August 2019 Lightworker Forecast

Blessing Soul Family!

The yearly Lion’s Gate activation is August 8th through August 11th (the day that Jupiter goes direct & Uranus goes retrograde). This is specifically the time where the Sun arises out of its dance with the star Sirius which started in July. Our planet Earth (Gaia/Tiamat), our Sun (Sol/Solaris), Venus, and Sirius (which is a binary star system made up of Sirius A & Sirius B) will be in direct alignment. This will initiate a flow of plasma energy to be deposited to our planet from what the Sun and Venus has received from over the past month; we’ll continue to receive through the Full Moon. What will those messages or upgrades be? I’m sure you’ve already been receiving a lot of personal and collective intel since the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurred on July 16th. The Lion Gods and Goddesses will guard the ‘gates’ to protect the distribution of the new cosmic energies and support the integration work at the Divine Human Template DNA level as well as the rest of the Kingdoms.. Hopefully, the physical ramifications on your bodies of the higher timeline integrations and deep energetic releases have subsided and are no longer as disruptive as they were the 2nd half of July. Our recovery game should be quicker now and it’s time to hit the ground running on following thru on the new assignments that were revealed. We’re not long off from the Spiritual New Year in September; keep making the higher choice in all things to set yourself and your service work to be as solid as possible. August is set to be a beautiful and empowering month--let’s lean into the new!


The focus this month is to actively engage with the establishment of New Earth by practically taking the steps to create new products, new services, new in-person connections, new ANYTHING that is in service to Gaia and Humanity. Cultivate a new heart space that is open and available to the wisdom coming through from your Soul, from Earth Herself, and from the Higher Realms. Creating something new requires sacred listening, slowing down, and LETTING what is already there be revealed to you. Lean into the Soul Heart and push through the fear of the unknown. The time for physically manifesting that which has been floating in “idea” space is now.

Week 1 - Commune with your Soul & Higher Realms (aspects & teams) to receive further insight into what is available to be created now and in the new future. Continue working to amplify and stabilize the Earth’s crystalline grid system to contain the higher trajectory we’re on.

Week 2 - Expect another timeline drop-off as we head into the Full Moon similar to what we experienced just a few months ago. These drop-offs are happening much more frequently now. You’ll be fine (i.e. won’t be overwhelmed) as long as you keep your focus forward and upward instead of worrying about what’s/who’s being “left behind”. (No one gets left behind; please don’t confuse differences in pace or direction as “behind”. Timelines are omnidirectional...visualize “torus”/sphere vs a line.)

Week 3 - With the timeline drop-off last week, the new timeline that we’ve chosen to go on appears energetically and stabilizes. The initial preparation for the upcoming Spiritual New Year begins to pull at us. Continue to affirm your higher choices and pick up the pace in the physical manifestation of your new work.

Week 4 - This will be a busy week spiritually and physically as the energetic transformation starts to coalesce and birth into the manifest world. Be gentle with your body as it gets used to this higher vibrational embodiment. Work with the Elementals to support the continued reprogramming of your body’s DNA and energetic templates to align with the 5th dimension.


The focus this month is to hold strong boundaries and allow yourself to heal. Healers were ‘wacked’ the hardest with the eclipse energy in July and you were supporting A LOT healing/clearing work. Now is the time to stabilize, focus, and return to your balance. The spiritual activity will remain high but Jupiter going direct will help give you the boost you’ve been desperately needing.

Week 1 - Your healing/restoration cycle was seeded with the New Moon in Leo energy and it will follow the phases of the moon to a “T” throughout the month. Check where this is occurring in your personal natal chart using the information HERE (be sure to pay attention to the degrees). Let this information shape your self-care practices for August.

Week 2 - As we near the Autumn Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) the dynamics of the spiritual energies you have access to will shift in order to continue being most effective during the “darker” months. Start preparing your teams and yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically for the change.

Week 3 - This week you may be receiving more messages from Star Races or the Crystal Kingdom or both. It will probably include instructions on how best to make additional adjustments to orient you for your next stage. It should be a peaceful time, a “flow” experience by the time the Sun and other personal planets transit into Virgo. This would be a great time to have a little getaway for peace and quiet and/or focus on restorative body practices (e.g. massage, reflexology, hot water springs, etc).

Week 4 - You should be back to “normal” by this time, fully rejuvenated, and ready to face the world. Be open and available for new or existing beneficial interactions with soulmates or other lightworkers. By the end of the month, you should have a clear sense of the primary function for your soul cluster’s journey (and the part you’ll play in it) for the upcoming year. New contracts get solidified soon….


The focus this month is to maintain energetic protection for the new souls that were called in with the New Moon in Leo portal on July 31st. You will do this by paying attention to guidance from both Earth/Gaia and Venus. In particular you may have to give special care for ancient Lights who are returning from hiding--if they present or if guided by your spirit team (for those who were Protectors of the Lights in Ancient Earth times).

Week 1 - The objective of maintaining a higher vibration field for the new soul energy that came in at the end of July continues. With all of the lightening up of the astral realm, it should be much easier to hold sacred space now that there is less interference. Remember the wisdom of the zodiac sign Scorpio as fixed water.

Week 2 - Use the power of the Sun/Sol/Solaris to amplify the flourishing of new life/light in the astral realms. Not all the souls that came through will incarnate into physical form--some will remain formless in order to support the collective work here in the material realm; they may become new guides, angels, healers or protectors. 

Week 3 - For those souls that may choose to incarnate and depending on the spirit contracts of the physical parents of course, this can be a week of conception. (For those not trying to have a child/children, I would advise be very careful this month!) These children would be birthed right around the time of the North Node transiting into Gemini in May of 2020. Support safe transition into incarnate experience for the souls and the mothers to be.

Week 4 - If the souls choosing to incarnate haven’t made themselves known (consciously) to their mothers by now, then this week they will. There also might start being announcements of pregnancies during this time. Send blessings and messages from Venus to all in celebration of this new beginning.