When you submit your request for a session, I will email you with options for scheduling a date and time. Once we agree on when the session will occur, payment is due. Requested date/time will NOT be reserved without payment. Same day service is not available currently. After payment is received, a confirmation email will be sent with details to connect for our session (either conference phone number or Zoom link). 

NOTE: If you are unable to make your appointment, you must contact me before our scheduled time in order to make new arrangements. No refunds are given on "no-shows" except in emergency situations, subject solely to my discretion. If you are running late, your session will not be extended to make up the lost time; better to reschedule if you face significant delays.


I do not offer gift cards. If you would like to gift someone one of my services, then please provide them directly with the necessary funds and have them book a session with me. Thank you.

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“I had a reading with Jynnette recently and she shared insights into the truth of who I am that I’d never understood before, despite having had tons of astrological readings. If you’ve been having a hankering for a cosmic wisdom download, I highly recommend a session.” — Kate Northrup @katenorthrup

"Super specific, useful, encouraging information. Highly recommend." -- Erin Brown @iamerinbrown

"Jynnette is gifted and talented. My reading with her came at the absolute right time and questions I did not know I had were answered in addition to the many I came prepared with. She was patient and thorough in her explanations to ensure that I was clear about the messages received. It was a wonderful experience that I recommend wholeheartedly to everyone." -- Alua Arthur @going_with_grace

"I had one of the most in-depth, insightful, and provocative readings with Jynnette that I have ever experienced. This put a lot of pieces together for me and helped me understand the deeper themes of what is occurring in my life right now and how to navigate the next few years with clarity and personal power." -- Ronnie Landis @ronnie_landis

"Omg I can't even express to you guys the importance of my talks have been. If you feel a pull to reach out to Inner Sun Alchemy just do it, don't wait like I did hahaha! 1 week and my life has changed DRAMATICALLY!!!" -- James Bansbach @clearwater_kizomba

"Straight forward, accurate, gentle and clear..I left knowing more than when I came inner sun was lit a bit more, my ascension ignited...runway clear for take off..thank you for your confirmation and affirmation...ASE." -- SA Germany @thesagermany

"Very cool that free astrology videos are posted monthly for all to see, as well as tarot readings for EACH sign! You can tell that Jynnette can see a lot of information using these tools that could very well be helpful in your life." -- Alicia Lara @alicialarala

"Astrology, Tarot and great energy. Jynnette is a talented scholar of metaphysics... she has answers coupled with solutions based on real science and innate intuitive gifts. I highly recommend anything that she does." -- Michele Harper @metaphysicaspa

"Jynnette is such a kind, warm, and informative healer. She is strongly in tune with her purpose and shares her gift openly. I have already recommended her to plenty of loved ones. She is able to put into words experiences I can't quite understand the timing/meaning of. I took an astrology class from her and had a tarot reading, both experiences were priceless and she is definitely a gift to us! Such a wonderful teacher/healer!' -- Edwina Aguayo @myheadcut

"I attended a couple of Jynette's Astrology classes and the information she provided was extremely eye opening and enlightening! She was able to share tons of vital Astrology information in a short amount of time with precision, ease and grace. Jynette is very professional yet down to earth which made for a perfect classroom environment. I am grateful for her knowledge, wisdom and love! To top it off, she is very sweet and she glows from the inside out!" -- Rachel Wright 

"The most relevant, on point, spiritual support I've gotten in a while. I feel like my experiences are truly taken into account, and leave feeling healed and optimistic each time!!! Thank you!" -- Neda X @nedathecomic