March Lightworker Forecast

Blessings Soul Family!

Here is the March forecast for lightworkers. It is divided into 3 main “types”. I’ll describe more about the functions of each in a future blog post!

March Energy Wave: March 14th - 22nd

This message is channelled from Mother God through Jupiter/Saturn


We are getting an unprecedented conscious experience of our emergence from out of the depths. As more and more of Who We Are is revealed, the energetic rooting into the 5th dimensional crystal grid of Mother Earth can provide stability to the body and our collective humanity. No more of us flying off into the ethers, instead a sharing from us back to Her what we are--conscious participants in the fated timing of the change of seasons--what we’ve experienced, and what we’ve been carrying. Illusions are being cleared: false thoughts, false beliefs, false patterns. We are afforded this opportunity semi-annually. Keep choosing the higher path.

These types of energetic corridors are where Wayshowers shine because they naturally work (similar to their Divine Counterparts: the Transformers) at the threshold of the Known and Unknown. You are as the High Priestess card in the tarot, privy to the whispers of the Mysteries. You’ve already taken this journey many times and have mastery in it. Share that wisdom with others to help them make it through with as much ease and grace. Proclaim the higher perspective of what is occurring as a guiding light--like a lighthouse--to those deep in the turbulent waters of Pisces.

During the first half of the month you’ll be coming full circle on whatever opened up for you back in the February 11th - 14th energy corridor. Look back to see what you created, what you were initiated into, and what the results are of that shift. The days surrounding the Spring Equinox itself (March 19th - 21st) will feel absolutely amazing and will probably be one of the most creative as well as spiritually ecstatic time periods you’ll get to experience. Revel in the honeymoon of this Divine Marriage--take some time off if you can--because you’re going to be ready to get to work for the next 4-5 months. The deeper you go now, the higher you’ll land later (the greater the impact you’ll have as well). Armor on at the end of the’re entering into Warrior mode.


As I’m sure you’ve already been feeling, the Pisces season is dredging up all sorts of stuff to be cleared by the Divine Mother. It can be overwhelming at times if you forget what’s actually happening on a larger scale. Take heed that much of what may be showing up might not be yours. Be the neutral witness, feel what needs to be felt, let the waters flow (do not hold or stagnate!), and let Mother take what is being released.

This is a time of great energetic purification primarily on an individual soul level first; however, deep ancestral incarnational aspects have been/are stepping forward for healing, restoration, and the next stage of their ascension path. Rainbow serpent energy can be very protective and transformative now so if that is presenting, welcome it. The Blue Fire of Source energy may be used as well, usually facilitated by the serpent or 8D Blue dragon beings. Keep the waters flowing, catch each wave as it arises. The physical body might find it difficult to deal with the massive amounts of detox so be vigilant about hydration, whole foods, lots of sleep, etc. You know the drill...operate in your mastery. It’s not happening TO you; you have a lot more influence in the “what” and in the “how” this is all experienced.

In the first week of March stay on top of your protection practices as it’s marked by the dark moon days and you know how the darker entities like to show their ass around this time every month *sigh*. Archangel Michael can be especially helpful, Uriel may come through too; whoever or whatever that’s a part of your protocols, activate it. The New Moon/Mercury retrograde portal itself at the beginning of the second week offers a time of communion with the Cosmic Mother. Merge with this great Beingness and allow Her to replenish the well within. By the Spring Equinox you’ll arise refreshed, empowered, and energized and complete the month ready to get to work just like the Wayshowers. Warrior up!


Some of you may be aware now that your work/role as a “lightworker” is really that of a shadow worker or “blackworker”--one who works in Divine Service to the Underworld and/or the return to The Void. If this is the case, then the revelation would have come through during the Feb 11th - 14th corridor. Just as the Wayshowers you sit at the threshold of the Divine: you as The Moon card in Tarot; they transition the “stepping down” of Higher Realities into conscious awareness & engagement, you transition the “transmuting up” of the Denser Realities into the No-Thingness. Two sides of the same coin essential to the natural balance of the universe: the White Hole/Black Hole phenomenon. Anubis, Azrael, Osiris, or any other benefic Being who works in this context are there for you to commune with now. Take the time to learn and understand your role during this potent Pisces season.

There may also still need to be some deep heart healing, either from this life or another incarnation. Release your burdens to the Dark Mother and let yourself be free of the prison you’ve created for yourself.

It’s important to remember that the boundary between Pisces and Aries is the representation of the formless into the form, where Source is birthed into the material world. Saturn represents that which manages the material world/the “matrix”: time, space, karma, etc. While there is a lot of focus on dismantling life-denying aspects of the “matrix”, we must be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater and judge all of the “matrix” as bad, nor the Divine Consciousnesses that facilitate the structure for physicality to be experienced. You may really have to bump up against deep seeded beliefs systems around these ideas and elevate your consciousness around them. Divine Neutrality in all things.

For the first week of the month, contemplate the relationship between the proton and electron. What role does each play? How do they interact with other subatomic/quantum particles? How does this correlate to those who facilitate shadow work in service to the greater “light” work? Contemplate the function of each of the 12 Rays. Meditate on your nature, or at least an aspect of it. Fall in love with yourself. By the end of the second week whatever is fated (Wheel of Fortune) will be decided and set into stone for the upcoming spring season. Stay in integrity throughout all. From the Spring Equinox  and on you get to see that even if you are to work primarily with the Black Forces that it doesn’t exclude you from also being able to live a truly fulfilled human life. This realization can help you to see that you also have the capacity to operate as a “Sustainer” too. Don’t be surprised if some opportunity comes up, whether financial or otherwise!