June Astrology Forecast

Because I’m SO late in getting this out to you all and I honestly don’t want to postpone any longer, I used this week’s Oracle Talks to speak solely on the astrology for the month and what it may mean for all of us in the soul family. Watch it HERE and be sure to subscribe to my channel to help me get to 1,000 followers.

Here are the June Tarot forecasts videos by sign:

ARIES - https://youtu.be/QW1ObvbffX4

TAURUS - https://youtu.be/FH3g3XtLvTM

GEMINI - https://youtu.be/D2GwhFFDcok

CANCER - https://youtu.be/_WjetmEmwyw

LEO - https://youtu.be/saztnxogjWk

VIRGO - https://youtu.be/qOaKuohIttE

LIBRA - https://youtu.be/nLgPgvqi9CA

SCORPIO - https://youtu.be/MGYHJnEnrcE

SAGITTARIUS - https://youtu.be/34JIz3tyVjc

CAPRICORN - https://youtu.be/7p2M0YUrXy0

AQUARIUS - https://youtu.be/JohO3ZFJuoQ

PISCES - https://youtu.be/XRz-VttSIhc


This month the “jewels” for each sign are coming from the Sovereign affirmation card deck by Erin Brown. If you like these and would like to purchase one for yourself, click HERE.

ARIES: “I deserve to feel safe.”

TAURUS: “I trust that everyone will adjust to my changes.”

GEMINI: “I can hold space for others without taking on their pain.”

CANCER: “I can let it be easy.”  “I may let go of weight that isn’t mine anymore.”

LEO: “I am allowed to be angry.”

VIRGO: “Listening is a way I can express love.”

LIBRA: “I deserve to live fully in my body.”  “Grounding is a gateway to embodiment.” “I don’t have to go it alone.”

SCORPIO: “I can let go of antiquated expectations of myself.”

SAGITTARIUS: “I deserve my own patience.”

CAPRICORN: “I am allowed to be angry.”

AQUARIUS: “I deserve to see my own healing.”

PISCES: “I deserve my own time, care, and attention.”  “I am allowed to be angry.”


Rising Sign - in general, the most accurate for predicting what will happen in the month but you’ll want to pay attention to where the planets are actually transiting the houses in your natal chart

Sun Sign - strategies you can use to deal with what lies ahead

Moon Sign - how you’ll be feeling through it all

North Node Sign - the major things your Soul is focused on