April Lightworker Forecast

Blessings Soul Family!

Here is the April forecast for lightworkers. It is divided into 3 main “types”: way showers, healers, transformers/warriors.

April Timeline Jump Opportunity: April 16th - 23rd  (Keep working on making the “highest choice” daily leading up to and through this week to give you a boost in bigger impact down the road in your service to others.)

This message is channelled from the Galactic Mother (Galactic Center of our Milky Way Galaxy)


The emergence out of the depths continues as the conscious mind is reshaped to match the new templates that have come online at the soul level. This is an important integration process that is being carefully shepherded by the Divine to ensure a safe evolution of consciousness. With that being said, you are to create by checking in the highest trajectory path that your soul has for your individual human expression. That specific directive in your conscious & subconscious creations keep the energy “clear”, open, loving, and expansive. This time period provides both a rapid manifestation AND quiet recalibration. See how well you can navigate the apparent speed of the external world from the stillness of the Presence within. The processes that you are going through in your individual human experience is what will grant you the “keys of liberation” for those who you will be able to help later.

During the first half of the month that which was hidden from you or was unclear will be brought to light. This will help you to see things clearly and to more consciously create in integrity with the highest trajectory of your soul. In the second half of the month you will be well on your way to laying the practical foundation for your new role. As always, let the soul lead and you’ll be successful in all your endeavors in addition to managing your human life.

You may find that you are being to asked to open up to a bit more of a “Sustainer” role. Let that be okay if that’s the case. There’s been so much work to break through to the creation of the New Earth in the Higher Dimensions that the shift to supporting the manifestation of what that looks like in the physical is taking precedence--and that manifestation takes time! This could be disorienting if you’re used to being “on your own”, not tied to any person, place or thing, and not engaged in the “matrix”. However, if the soul says shift (to slowing down or setting up roots or creating family or increasing your financial stability, etc), then shift.


This month sees you reignited to make moves, take up space, and build! The creative spark or collaboration impulse could be presenting strongly for you and you will be asked to take the lead. The Universe is supporting your newfound spiritual power and neutral mindset. More likely than not, whatever is coming up will be an expansion of what you’re already doing as opposed to something completely new having to be taken on. This is for the purpose of serving the increasing number of people who are coming back into soul sovereignty. They are seeking their power back, they are seeking healing. Shine brighter so they know who to turn to.

The first week of the month is to be for setting aside time to get clear on what the new directives are from the soul about what the next steps are. From the New Moon through the Full Moon will be the time to strategize, plan, and put systems in place that will make the directive(s) a reality. By the end of the month, you’ll be well on your way to implementing the plans for manifestation of the soul’s vision.


Hopefully, you are becoming a bit more comfortable with juggling the role of light & black worker. If not, this month provides additional time to find your new flow. This evolution of your work (or perhaps, reclarification) is perfectly suited to your ability to see things as they are with Divine Neutrality. It’s not a role that many can do and requires a lot of responsibility and deep love for the Great Cycle of Life. Your work is still most important for guarding those souls in transition--whether coming into physical existence or leaving the physical plane, ascending from one stage of consciousness to another, or striving to be liberated from a stronghold.

During the first half of the month, the last of whatever internal or external battle you’re facing will be won and it will be time to move onto the next stage with a higher perspective. Just like the Healer group, you will need to work on strategizing and communicating with you spirit team regarding the next steps. You might want to take a bit of break around Easter when the next timeline jump occurs just to get some rest in--you’ve been doing a lot. But, by month end you should feel back in your power and ready to forge ahead with renewed vigor!