead for you. [Read the Higher Learning teachings HERE on the Rising Sign and more!]

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New Moon: Aries on April 5th. A new lunar cycle of manifestation begins. Both Mind (Sun) and Heart (Moon) are aligned giving a boost of energy & courage for inspired action.

1st Quarter Square Moon: Cancer on April 12th. The beginning of a 14 day process of development helping us to follow our soul’s guidance and to “go with the flow”.

Full Moon: Libra on April 20th. This is the 2nd full moon in Libra (the first one was last month at the Spring Equinox)!! Relationships continue to be a focus here and you may find that the resolution of whatever you’ve been dealing comes this time.

3rd Quarter Square Moon: Aquarius on April 26th. The beginning of the 7 day period that’s most powerful for energy clearing work--cord cutting, ancestral healing, entity removal, etc.


April 2 - Mercury (16°) conjunct Neptune (17°) in Pisces

April 3 - NEW MOON in Aries (15°) at 1:50am PT. Mars in Gemini (1°) sextile Chiron in Aries (1°)

April 7 - Mercury in Pisces (19°) sextile Saturn in Capricorn (20°)

April 9 - Venus (17°) conjunct Neptune (17°) in Pisces

April 10 - Sun in Aries (19°) square Saturn in Capricorn (20°). Jupiter goes retrograde in Sagittarius (24°). Mercury in Pisces (22°) sextile Pluto in Capricorn (23°).

April 11 - Mercury in Pisces (23°) square Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius  (24°).

April 12 - FIRST QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Cancer (22°) at 12:06pm PT. Venus in Pisces (19°) sextile Saturn in Capricorn (20°).

April 13 - Sun in Aries (22°) square Pluto in Capricorn (23°).

April 14 - Sun in Aries (23°) trine Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius (24°). Venus in Pisces (21°) sextile Pluto in Capricorn (23°).

April 15 - Venus in Pisces (23°) square Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius (24°).

April 16 - Mercury moves into Aries

April 19 - FULL MOON in Libra (29°) at 4:12am PT. Mercury conjunct Chiron in Aries (2°)

April 20 - Sun moves into Taurus. Venus moves into Aries.

April 22 - Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus (1°)

April 23 - Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries (2°)

April 24 - Pluto goes retrograde in Capricorn (23°)

April 26 - THIRD QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Aquarius (6°) at 3:18pm PT.

April 27 - Mars in Gemini (17°) square Neptune in Pisces (17°)

April 29 - Saturn goes retrograde in Capricorn (20°)

April 30 - Mercury in Aries (18°) sextile Mars in Gemini (19°)


1) Sun square Saturn & Pluto 10th thru 13th - These transits are revealing the growth from what was occurring around the Autumn Equinox last year to now. Specifically, the Sun squared Saturn on September 25th and then squared Pluto on October 11th. When we pay attention to the Solar Cycles, i.e. the equinoxes and solstices, then we get a chance to see the longer term patterns going on in our life. This can help us to be much more conscientious about the choices we make moving forward so that we don’t second guess opportunities that arise. (I refer to the Autumn Equinox as the beginning of the spiritual new year. This takes precedence over the Spring Equinox because Autumn is a more “yin” time, and as such, much more closer energetically to the Great Mystery of the Divine. Note: this is from the context of the Northern Hemisphere; the opposite interpretation would hold for the Southern Hemisphere, i.e. the March equinox being the beginning of the spiritual new year.) Those opportunities or any other developments that are popping up within this first month of the quinox are because of what was done (or not done) last autumn. It’s an important time to review and to capitalize on what may be growing exponentially. Don’t miss what God is bringing you. Please keep saying “Yes” to those people or situations which to line up with your long-term goals. You might be surprised how far you end up by the Autumn Equinox later this year!

2) Mercury conjunct Neptune on the 2nd & Venus conjunct Neptune on the 9th -- These transits are also pointing to where the progression has come from something new that started/developed back around mid-October 2018. It could be one area of life or multiple areas particularly around relationships and work-related opportunities because of the Venus retrograde in Scorpio that was happening at that time. The Mercury transit also brings our attention back to its 1st conjunction with Neptune on February 18th this year (this was also the full moon in Virgo); and its 2nd conjunction on March 24th (pulling back the watery veil to reveal more facts). Have things turned out the way you’d hoped regarding that situation? Does there still need to be clarity? Or is the Universe telling you to hold/be patient? This is time of discerning illusion vs reality. Neptune always show us what’s possible as it relates our greatest visions for ourselves. Mercury will force us to ask, “Does this make sense in light of my dreams?” and Venus joins in to ask, “Am I maintaining my standard or compromising?” (Remember, one of the opportunities Venus retrograde in Scorpio gave us last year was to practice clarifying the differences between “Yes”, “No”, and “Potential”. We get tripped up & slowed down with “Potential” and Venus challenged us to go for the clear “Yes”. Have you maintained that conviction or are you sliding back into old habits?) Mercury & Venus provide the chance to check in again so that we are clear about what we're choosing.

3) Mercury square Jupiter on the 11th - This is the 3rd and final pass of these square transits before Mercury moves on into Aries on the 16th. The first two dates were February 22nd & March 15th of this year. The work we’ve put into developing greater mental resilience over the past two months should be integrated at this point and the experience of “New Mind”--which is aligned with the Divine Mind--is the primary perspective. Once Venus joins the entry into Aries on the 20th then we should also feel that our heart, emotions, & self-esteem are lined up as well. No more (or at least significantly less) self-sabotage! Up until that point, keep pushing to face your underlying belief systems which continue to hold you back. You have the power to break free if you persevere!

4) Sun trine Jupiter on the 14th - Sun trine Jupiter transits are ALWAYS auspicious so be on the lookout for blessings in the surrounding days!

5) Sun conjunct Uranus - April 20th through 22nd will be powerful, energetic portal as it lines up with Easter and signals the Divine Marriage of the Divine Masculine (Sun & Uranus, the Warrior of Light) and Divine Feminine (Taurus zodiac sign & Venus--the ruler of Taurus--in Aries as the Warrior Woman) energies within. If you have specifically been focusing on evolving spiritually or energetically, then you may receive the blessings for your heartfelt endeavor. Lightworkers, this will be an important time for you, I’m sure. I’m curious to see what channelled messages come through for the upcoming monthly lightworker forecast.

6) South Node conjunct Saturn & Pluto - I recently shared an important message about this deeply, excavating transit on an Instagram video series. In particular we will be sitting with a conjunction between Saturn and the South Node through October! Watch the videos HERE to learn what this may look like for your individual journey.

7) Jupiter retrograde April 10 to August 11 (4 months) - This retrograde cycle will be going back over the “land” of our lives starting from January 12th (exactly a week after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn) up until April 10th. I once heard that Jupiter retrograde is like a time to discover buried treasure, i.e. to see where we might have missed an opportunity or to put a little more time & effort into our current goals. If we take a look at the entire first quarter of this year, then we will most likely see that we have drawn to us our soul family, new connections mixed with old connections in a myriad of contexts: work, creativity, healing, friendship, and of course love. The new(er) connections are with people who share similar resonance in perspective, soul evolution, and service to the world, while the old(er) connections are being held to a new light. We will be needing to become more comfortable with the cycles of change that are inherent in these relationships, knowing that change is natural & evitable, as the Divine refines our roles in our interactions and overall group dynamics. The shifting of alliances, the broadening of community, the dissolution of connections are all to be expected--and have most likely already been occurring. Over the course of these coming months we will be brought into a new equilibrium which will support greater external growth in 2020. The core theme remains--of the agreements in place or being negotiated, whether in existing relationships new ones, is it in alignment with both your soul purpose and contribution to society?

8) Pluto retrograde April 24 to October 2 (5 months) - This retrograde cycle will be going back over the “land” since the beginning of the year. As the outermost planet that we know of, Pluto has the longest orbit having travelled only 3 degrees in this first quarter of 2019. It’s important to take note that Pluto in is the final decan of Capricorn--the systems of power, control, governance, and contracts for the collective. A lot of the “lesson” experiences are done, the training wheels are off, and we are forced to look head on at what is front of us and to handle it with the mastery we’ve acquired. We may feel as if we’re “stuck” but the truth is we’re being given more time to look at what we’re creating at all levels: spirit, mind, emotions, and body. We must understand that it’s no longer something “out there” that is going to create everything for us; it’s up to us individually and collectively to fashion the New Earth. There is enough mental resilience and higher perception to see, objectively, the thoughts and beliefs that create reality. There is also enough mental clarity to see how quickly the physical manifestation can occur. While the work continues to removes the reins of control over humanity as a whole, the equally important work of creating mental fortitude, healthy ego, and the quality of Divine Neutrality in our consciousness in order to replace what has been hijacking us is critical. We have inherited the “kingdom” and now are in the liminal stage of assuming the “throne”. Fortunately, the completion of this “transfer” will occur once both Pluto AND Neptune finish transiting through their current zodiac signs in 2024/2025. Right now and for the years to come: Are you fashioning yourself to be a fair, just, and loving sovereign being that works peacefully with others?

9) Saturn retrograde April 29 to September 18 (4.5 months) - Just like Jupiter this retrograde cycle will cover the experiences and themes from mid-January till the end of April. We are in the mid-range of Saturn’s transit through Capricorn and won’t be ready for our “mastery” work until Saturn enters the last decan right at the end of this year. Is it just me or does it seem like these 3 retrogrades are a chance for a big “Do Over” from the universe? Ultimately, Saturn is helping us to come into greater awareness of our soul sovereignty and individual power. With the North Node in Cancer we will have to lean on our intuition and direct soul guidance about how to navigate these new opportunities that have been opening up. Respect must be given to your individual humanity first and then extended to others; and this requires looking at all your “light” and all your “dark” and loving yourself unconditionally anyway. I know that’s easier said than done however, this is the only way for a new path to be forged ahead that respects both the individual and the collective. The dance of the small things AND the large things require our attention always. No more relegating one to the back, never to be addressed. Of course, Saturn won’t make you do anything: you have the choice to liberate yourself. Or not. The journey into the depths of our true nature will show you what you fight for, what your “why” is. Is what you see within yourself worth the effort, worth a change, worth a leap of faith? Why or why not? Pay attention to where the bulk of your energy goes. Do you only see the bad in the world and not give equal credit to the good? Do you only look at the good in the world in order to not deal with the bad? Is this a reflection/projection of how you handle yourself?


Rising Sign - most accurate for predicting what will happen in the month

Sun Sign - strategies you can use to deal with what lies ahead

Moon Sign - how you’ll be feeling through it all

North Node Sign - the major things your Soul is focused on