May Lightworker Forecast

Blessings Soul Family!

Welcome to the May Lightworker Forecast. Below you’ll find guidance for 3 primary groups of lightworkers: Wayshowers, Healers, and Transmuters.

I hope these messages bless your life. Please share!

My love,



This month will be showing you just how powerful of a creator you are; and, how spiritual clarity, or the lack thereof, affects that creative ability. What you bring into existence is influenced heavily by your thoughts, emotions, and energy body. Wherever there are distortions or blocks will show you where the dissonance is in your creations. While you do not have control over everything, there is much that you do have control over and more often than not, you're what's standing in your way. However, this is usually because some part of you is not wanting to align (or too traumatized) with your Soul. The focus on steady, consistent integration support of your humanity with your Higher Self and the higher/lower levels of Consciousness that you are is key. It takes time. It takes patience. It takes mastery. It takes energy. It takes focus. It takes slowing down. Can you create the space for it? Can you make this a priority?

The first half of the month provides you the opportunity to continue circling back to what makes you happy, i.e. that which is actually in alignment with your Soul's purpose. You may have to continue to adjust your commitments, associations, etc which may create a sense of loss, grieving, isolation, and more. But, keep your eye on the prize: you're stepping into something new. I know it's easier said than done, but again, remember that your spiritual and energetic coherence will make this transition happen much more quicker and at more ease than if you don't have all of you on-board. During the second half of the month you should be getting the hang of your Creator nature and see the payoffs in your physical reality--finances, home, health, etc--that mirror the flow you embody in the spirit.

Make no mistake: there is a lot of deep healing happening right now for you on a soul level. If you're going to be a true creator of a new Earth, the it's going to require a fundamental overhaul at the core!


This month will be requiring you to have a strong, unwavering mindset when faced with the multitude of decisions you'll need to make. Part of this is being keenly away of the current cycle or phase of growth/contraction you are in so that you can take appropriate action. What seems like a lot is really not. Multiple options are merely distractions; and, you'll have to remind yourself of that often. As you are charged with expanding and growing the new ground broken by the Wayshower group, you choose how best to proliferate the knowledge, the courses of action, the fairness and balance for all. It's no easy task of course but that's why your work is so important. Don't run from your responsibility to make a bold choice, but also don't rush into a decision if Spirit hasn't weighed in. This is always a co-creation.

In the first half of the month gives similar guidance as the Wayshowers: your intention and spirit/energy alignment is what is the driving force of what you create. (It's a very internally focused month apparently!) You know what a utopia looks like for you so focus on creating that. What if your wishes came true? What would that look like? The second half of the month you may find that you've finally crossed an inner threshold and you can now more clearly see what lies ahead. As such, your drive, ambition, and motivation should pick up considerably. Now that you know where you're going, you're unafraid to take the leap and push forward to the manifestation of the next stage of your work here on this earth. 


This month you are to defend the new being stabilized by the Sustainers and to help the Wayshowers if they're having trouble releasing the past, stuck energy, etc. Work with and through your physical body as needed for your own healing needs (with support of course, if necessary). 

The first half of the month is focused primarily as a support for others to keep this time of transition as steady as possible. Think of it as a training ground...more time to practice what you know, where you excel. The second half of the month will be time for you to decide what you're going to work on/invest in and with whom. It's time for you to start coming out of your comfort zone (yes, I said it), be seen more, and take a more prominent stance in your role on this. It's time.