Full Moon in Scorpio

A portal is open for new possibilities, opportunities, and overall movement forward where there may have been stuck energy the past few weeks. We've been shown recently how much our mindsets create our realities/experiences especially as it relates to subconscious patterning. If we've remained persistent and consistent with what works, then we'll find an easier time noticing and takinh advantage of golden opportunities that are "seeds" for future growth. "Slow and steady wins the race" is key right now and over the coming year. If the mind is not clear, if there are too many distractions, if there is not enough discipline, then we will miss the "little" things that will actually turn into "big" things later with proper care. Small actions taken consistently over time yield the greatest results. Are you seeing how the Long Game works now? Watch your emotions and/or attention. Does it loop back to the past still or is it more poised to say "What if" from a place of openness? If you've been doing the work of developing a Strong Mind, then you'll probably really enjoy what's coming ahead because you'll be able to see how the Divine is moving...and how expertly It responds to your consciousness. Do you understand how powerful of a magnet (homing beacon) you become when your mind has a single focus? Do you understand the power of simplicity? Of course, this doesn't mean you can't work on many things at once; what it does mean is that whatever you do choose to work on gets your undivided attention when you're engaged with it. It also means that when you want to shift behavior--and your life--your greatest tool is holding a steady mind. (Easier said than done, I know. But, that's why staying on top of your personal healing work is so important. Different things are going to get triggered the more you "level up". That's a sign of success, not failure.) This year is about the healing of our relationship to Divine Masculine energy: our ability to be self-disciplined, to strive for success, and to plan for the future...without losing Heart. We can see now that if we go forward slowly and methodically that we have greater success for maintaining that inner balance between head and heart, i.e. the Path of Peace where intuition (Heart/Soul Voice) tells us what steps to take and then where logic and discipline (Strong Mind/Action) carries out the task to completion. It's a beautiful dance. Go get what you asked for!

My Love,