New month, new man! Join me live on Instagram on Friday, June 20th at 10am PT/1pm ET for the Divine Masculine Rising series with featured guest, Roland Nash!

Here's a little about our guest:

Roland Nash has been practicing Yoga & Meditation for 15 years. He is an expert on Homa Therapy, Ayurveda and Kriya Yoga. He was born in historic Savannah, Georgia which a major cultural hub for African Americans, the African diaspora and also home to a segment of the Geechee-Gullah population on the Southeastern coast of USA. He has traveled around the country and abroad sharing different healing techniques and modalities. 
Roland, as a child, would read and study every volume of his encyclopedia set. He learned so much at an early age about many topics but specifically he always had a desire to know more about life's mysteries. Upon discovering books and studying with various teachers of yoga, metaphysics and spirituality he came into awareness and knowledge of self. Roland then became a community leader in Atlanta, GA and organized several events and groups among the city's "Conscious community". After a life changing experience in the mountains of north Georgia he found his spiritual purpose and has pursued it ever since. He currently teaches yoga & meditation classes throughout the week and even assists online clients in the USA and also internationally.