Getting Started

FULL SPECTRUM (astrology & tarot)

1 hour ($150) or 2 hours ($300) - BOOK NOW

Have you asked yourself...

• Who am I?
• Why am I the way I am?
• How can I best manifest my desires?
• What is my soul purpose?

These 4 questions are the cornerstones to the foundation of your success. And, knowing the answers to these 4 questions will help you navigate life to create fulfilling experiences.

The 1 Hour Full Spectrum reading is your first step in working with me and includes:
* an astrological breakdown in order to answer those 4 questions, and
* channelled guidance through tarot for the messages Spirit has for you at this time in your life

If you want to go even deeper, then the 2 Hour Full Spectrum reading dives into:
* the longer term astrological trends that have brought you to where you are now
* a sneak peek into what's coming ahead for you astrologically
* Spirit guidance through tarot for your love life, your current work life, and any other pressing concerns you have


1 hour ($150) - BOOK NOW

Have you always wondered what your role is as a lightworker? Are you a Wayshower, a Healer, a Warrior? This reading provides you with both—

*a Soul Astrology reading for revelation on what your primary role(s) is as Lightworker, and

*channelled tarot messages about your next step for growth and expansion in that area(s).

Whether you are new to the lightworker path or are already in service, this session will reveal new aspects of your true divine nature and help bring your home to yourself and your (soul) chosen purpose.


(astrology, tarot, & energy healing)

90 min ($225) - BOOK NOW

For those who are looking to experience energy healing, The Works session provides both a 1 hour Full Spectrum reading and 30 min Energy Clearing session (either Physical Vitality Boost or Emotional Balancing). This is ideal for those who are new to energy work and want to try it out, or those who haven't worked with a healer in a while and need a "reset".


90 min ($225) - BOOK NOW

Are you an entrepreneur (or aspiring entrepreneur) who has a lot of ideas about what you could do but not sure what is actually in alignment with your soul purpose? Are you looking for support in determining what the next best steps are for successful growth? Do you have a long-term goal that you want help in reaching, such as a product launch, or the completion of a creative project?

In this session we can talk about your objective(s), break down the necessary action steps, look at the astrological trends that best support the manifestation of your goal(s), and utilize Spirit guidance for any other additional insight.



"Blessings! I just finished my 2018 Astrology Forecast with Jynnette (1hr of astrology and 1hr of tarot), and it was so powerful! If you are looking for a true, clear channel to send you the stars’ messages about your essence and purpose in this life - you have to do this forecast! Jynnette gave me so much positive, loving affirmation from Spirit while also unearthed some deep self-limiting beliefs I owe it to myself to release!!!! I got exactly what I needed and so much more - I feel truly set up for 2018 with clear spiritual goals and objectives to work towards! Thank you Jynette!" -- Alisha Ratan

"Jynnette, of Inner Soul Alchemy, is an extremely warm and knowledge guide. She not only made my first reading comfortable while breaking down abstract concepts and making them applicable to my everyday life, her reading held to be particularly accurate in a very stressful time in my life. I was not only given a better understanding of the practice as whole, but she helped to ease personal doubts and learn how to read and trust what I perceived around me. I found that her services where not only useful, but a great way to invest in me." -- Krystal Long @longshuijing