June Lightworker Forecast

Welcome to the June Lightworker forecast. The following channelled messages are for the 3 main groups of lightworkers:

Wayshowers, Sustainers/Healers, Warriors/Blackworkers


This month your Celestial or Galactic levels need to take center stage in your integration focus. Sekhmet, or any other lion god/goddess that you have a relationship to, is present and available to help you. You are to actively download new Light codes from these higher levels and braid them into your DNA. Support the physical body is holding and maintaining higher vibration so that the New "sticks" and entrains your energy field. Keep the body strong--it can hold the higher light.

In true Wayshower fashion you are to keep creating the new for people to step into. Make it a point to connect with your physical soul family and your spiritual one. Rest in Mother God, the Galactic Mother at the center of our galaxy. You are coming out a phase of "doing this alone". Work with others, collaborate, hold space for communion, whatever it takes….but connect! The Star Family is here and continuing to wake up to Itself. Let us be a beacon of light and call each one home.


This month is predominantly a "mutable" one (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius) which means that your skills as a healer and sustainer are very much needed at this time. Some will need additional support clearing dense energy; others will need support activating and integrating their celestial expressions. Regardless of the context in which you find yourself serving, know that the increased etheric work will take a toll on the physical body. Get to sleep earlier, incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and juices to lighten the body up, and keep your energetic protection strong and consistent. This is not the time to slack off, especially in the final weeks before the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

Last month around the weekend of the full moon in Scorpio (May 18th), myself and many other lightworkers around the world were witness to & participants in the clearing of Dark entities from the throat and heart chakra of Gaia, the cords between her and Osiris/Anput/Anubis, and the neutralizing of a lot of the distorted Divine Masculine/Divine Feminine dynamic. Osiris (et.al) have since cleared the area and are either healing (their own guilt/shame around what Gaia has been through and their "dropping the ball" as it relates to Her protection) with the Solar Beings of our Sun or elsewhere. The lion god Narasimha is present to support the fortification of a new Masculine template. Work with the lion gods/goddesses that may present to you. The prevalence of the parasitic "serpent" energy is waning and the emergence of the heart-centered "lion" energy is waxing for the Aquarian Age. Warrior up!


This month you are to shine as the warrior you are! Whether flame, sword, sacred chants, etc, your tools of driving out the Dark are to be used now, unabashedly. This important work will be instrumental and bringing together more and more lost members of the soul family to one another. We are laying the foundation for greater and greater levels of reunification set to take place during the North Node through Gemini transit in 2020. Light is the dominant force now so use it in equal portions as least even if you are a shadow worker. Liberation is the key! Soul sovereignty is the objective. Anything and everything that stands in the way is fairly game. Strongholds must come down.

There is much progress that can be made to advance the Light between now and October. Work with Archangel Raguel for new "marching orders". Replace old directives/templates with Christ Consciousness-centered ones. The Gold Ray of Christmas can be very helpful now in fortifying your field as you transition in your own right. A new balance must be struck within you between the sun of the Earth (human incarnation) and the sun of the Sun (spirit nature). For many of you this will mean reconnecting to the crystalline core of Gaia--at whatever level you are are ready for--and returning home, heart to heart. She welcomes you.