May Astrology Forecast

Below you’ll find a list of all the transits along with interpretations of aspects affecting us most of all, the key Moon dates, and little “jewels” for each of the signs. I invite you to use this information to help you plan the month ahead. The best complement to this information will be the spiritual guidance channelled in my monthly Tarot forecast videos on the Inner Sun Alchemy YouTube channel. The May videos are up now. Click on each sign below or head to YouTube HERE to watch!



To get the most out of this astrology forecast, I recommend that you have your personal natal chart handy so you can discover which houses will be affected throughout the month. [If you don’t have one already, then head over to to create one. I recommend this website to all my clients because it's so user-friendly, informative, and FREE! Don’t have time to go transit-by-transit? Then simply interpret the messages in this monthly forecast from the perspective of your Rising Sign/Ascendant; it will give a pretty good approximation of what’s ahead for you. [Read the Higher Learning teachings HERE on the Rising Sign and more!]


New Moon: Taurus on May 4th. A new lunar cycle of manifestation which offers the fuel to take practical action.

1st Quarter Square Moon: Leo on May 11th. A time of increasing courage & motivation to take action.

Full Moon: Scorpio on May 18th. The beginning of seeing the fruits of your labor.

3rd Quarter Square Moon: Pisces on May 26th. A chance to surrender control on any remaining outcomes; trusting the Divine.


May 1 - Mercury in Aries (19°) square Saturn retrograde (20°) in Capricorn

May 2 - Mercury in Aries (21°) square Pluto retrograde (23°) in Capricorn & trine Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius (23°)

May 4 - NEW MOON in Taurus (14°) at 3:45pm PT. sextile Saturn in Capricorn (20°)

May 5 - Mars in Gemini (22°) oppose Jupiter retrograde (23°) in Sagittarius

May 6 - Mercury moves into Taurus.

May 7 - Venus in Aries (19°) square Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (20°).

May 8 - Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus (3°).

May 9 - Venus in Aries (22°) trine Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius (23°) and square Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (23°).

May 11 - FIRST QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Leo (21°) at 6:12pm PT. Sun in Taurus (20°) trine Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (20°).

May 13 - Sun in Taurus (21°) trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (23°).

May 14 - Venus in Aries (28°) sextile Mars in Gemini (28°).

May 15 - Venus moves into Taurus. Mars moves into Cancer.

May 16 - Mercury in Taurus (18°) trine Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (20°).

May 17 - Mercury in Taurus (20°) trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (23°).

May 18 - FULL MOON in Scorpio (27°) at 2:11pm PT. Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus (3°)

May 21 - Sun moves into Gemini. Mercury moves into Gemini. Sun conjunct Mercury.

May 22 - Mars in Cancer (3°) sextile Uranus in Taurus (4°).

May 23 - Mercury in Gemini (3°) sextile Chiron in Aries (3°). Mars in Cancer (4°) square Chiron.

May 26 - THIRD QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Pisces (4°) at 9:33am PT. Sun in Gemini (4°) sextile Chiron in Aries.

May 29 - Mercury in Gemini (16°) square Neptune in Pisces (18°).

May 30 - Venus in Taurus (17°) sextile Neptune in Pisces (18°). Mercury in Gemini (18°) oppose Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius (20°).

May 31 - Venus in Taurus (18°) trine Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (19°).


1) Mercury & Venus square then trine retrograde Saturn & Pluto in Capricorn - The dance of Mercury and Venus this month is very interesting to me. Both personal planets take us thru a rapid experience of uncomfortable growth followed by ease and flow with 2 of the most powerful planets all in the span of 30 days.

To say this is a month of personal transformation and getting on our path is an understatement.

The squares represent the first evidence of what the conjunctions ‘seeded’ for us. The conjunction of Mercury with Saturn occurred on January 13th and with Pluto on January 18th. This was a powerful time because it was a week leading into the Full Moon Eclipse in Leo. The conjunction of Venus with Saturn occurred on February 18th and with Pluto on February 22nd. This time period was pivotal because it was right when the Full Moon in Virgo hit. (I KNOW y’all remember that one!) Mercury rules our conscious thought patterns and ways of processing information; Venus rules love (romantic relationships) and money. Centered on the themes of Capricorn--power, agreements, karma, ambition, etc--Mercury has been wading deep into the subconscious waters to see what is actually hindering the next stage of evolution of our mindsets; Venus has been forcing us to see where we've been carried away by fantasy and needing to face practical considerations. Now that this process has finished for now, the new mind, new heart, and new relationship with money emerges like the first sprout of a seedling. This is a tricky time since you have to guard that seedling and make sure it has everything it needs to grow strong, otherwise it will very easily succumb to outside influences. In other words, keep working on shifting your thoughts, behaviors, relationships, and money more and more in the way you already know they should be--in alignment with your ultimate dreams for your life. We are literally crafting new karma for ourselves. What are you agreeing to? What are you tolerating? What are you using to fill up space/distract? These squares may be a hard wake up call if you haven't been paying attention to what Spirit has been asking you to address; for those who have, you'll find they give you a boost of confidence that takes you further. (I don't think any of us can do our best 100% of the time. But, I do think we can be doing our best most of the time and we choose not to, for various reasons…) After these “checkpoints” in the first half of the month comes the trines in the second half--supportive aspects which tend to gift us boons. Due to the earth energy of Taurus and Capricorn, these boons have the potential to have a lasting impact. Let them carry you further.

2) Mercury & Mars in Gemini opposing Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius - I think these oppositions are going to be some of the dangerous transits we experience this year because they're literally primed as showdowns between our ego (human self) and our Soul (divine I AM). I refer to them as dangerous since they have the potentisl to sabotage the massive healing and integration work with Spirit we’ve invested in the past 6 months by running back to comfort, instead of into the new. Mercury, as individual mind, and Mars, as self assertion and instinct, are going to reveal how submitted we are to our true divine nature, our integrated we really are with our Higher much we actually trust that our Soul knows what It's doing and that the perfect Way is already paved for us. It takes TIME to train a wild stallion--why would we think our minds and longterm behaviors wouldn't require the same amount of care and fierce discipline to adjust? Gemini, the apprentice, stands opposite Sagittarius, the sage. Who do you think will “win” ultimately? Be mindful about the choices you're making around these dates.

3) Venus in Aries trine Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius - This is an auspicious day that may bring a boost of creativity, an opportunity, a spark of love, or maybe even a little extra money!

4) Mercury & Venus conjunct Uranus in Taurus -- These personal planets continue to dominate the focus for the month with their first conjunction with Uranus in its new sign. While it won't be the last time they have a conjunction with Uranus (since it has a 7 year journey ahead), it is the first and as a consequence, significant. This will complete the initial glimpse into how Uranus will primarily be affecting us personally in the years to come. We already got the experience of the Sun conjunction in April. (What did that reveal to you?) Mercury and Venus will now show their own part of the puzzle. (Interestingly enough, we won't see the Mars conjunction for a while because it moved into Taurus well before Uranus did.) We can’t predict what will show up as this planet represents revolution & innovation. Simple observe what happens and take notes. You'll be referencing it for years to come!


ARIES: Get out of your head and into your body. It's time to take action on the “new you”. Work will take care of yourself but it's time for you to get your “house” in order.

TAURUS: It's not easy to have your world turned upside down but real transformation is uncomfortable. Push through--the Divine is talking.

GEMINI: Ride the wave of your expanding networks as long as you can but also check your longterm goals in light of the Divine. What's actually part of your soul purpose vs that which sounds like a good idea?

CANCER: You're in a powerful position so leverage it for your dreams and desires and make yourself known--this is not the time to be shy. Advocate more effectively for yourself in all agreements; avoidance weakens you.

LEO: Work smarter not harder. Learn new things so that you have more “tools in the toolbox” to foster creativity and innovation. This will help you stand out from the crowd the way you need to!

VIRGO: The tempering of romantic lust in favor of more meaningful connection continues. A change in beliefs is possible to allow more love in.

LIBRA: The commitment to partnership that aligns with your sense of home and security deepens (whether single or not). Maintain the resolve for the best experience and let the universe take care of the rest.

SCORPIO: Work still requires focus but priorities will shift to partnership soon enough. Set yourself up the way you need to in order to allow an evolution of that area to occur and get ready to communicate your feelings. (Yes, I know…)

SAGITTARIUS: The creative juices continue to glow for new ways to make money. Then the energy will shift to put some of those ideas in action and get to work.

CAPRICORN: Power dynamics continue to play out in your “inner circle”--family, BFFs, partners, etc--as you reassess & assert your needs and desires. Boredom is a thing...sometimes spontaneity can shift an impasse.

AQUARIUS: A reordering of how you think, how you manifest, your relationships, etc continue to shift. Things will settle down and it will be time to really think about what makes you happy and take action towards that goal.

PISCES: Money will continue to increase but be careful not to distract yourself. There will be a tendency to say yes to everything but view everything in light of your longterm goals.


Rising Sign - in general, the most accurate for predicting what will happen in the month but you’ll want to pay attention to where the planets are actually transiting the houses in your natal chart

Sun Sign - strategies you can use to deal with what lies ahead

Moon Sign - how you’ll be feeling through it all

North Node Sign - the major things your Soul is focused on