A multidimensional experience…

An Energy Healing session can utilize a variety of modalities such as Reiki, the Holy Spirit, crystals, working with the Archangels, and more. All sessions include opening up your Akashic Records to access the deepest levels of your soul. Investing in this level of self-care is deeply transformative and revolutionary.

When you sign up for a Energy Healing session, you are affirming that you are choosing to be proactive in your personal healing journey by bringing all aspects of your Being in alignment with the Divine Truth of your soul's nature.

Please follow the preparation suggestions at the bottom of this page before your sessions for maximum benefit.

If you have any questions about what type of healing would be most appropriate for you, contact me at info@innersunalchemy.com

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Free Healing Opportunities

1) Global lightworker meditations occur every Sunday at 5:11a, 8:11a, 11:11a, and 5:11pm PST where we amplify the Divine Light, higher timeline trajectories, and Divine Peace, Love, Healing, and Harmony for all willing hearts. Join in the meditation for 33 minutes at any of those time to tap into the collective field being generated with intention. See http://www.sandrawalter.com/global-unity-meditations-every-sunday/ for more details and to listen to a guided meditation!

2) I periodically also set up crystal grids to send specific healing energy out to the human collective. Follow me on INSTAGRAM at @innersunalchemy for announcements on my IG Story of when those happen and what the focus for each crystal grid is!


(Physical Vitality Boost or Emotional Balancing)

30 min ($75), 1 hour ($150), 90 min ($180) - BOOK NOW

This is perfect for those wanting to clear their aura of "heavy" or “stuck” energy, to support their body's efforts to heal itself, or reduce anxiety, stress, or fear triggers. You'll find that you feel more balanced, grounded, and energized after each session and the results compound and integrate with time.


2 sessions $360 - BOOK NOW 

Sessions last 60 min but can go up to 90 min—please allocate 90 minutes just in case. Are you having difficulty releasing the energetic hold a previous relationship has on you? Do you find an ex popping back into your life or in your dreams? Does a strained relationship with a family member wield a lot of negative power over you? Cutting your energetic connection to another is the best way to free up your energy so that you can move forward. This does NOT banish a person from your life but rather frees you from the energetic drain of the connection. The 1st session is for the energy clearing and cord cutting. The 2nd session is for repairing any tears in the aura/chakra, charging the full energy body, and sealing with Divine Light. NOTE: When booking this service both sessions are scheduled 7 to 14 days apart.


2 sessions $360 - BOOK NOW

Sessions last 60 min but can go up to 90 min—please allocate 90 minutes just in case. Do you have attachments to your aura or in any of your chakras? This service is recommended to fully transmute those entities out of your energy body and protect you from further infiltration. The 1st session is the entity clearing and removal. The 2nd session is for charging your aura/chakras, sealing your energy body, and relaying instructions for maintaining your energetic boundaries & sovereignty.  NOTE: When booking this service both sessions are scheduled 7 to 14 days apart.


4 sessions $720 - BOOK NOW

Sessions last 60 min but can go up to 90 min—please allocate 90 minutes just in case. Is there a particular negative belief or pattern of behavior that you see consistently in the generations of your family? Are you trying to create a new trajectory for your life but feel pulled by the constraints of the past? This healing program is designed to help you zero in on the root of the issue, whether in the maternal or paternal lineage, and remove it from your soul contract. The first session is an aura clearing. The second session identifies the root and cuts the cord(s). The third session recharges the energy body and you also create new soul contracts for yourself. The fourth session is for imprinting the new contracts and sealing the work in Divine Light. You will need a white candle in a glass container for the final session. NOTE: All sessions are scheduled in advance 7 to 14 days apart, however best results are obtained with 7 day intervals.

Preparation Suggestions

Unless otherwise directed by your medical professional, please adhere to these guidelines at least 1 to 3 days before AND after your scheduled Healing Session:

  • refrain from alcohol, caffeine, dairy, all animal meats & fish/shellfish, eggs, and refined/processed carbohydrates.

  • drink plenty of spring water (non-caffeinated/non-flavored herbal teas are fine). No reverse osmosis or distilled water unless medically directed.

  • sleep at least 7-8 hours per night. Refrain from using technology 30 minutes prior to sleeping and after waking.

  • spend time in the sun/nature.

This protocol is to put your body, mind, and spirit in the most receptive and restful state to receive the maximum resonance. A non-inflammed body can more easily attune (and hold) to higher levels of Light. Nonetheless, follow the directions of your medical professional if you have specific restrictions or necessities for your health. These are recommendations.

For your session you will need to be in all white (or mostly white) and in a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. It is highly recommended that you be laying down for your session, however if that is not possible, then you can be sitting up in a firm chair (not a sofa or loveseat as your spine needs to be straight). Also, have plenty of water available to drink right after the session.



"Jynnette is an incredible healer, teacher, intuitive, and light worker! I have learned so much from her and the healings I have received from her have been very powerful and effective. I highly recommend booking appointments to see her in person!" -- Josephine Leffner @jleffner

"Inner Sun Alchemy indeed. In deed. As beneficiary of several workshops and sessions with Jynnette, I am consistently enlightened and impressed. Set firmly in her divine purpose, she is clear and unabashed with her plentiful gifts. She gracefully guides and introduces the novice and goes deep with her spiritual comrades. With every healing and reading I have always felt connected and expanded. I leave understanding better where I am/we are, and with tools to navigate forward. And Extremely grateful to have taken advantage of the opportunity. So thankful that you do beautiful you, and do it SO, so well. Blessings upon us all." -- Cori @witness_a