July Lightworker Forecast

Welcome to our eclipse season! There is SO much important channelled information that needs to get out to you immediately in preparation for the work ahead in July…. If you feel called, then please participate in the upcoming crystal grid activations. You can read more about it on Instagram or Facebook; however, here is a quick overview of the focus for 3 days of each phase of the moon:

New Moon Eclipse (Cancer) -  healing our individual past incarnations

1st Quarter Square - healing our maternal & paternal ancestral lineages

Full Moon Eclipse (Capricorn) - crossing over the souls trapped in the areas where we live

3rd Quarter Square - healing the elementals where we live, amplifying Gaia’s crystalline grids

New Moon (Leo) - calling in new Crystal souls

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The primary focus this month is the physical embodiment of your most recent integrations. This will look like the shifting of how you choose to show up in the world, your service offerings, and ultimately charging forward to scout the path ahead so that you may then turn around and share your wisdom with those to come. Many have chosen to live out a higher expression of their soul path and as such you don’t need to hold (as much) space at the same level as you’ve been doing recently. While not comfortable it is where you thrive so embrace the space of distinction again.

Week 1 - This marks the beginning of the new soul path of the embodied, divine aspect that you’ve been integrating over the past 3 months with help from the universe. All of the waves, tones, harmonics, energy surges, etc have prepared you for this next stage. While it is a ‘birthing’, remain methodical and consistent in your approach so as not to overload your system.

Week 2 - This will feel like a coming-home-to-Self time as the Divine Mother energy embraces and supports your embodiment. The training wheels are off now and you are walking the Earth as an Angelic. What Divine Virtue do you choose to embody? 

Week 3 - Close the door on old timelines and support the crossing over into the Light of disincarnate souls trapped here, named and unnamed. Work with Archangels Jeremiel, Raphael, and Gabriel specifically. This helps to decrease the energy the Dark is stealing which hinders the free will collective ascension process. 

Week 4 - Rest a bit this week and keep your defenses up as there will likely be some pushback from the Dark over the work we’ll be doing all month. Stand in your power and upgrade your guardian protectors as well since we’ll be creating a bridge to call in the new, Crystal souls with a crystal grid on the New Moon in Leo (July 31st).


Week 1 - This is a month where your abilities shine; exercise your skill to a level you’ve never done before. Stretch! This is also the time to get your spiritual “house” in order while also enjoying the fruits of your labor thus far. You’ve been working hard so if you need some time to rest, then take it but also establish new habits for your personal care--more than likely you will need to make some adjustments.

Week 2 - Bring high fire energy to the transmutation of heavier densities that will present this week. There is an opportunity for the healing and clearing of much of the Astral realm so don’t be afraid to take up space here. The Sun has got your back along with Archangel Michael and his teams.

Week 3 - Call on additional angelic support during this time as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is going to be a big energetic shift which drops off old timelines. For those of you who have a connection to the ancient energies of Andromeda, work to remove the miasma from all willing souls looking to be free. Use fire for purification and ice for neutralization/removal of these entities. Blue Star Dragon energy is also made available to support you in this endeavor.

Week 4 - New souls will be called in this week and you will be tasked with creating a sacred womb space for their arrival, incubation, and assignment to new guardian angels before physical incarnation.


Week 1 - You are standing in the gap for much of the massive healing undertaking in the month of July. You are releasing strongholds that prevent the crossing over of souls as well as key support in the transmutation of denser energy & entities with the Healers, and of course, battling the Dark as necessary. The transition of souls will be MASSIVE so be prepared physically to sustain higher levels of frequency for extended periods of time. 

Week 2 - Use this week for a bit of rest & rejuvenation--you’re not “off” this week but things will subside a bit so that you can recover as needed. Spend some time in water--goat milk bath, river, ocean, etc--whatever you have access too to unload any heaviness you may be carrying in your field. Let Mother Earth’s waters wash over you and relieve your burdens. Remember you are a Guardian and She takes care of Hers. 

Week 3 - Work with other Earth Stewards/Guardians, whether in the physical or the spiritual, to support Earth/Gaia in amplifying Her Cosmic Mother Star Dragon template (which came in and was deposited last fall during Venus retrograde) and embodying more of Her Sovereignty. Anchor in the Silica matrix to hold the higher dimensional light for entrainment in the physical realm (expect the Schumann resonance to spike during this time in response to this support). 

Week 4 - Hold the gates open to stream in the Galactic Mother’s energy directly to the Core Star of Earth/Gaia. More clearing through Her (Gaia) throat chakra is possible along with opening the gates between the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras. The floodgates will open soon (it’s not time YET), but creating and stabilizing this opening is key to a safe transition in the near future of a massive influx of energy that will flood the physical plane Spring 2020 (which is when the Crystal children we call in at this time will be born, many of whom will have Arcturian heritage). Essentially, you’re supporting the creation of a new energetic womb for these souls as well as assisting with the ascension stages of the planet.