July Astrology Forecast

Below you’ll find a list of all the transits along with interpretations of aspects affecting us most of all, the key Moon dates, and little “jewels” for each of the signs. I invite you to use this information to help you plan the month ahead. The best complement to this information will be the spiritual guidance channelled in my monthly Tarot forecast videos on the Inner Sun Alchemy YouTube channel. The July videos are up now. Click HERE to watch.

To get the most out of this astrology forecast, I recommend that you have your personal natal chart handy so you can discover which houses will be affected throughout the month. [If you don’t have one already, then head over to Astro.CafeAstrology.com to create one. I recommend this website to all my clients because it's so user-friendly, informative, and FREE! Don’t have time to go transit-by-transit? Then simply interpret the messages in this monthly forecast from the perspective of your Rising Sign/Ascendant; it will give a pretty good approximation of what’s ahead for you. [Read the Higher Learning teachings HERE on the Rising Sign and more!]


New Moon: (Eclipse) Cancer on July 2nd.

1st Quarter Square Moon: Libra on July 9th.

Full Moon: (Eclipse) Capricorn on July 16th.

3rd Quarter Square Moon: Taurus on July 24th.

New Moon: Leo on July 31st.


July 1 - Mars moves into Leo.

July 2 - NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in Cancer (10°) at 9:55am PT.

July 3 - Venus moves into Cancer. 

July 7 - Mercury goes retrograde in Leo (4°)

July 8 - Venus in Cancer (5°) sextile Uranus in Taurus (6°). Chiron goes retrograde in Aries (5°). Mercury in Leo (4°) conjunct Mars. 

July 9 - FIRST QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Libra (16°) at 3:55am PT. Sun in Cancer (16°) oppose Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (17°).

July 10 - Sun in Cancer (17°) trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces (18°). 

July 11 - Mars in Leo (5°) square Uranus in Taurus (6°).

July 14 - Sun in Cancer (21°) oppose Pluto retrograde (21°) in Capricorn. 

July 16 - FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in Capricorn (24°) at 11:55am PT. Venus in Cancer (16°) oppose Saturn retrograde in Capricorn (16°).

July 18 - Venus in Cancer (17°) trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces (18°).

July 19 - Mercury retrograde back into Cancer.

July 21 - Venus in Cancer (21°) oppose Pluto retrograde in Capricorn (21°). Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde in Cancer (27°).

July 22 - Sun moves into Leo.

July 24 - THIRD QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Taurus (1°) at 6:18pm PT. Mercury retrograde conjunct Venus in Cancer (14°).

July 25 - Mars in Leo (14°) trine Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius  (14°).

July 27 - Venus moves into Leo.

July 29 - Sun in Leo (5°) square Uranus in Taurus (6°).

July 31 - NEW MOON in Leo (8°) at 8:12pm PT. Mercury goes direct in Cancer (24°).


1) New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer on July 2nd: This eclipse begins a new 6 month cycle of growth and development for all of us. The way in which it will affect us will depend on where in our chart--the house--that it occurs. With that being said, there is a core theme that needs to be leaned into as it relates to your specific area of life. Cancer and Capricorn have to do with our relationship to power: power of the individual/soul (Cancer) and the power in the external world (Capricorn). Because the North Node is in Cancer the Universe is supporting us in prioritizing the power of the soul, letting It lead the way in our actions and agreements. It’s a time of returning to soul sovereignty ultimately. We will have the opportunity over these next 6 months to walk in complete integrity with our soul. If it’s not an enthusiastic “yes”, then it’s a “no”. Full stop. Can you imagine what our lives will look like after consistently choosing our highest choice for 6 months? Can you imagine how grace-filled and miracle-flowing it can be? Listen deeply to the whisperings of your spirit each day. You will be guided along your most perfect path. Then watch the blessings compound.

2) Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn on July 16th: This eclipse marks the close of a 6 month cycle that began on January 5th (the New Moon Solar Eclipse in at 15 degrees Capricorn). Thank God that’s over, right?! Ha! This has been one of the more challenging eclipse cycles because the South Node of the moon has been here along with Saturn and Pluto which has been a drudging up all sorts of deep, deep family and ancestral ‘stuff’ along with our own individual hang-ups. Triggers, on triggers, on triggers. But now, we get a break and some much needed healing & restoration from the Divine….before we dive back in AGAIN on Christmas day when we have another New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn. I know, I know….but at least that next one will be the last one for a very long time and we should have an easier time navigating that time because the South Node won’t be with Saturn and Pluto (which are exacerbating the intensity). I encourage you to hold a little ceremony for yourself to honor how far you’ve come, what you’ve healed, and assess what you’ve learned. You might be surprised at how much more resilient you are and more “on solid ground” you feel now that all of that deeper excavation has finished.

3) Mercury retrograde July 7 - July 31: It’s that time again for Mercury retrograde, which means you’ll want to use these weeks to assess where you are and make adjustments--or even catch up if you’ve fallen behind on things. Because this retrograde is not happening in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), I don’t think it’s going to be too big of a deal however, if it’s happening in your 3rd, 7th, or 11th house then you may end up experiencing the ‘classic’ retrograde snafus: mixed-up communication, travel issues, computer/tech mishaps, etc. For everyone though, Leo represents our personality/ego so we may find that we have a pull to get back to our beautification practices, turning up the charm, and reaffirming our inner “badass”, in a healthy way.

4) Sun & Venus oppose Saturn & Pluto: These oppositions can be considered as “full moon” energies because it denotes the fullest expression of the situations you came across when the Sun & Venus were conjunct with Saturn & Pluto at the beginning of the year. The Sun conjunct Saturn transit occurred on January 1st at 10 degrees of Capricorn (exactly opposite where the Solar Eclipse is occurring); and was conjunct Pluto on January 11th at 20 degrees of Capricorn. The Venus conjunct Saturn transit occurred on February 18th at 16 degrees of Capricorn; and was conjunct Pluto on January 22nd at 22 degrees of Capricorn. What was happening in your life at that time? What was the Sun illuminating for you? What was Venus calling to around love and money? These first 2 months of the year were rough in many ways for people but particularly as it related to relationships and family trauma. Do you see yourself free now--or at least more free, more loving, more open than before? Do you find that you’ve been able to release yourself from whatever was holding you back, or that you’ve healed whatever has needed to be healed, or that you’re finally moving forward again after being stuck? Take the time to deconstruct your life around these dates, then and now. While the change hasn’t been easy, it has been necessary to put you on your path in a bigger, brighter way. As we move forward now the intensity around whatever was coming up for you will dissipate significantly. Use the fiery energy of summer to blast ahead with the unfolding spaciousness.

5) Mars in Leo & Venus in Cancer: Mars represents the Divine Masculine and Venus represents the Divine Feminine and as such, they play the roles of the divine lovers archetypes in the heavens. Paying attention to key transits between them can shed further light on where you are in your love journey, regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not. The two lovers are close to a conjunction which will occur on August 24th at 3 degrees of Virgo and begin a new love cycle. The cycle that is closing out now began with their conjunction on October 5, 2017 at 19 degrees of Virgo. Where did this current cycle begin in your chart? Will the new one that starts in August be in the same house or will it change? For me, the current cycle and the one before in 2015 were in my 12th house which has NOT be fun and those years also coincided with the North Node transit at the same time… (if you’ve done a Full Spectrum or Astrology reading with me, then you know what that was like!) The romantic connections that came through were potent but ultimately destructive. I’m so grateful that the upcoming love cycle will be shifting out of that house for me! I’ll talk more about this love cycle next month but in the meantime we have Mars in the more mature and regal energy of Leo (ruled by the Sun) with Venus in the equally regal and mature energy of Cancer (ruled by the Moon). While not a conjunction this balance of zodiac signs AND planetary rulers will definitely enhance the amorous vibes this month. Enjoy the dance: get yourself out there if you’re looking for love, or invest more time into “dating” your partner if you’re already committed.

6) Mars in Leo trine Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius on the 25th:  This is an auspicious day that you can use to catapult yourself forward in relation to your visions, goals, etc because it will fuel your drive, enhance your “It” factor, and give you the courage to make a bold move towards your vision. The 25th is also a Thursday, which is Jupiter’s day, so this would be a great time to connect with mentors, travel, pitch/submit a proposal or make a new connection. This isn’t the time to be shy so make your move!


ARIES: Your emotional needs are the priority for the 2nd half of the year. Don’t shy away from your emotions, rather embrace them in a healthy manner and share them.

TAURUS: You naturally dance to the beat of your own drum and you’ll be asked to more actively engage in that true rhythm vs simply going with the flow without agency. Build yourself up.

GEMINI: Watch how you handle your finances because you’ll have the tendency to splurge way outside of budget however, if you give it your attention, you can increase your financial abundance.

CANCER: You’re the star now (and really for the entire North Node transit) so push outside of your comfort zone and take up more space, shine more, bring the “wild woman” archetype out. We don’t get the “free” Cancer enough….

LEO: This is the time to recharge and go deep to your core values. It will be your time to shine soon but you probably won’t feel your mojo this month. That’s okay. The more you take a step back now, the brighter you’ll shine later.

VIRGO: Like Cancer, it’s time to come out of your shell. Make it a point to foster new relationships in all areas of life. You’ll find it easier to do so now compared to other times of the year when you are more prone to go into full hermit mode--don’t let this open door pass you by.

LIBRA: This is glow-up, boss-up time. Make your moves as a CEO, not as a manager consumed by the details. In other words, take action from a long-term vision perspective and dig in where you KNOW you’ll actually move your dreams forward. Don’t get caught in busy work. Remember, effectiveness over efficiency, always. 

SCORPIO: Have some fun Scorpio. Get the energy moving and also look for mentors who can help you on the next leg of your journey. It’s not time for work, yet, which means you’ve got to release in order to make room for more. Counteract “collapsing in” tendencies by going out.

SAGITTARIUS: You’ve got some healing to do as it relates to that big heart that sits behind that bullet proof chest. Allow yourself to open up to the support that’s available around you--you don’t have to do it alone.

CAPRICORN: Relationships are to be a priority now so give them the attention, care, and heart-centered connection they deserve. What’s the point of achieving your goals if you don’t actually enjoy life in the process?

AQUARIUS: It’s time for another switch up in your routines. You get bored doing the same thing all the time. Instead of fighting with yourself about it, incorporate adaptability into your way of life; this will help you stay on track with your plans longers.

PISCES: Inspiration and creativity get sparked so use the energy wisely. Instead of piling on new things on your plate, circle back around to those things you’ve let collect dust and make some headway with them. You’ll feel better, more accomplished, and be in service to the world.


Rising Sign - in general, the most accurate for predicting what will happen in the month but you’ll want to pay attention to where the planets are actually transiting the houses in your natal chart

Sun Sign - strategies you can use to deal with what lies ahead

Moon Sign - how you’ll be feeling through it all

North Node Sign - the major things your Soul is focused on