August Astrology Forecast

Below you’ll find a list of all the transits along with interpretations of aspects affecting us most of all, the key Moon dates, and little “jewels” for each of the signs. I invite you to use this information to help you plan the month ahead. The best complement to this information will be the spiritual guidance channelled in my monthly Tarot forecast videos on the Inner Sun Alchemy YouTube channel. The July videos are up now. Click HERE to watch.

To get the most out of this astrology forecast, I recommend that you have your personal natal chart handy so you can discover which houses will be affected throughout the month. [If you don’t have one already, then head over to to create one. I recommend this website to all my clients because it's so user-friendly, informative, and FREE! Don’t have time to go transit-by-transit? Then simply interpret the messages in this monthly forecast from the perspective of your Rising Sign/Ascendant; it will give a pretty good approximation of what’s ahead for you.


1st Quarter Square Moon: Scorpio (14°) on August 7th.

Full Moon: Aquarius (22°) on August 15th.

3rd Quarter Square Moon: Gemini (0°) on August 23rd.

New Moon: Virgo (6°) on August 30th.


August 2 - Venus in Leo (6°) square Uranus in Taurus (6°).

August 7 - FIRST QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Scorpio (14°) at 10:31am PT. Sun in Leo (14°) trine Jupiter retrograde in Sagittarius  (14°).

August 8 - Venus in Leo (13°) trine Jupiter.

August 11 - Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius  (14°). Mercury moves into Leo. Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus (6°).

August 13 - Sun in Leo (19°) conjunct Venus.

August 15 - FULL MOON in Aquarius (22°) at 5:29am PT.

August 16 - Mercury in Leo (16°) square Uranus retrograde in Taurus (16°). 

August 17 - Mars moves into Virgo.

August 21 - Venus moves into Virgo. Mercury in Leo (13°) trine Jupiter in Sagittarius  (14°).

August 23 - THIRD QUARTER SQUARE MOON in Gemini (0°) at 7:56am PT. Sun moves into Virgo.

August 24 - Venus in Virgo (3°) conjunct Mars.

August 26 - Venus in Virgo (5°) trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus (6°).

August 28 - Mars in Virgo (6°) trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus (6°).

August 29 - Mercury moves into Virgo. Sun in Virgo (5°) trine Uranus retrograde in Taurus (6°).

August 30 - NEW MOON in Virgo (6°) at 3:37am PT. 


1) Sun, Venus, & Mercury in Leo trine Jupiter in Sagittarius - The Sun and Venus dance occurs over two days of what is called the Lion's Gate. First, I see this as a time when we may be presented with an opportunity, a gift of abundance, a burst of creativity, or an experience of joy and vitality. At the very least we can celebrate being out of eclipse season, right? Second, I see this as a deeper healing and next phase of restoration for the Divine Masculine which began with the Full Moon in Scorpio May 18th. May 18th was the day that Venus was conjunct Uranus at 3° Taurus. August 2nd is where we have the "1st quarter square" of Venus in Leo to Uranus in Taurus (6°). If we take a look back over that time period we can see how this first stage of development has unfolded. How has our internal relationship to our Divine Masculine changed? How has this shown up externally in key relationships? Are you noticing a burgeoning self-awareness, self-honesty, and acts of integrity? Or are you seeing a rebellion against order, responsibility, and discipline? Over the next few months the ramifications of what's really been going on will surface. Will you find that old patterns die hard or will there be a leap into the new? It's an individual choice that we can't control in others but we can definitely control in ourselves. Remember that this is year of healing the Divine Masculine and this work will continue into next year!

The days surrounding Mercury trine Jupiter are excellent to create, brainstorm, network, and learn new things. Regardless, all of the trine Jupiter dates are auspicious for business meetings, contract negotiations, pitching ideas, etc so get out there and grow!

2) Jupiter goes direct in Sagittarius August 11th - We've had the chance the past 4 months to pick up any lost or buried "treasure" we may have missed during the first part of Jupiter's transit through Sagittarius (November 2018 - March 2019). This was also a time where we could stretch and make ourselves even more readily available for a greater influx of opportunities and abundance, as well as a chance to see where our longstanding behaviors have helped or hindered us. How have you set yourself up to receive more, give more, and impact the world more? Remember-- 

a) what got us to where we are now is not necessarily going to get us to where we want to go: we've got to be honest about what works and what doesn't in terms of what we actually have control over (and thus the power to change), AND

b) we can only make use of what we actually have a container for! Possessing a small cup isn't going to give us an experience of having "more" if the Universe is presenting us with a gallon of water….we'll just end up feeling overwhelmed. (Saying you want more but not preparing in a practical way to receive more is self sabotage.) Working with a gallon container might have been tricky at first but if we've allowed ourselves to take the risk and be uncomfortable, then we'll see the kind of rewards we reap and the blessings we can bestow in the remaining months of the transit through Sagittarius. We've dealt our own cards whether we realize it or not.

3) Uranus retrograde in Taurus August 11th - So, how have you enjoyed this helpful push from Uranus to go in the direction of the "YES" and to leave behind the "Maybe's" and "No's"? To prioritize quality over quantity? To hold a higher standard for all aspects of your life? Has it been harder than you thought? Last Autumn Venus primed us for this while she was retrograde in Scorpio. It was a taste of what Uranus will continually ask us to consider--and be in integrity with. Over the course of Its 7 year transit through Taurus if you have any negative "stuff" around money (e.g. whether you feel worthy of it or not or compromising your values/integrity for money), then know that Uranus is going to push you to face and overcome that. If you have positive "stuff" around money, then you'll find that Uranus will present opportunities to have wealth and experience opulence (however that looks for you as an individual). If you have negative "stuff" around relationships (e.g. difficulty/fear of committing, harsh generational patterns in love), then Uranus will bring that front and center to be healed by providing intense connections with soulmates, new or old. If you have positive "stuff" around relationships, then you'll find that Uranus will bring soulmates that are more ready to "build". (For those already in partnerships this would obviously relate to your significant other…) But for now with Uranus going retrograde, that intensity takes a backseat and we're in the driver's seat. We'll have a chance to walk out the lessons we've learned as new experiences present. The training wheels will be off. How will we fare? Once Uranus goes direct again we'll find out if we held onto our mastery or not. There will be lots of practice in the coming years so don't stress about getting it "right" all at once now. You have time.

4) Venus conjunct Mars in Virgo August 24th - The Divine Lovers unite! We begin another 2 year journey of the planetary representatives of the Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine. The last cycle began in October 2017 also in the sign of Virgo. Remember October 2017? That's when Jupiter entered Scorpio. Yeah, I think we all remember that cycle started and how it’s been these last 2 years. Where is the influence of Jupiter now? In Sagittarius! The fire of Sagittarius is birthed from the crucible of hard transformation held by Scorpio. Fortunately, this sign is about scouting into new territory, having new experiences, and creating new belief systems. It represents true transformation, like the caterpillar into a butterfly. Are you ready for a new love story? (What about a new money story too? Venus also rules money and Mars our ambition.) I expect there to be a radical transformation of our romantic relationships that pushes us to open our hearts more, speak our true desires, and embody healthy interdependence. This won't be easy of course since the models of what is possible are few and far between. But, are you willing to step into new? Are you willing to take a chance and take your time? (And no, 'new' does not mean maintaining what's comfortable or what requires little effort.)

5) Sun, Venus, Mars, & Moon in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus - The entire last week of the month we have a beautiful trine being held between healing energy of Virgo and the nourishing energy of Taurus. This is facilitated by the varying "flavors" of our star the Sun (invigoration), the moon (emotional balancing), Venus (abundance), and Mars (protection and physical well-being). This would be a great week to kick off a fast, a cleanse or raw foods regimen, or rejuvenating exercises for the body. We can use this beneficial Earth dominant time (remember Saturn & Pluto are in Capricorn too!) to support our bodies in creating a new "normal" for it. By now you've come to terms with the fact that these high energy waves and interconnectedness with our Sun & solar system are not going away, and in fact will increase. Cleaner eating, more hydration, physical exercise (particularly weight/resistance training), meditation, coaching or therapy, spiritual counsel, and regular energy healing are necessities not options. It's time to start prepping our bodies to slow down and hibernate in a deeply restorative way for the upcoming Autumn & Winter seasons. What we invest during that time will show in the first half of next year. How do you want to start 2020?

6) Mercury returns to Its home sign of Virgo August 29th - I for one am ecstatic about this. Having Mercury retrograding during eclipse season is never fun but now we get to come back to our right minds. In fact, we come back to our Elder mind. Virgo is the archetype of the Hermit in the tarot which represents the wise person who holds the knowledge of the Universe within. They have uncovered (some of) the mysteries of Heaven & Hell and are deftly balancing that knowledge as they walk through the world. They are the representation of wisdom = applied knowledge. Here in Virgo Mercury is mature, focused, discerning, and innovative in a grounded way. Everything It touches turns to gold because It knows what is successful. Use the full transit of Mercury through Virgo to look back on the year and begin your "year review" early. You're going to need that information to begin setting the stage for what lies ahead in 2020….


ARIES: You’ll feel good, charismatic, and abundant when you take care of your body. For you health is wealth this month.

TAURUS: Your heart and emotional well-being separate from family stories are the focus. Let yourself lean into the (rare) impetus to change in a way that’s more life-affirming.

GEMINI: Effective communication will make your partnerships strong and you’re much better equipped now that Mercury is no longer retrograde. Your intuition will be heightened--take note of the messages from Spirit.

CANCER: Like Aries, the focus on your physical body’s care will help you bounce back to “normal” after a tumultuous eclipse season. This is also a great time to expand your social and strategic networks.

LEO: You are a natural magnet this month so revel in the success and prosperity that comes your way and put yourself out there if you’ve been hermiting too long. Financial gain or opportunity should present so say “Yes” to what the universe is opening up to you.

VIRGO: Birthday celebrations are almost here so use this time to “checkin” with yourself as you consider goals for the upcoming year. You’re going to feel compelled to stretch outside of your comfort zone and that’s a good thing.

LIBRA: Network, network, network! Now is the time to build with the community you have as well as establish new connections. Be open to the blessings of the ancestors for the year ahead.

SCORPIO: You’ll shine at work or in your business--don’t be afraid to make those power moves. If you’re looking for love, get yourself out there in new situations. If you’re already committed, then spend time creating new joint goals for the future.

SAGITTARIUS: You’re getting the chance to test out your recent transformations. Do you like what you have created? Step up your game in helping others.

CAPRICORN: Whatever investments we’ve made either with family, money, etc should be starting to show returns now. There’s still time to make adjustments as needed. This is a great time to travel!

AQUARIUS: You may find you’re ready to make power moves with key partners; that’s fine but advocate wisely for yourself. Superficial ANYTHING won’t do it this month.

PISCES: The creative juices will start flowing again but they’ll be long-term projects. New partnerships can open your mind to new possibilities.