Sun conjunct Uranus in Taurus

We’ve completed a long journey of heart-opening and heart-centered assessment of choices over the last 6-8 months. The “transfer” of power and responsibility for what is created/experienced moving forward is in our hands now. We are to look to the practical matters at hand that will align our individual human experience with the deep spiritual, mental, and emotional expansion which has occurred. We are encouraged to practice—daily, hourly—to operate from the Soul consciousness, the Higher Self in deciding our affairs. This is a not a time of uprooting everything and starting over. No, this is a time of looking back at the what has been your “norm”, seeing objectively what worked or didn’t, and finding those places where a slight shift in behavior can elicit a drastic change down the road. What is ahead of us is unknown. I repeat: what is ahead of us is unknown. The human mind cannot comprehend. But the Soul—that which is intimately connected with the All That Is in unbroken consciousness—can guide each step masterfully. It has not lost the Way. Gone are the days of “figuring out” what the best road to take is. Now is the time of shifting your awareness from your mind/brain down into the heart/Soul and asking, “What would You have me do?” This is total surrender. This is submission to Spirit. This is deep trust. Do you believe that your Soul knows what it’s doing? Or do you think you know better? Can you take your hands off the wheel and say, “Your Will be done?” Can you make your Soul a priority? This sacred marriage of the divinity and wholeness of your humanity and the divinity and wholeness of your Soul has been the entire point. Can you trust your Beloved who loves you unconditionally and who knows exactly what you need, want, and desire and who is wholly equipped to provide that to you?

Yes, there are still things that are being cleared, cried out, grieved, released…however, the bulk of the shift now is moving forward. Over the last few weeks, you crossed a threshold, walked along a path a bit, came to the crossroads, and chose your path. You have chosen the karma you wish to live out for the next stage of this journey. What did you choose? What are you continuing to choose? This is the foundation for how well you’ll be able to create for the upcoming year when we get to Aries season again.

For the current Taurus season we must stay centered in our hearts—deeply connected to our Soul wisdom and council—but operate coolly and objectively in the “outside” world:

*Be clear and specific in speech

*Be direct in action as it relates to our Soul path, eliminating distractions

*Be fair in all dealings.

There is A LOT of spirit communication from your ancestors, spirit guides, guardian angels, etc now….expect that to be the norm moving forward. They are wanting very much to help you push out of your comfort zone to create new ways of being and living that reflect the New Earth. Let them support you! What you’re embarking upon has never happened before in the family lineage or even human history collectively.

Remember—your Soul knows the way.

My Love,