Uranus Retrograde 2019 - 2020

The primary focus during the retrograde period that came through is about having more in life: more money, more relationships (all types), more health & wellness, more possessions...just more. And it is specifically a time of flourishing in the new soul path we have chosen for ourselves this year. Remember--we’ve had some very specific spiritual crossroads we’ve encountered in 2019 where we were given the opportunity to make different (higher) choices. If we did that work and set out on a new path that aims to stretch us further than we’ve ever gone before, then these next 5 months (essentially the rest of the year) is poised to help us make significant headway and be wildly successful in those endeavors. Whatever the new path or paths are for you, it should actually be different from what you’ve done before and in alignment with the new choices and behaviors that you’ve just recently implemented, especially in the past 6 weeks (July through mid-August specifically). That’s where you will see the messages below playing out. If a part of the message does not resonate for you in a particular area, then it is not a message for you. This is a general channelling for the collective; take what is for you and leave the rest.

FINANCES: There will be a significant increase in opportunities for financial gain. Things will move quickly. This will “test” your ability to make choices for yourself from a place of integrity, i.e. where and how your soul/heart is telling you to maneuver. By now you’ve had to get really clear and really honest about the choices you make that are for your highest good and those that are based in fear, societal expectations, etc. If anything is out of order on a soul level, it will not work and you’ll get that feedback from Life quite quickly. There won’t be much accommodation of toxicity any longer. You may also see an increase of value in any other revenue streams that you have in place that are more “indirect” in nature, e.g. investment property, stocks, etc. There is a lot of wealth stored up in the heavens for you and there are many ways and avenues through which that can express besides money of course, however financial growth across the board is available for all.

COMMUNITY: Whoever you’ve recently linked up with during the past 6 weeks (July through mid-August) are going to be cornerstones of your new community moving forward. You may find that there won’t be as many new folks who become part of your “circle” during this time however, what you will see is that if any new contacts are made, then their purpose will be to support and catapult forward the strengthening of this newer community that you’ve agreed to. Keep your focus here, close to home, instead of reaching out for more. Cultivate and invest in these new relationships as they will pay dividends later, especially as it relates to building wealth.

CONSCIOUSNESS: Your mind will be strong and capable for building a new future for yourself but you will come across new battles in your belief systems. This is to be expected because you’ll be experiencing new things. You’ll discover (unlock) the aspects of yourself that may be triggered from whatever your next version of greatness entails. It is merely information that is being made available to you for healing. Acknowledge it, heal where necessary, and create new belief systems that support your endeavors. The fear of thriving can be as great as the fear of surviving.

SOUL: You will feel as though you are coming home to yourself and finding a new inner balance, especially as it relates to the dynamics of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine principles within. So much work has been done around the Divine Masculine this year while also simultaneously cracking open your heart space and receptivity to your soul. Heart healing will continue which will help your embody the reality of unconditional love. Ancestral/lineage healing will continue to be available as well. There are more healed (and healing) ancestors in the Light who can help you in your journey. Keep working with them and allow their support to shine through in your life.

LOVE: As the heart healing continues, new opportunities in romantic love will arise whether in existing partnerships or burgeoning ones. This is brand new territory--go slowly. In many ways you are starting from scratch and have the chance to operate under new parameters for relating to one another. True emotional intelligence and receptivity is the priority. Build (new) trust slowly to remain in integrity.

WORK/BUSINESS: Continue to regulate work and play during this time to create more balance in your life. Stay away from over-extending yourself. The career expansion will come with more “play”, i.e. creativity, joyfulness, etc; that can only come with time and space. Career and business advancements that are in alignment with your soul path are available during this time. Where possible move in the direction of the new opportunities that arise. Take the time to meditate on big changes before taking action.

SPIRIT: Surrender to the process...you’re not going to know how it’s all going to turn out.