Counselors, sound healers, therapists, coaches, energy healers, body workers, social workers, trauma-informed specialists, birth & death doulas, lightworkers, yoga teachers, wayshowers, gatekeepers, gridworkers, astrologers, tarot readers, numerologists, channellers …

Have you been hearing the Call to take your knowledge, skills, and community reach to a higher spiritual and metaphysical level?

The veil over our perception of the spiritual realms has dissolved completely. The awareness about spirits, energy, metaphysics, and clair abilities are more the norm in topics of conversation than even 5 years ago! Waves of people are waking up. They are looking for guides to help them fully embody this new reality and completely break free from karmic cycles of the past. Returning the missing component of spirituality in all areas of life has become a priority.

A great Call has gone out to many to expand their work and their reach to support the collective ascension journey. But, the newly Called are getting VERY little time to shift into their new roles. Gone are the days of it taking years to open up one’s clair abilities or communicate with the higher realms. Now it’s months, weeks, or even days! Others are already adept but they have gone as far as they can with the teachers currently available. The students are surpassing the teachers!

What is needed now is an advanced, multifaceted infusion of information and techniques to make a bigger impact.

Part of my Soul Purpose as an Oracle is to assist those who are embracing this Call by equipping them with advanced esoteric & metaphysical concepts in addition to practical tools for excelling in their new roles. Spirit has given me the assignment to create a Lightworker Academy where I can share how to:

  • transform through the ascension process with more ease and grace,

  • balance working with the divine realms while still honoring your human needs & desires,

  • create a life of fulfilment, joy, and abundance,

  • step into more soul and personal power, and

  • be a potent influence for the evolution of the collective consciousness.

The Lightworker Academy launches with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on Saturday, January 5th and last for 6 months. The first half features 13 weekly LIVE, online video classes. The second half gives more time to work with the principles and techniques as well as make use of LIVE, online monthly Office Hours for additional support. The class schedule and topics are as follows:

PART 1:  The Foundation

  1. Saturday, January 5th:  Orientation class PLUS Bonus 2019 Year Ahead Astrology Forecast reading with the group.

  2. Saturday, January 12th:  Accelerating Ascension - The First 7 Layers of the Aura & Higher Dimensional Chakras

  3. Saturday, January 19th:  Soul Purpose & Manifestation Cycles PLUS a Bonus Full Moon Lunar Eclipse channelled reading

  4. Saturday, January 26th:  Lightworker Self-Care & Protection

PART 2:  Higher Realms

  1. Saturday, February 2nd:  The Archangelic Realm

  2. Saturday, February 9th:  The Planets and Your Genetic Keys to the God Families

  3. Saturday, February 16th:  The 12 Rays & Sacred Geometry

  4. Saturday, February 23rd:  Battling Dark Forces

PART 3:  Soul Sovereignty

  1. Saturday, March 2nd:  Releasing Karmic Soul Contracts & Activating DNA

  2. Saturday, March 9th:  Higher Dimensions, Star Races, and Galactic Timelines

  3. Saturday, March 16th:  Your Spirit Team PLUS Bonus open channelled messages for each person in the group

  4. Saturday, March 23rd:  Lightworker Roles

  5. Saturday, March 30th:  BONUS private “Conversations With The Oracle” event with channelled reading, open Q&A, and group Akashic Records healing.

All classes are at 10am PST. They will be recorded and available to students to reference for ALL of 2019.

A secret Facebook group will also be created for all communication outside of the weekly class time where students can ask further questions, share experiences, and have easy access to the homework assignments & links to the recordings. (NOTE: the group will be “secret” instead of “private” on Facebook since the Lightworker Academy is a closed, sacred space. It is not to be visible to others in order to foster safety and intimacy in the group. Confidentiality is expected.)

What’s the time commitment?

  • 1 to 2 hours of LIVE class time once a week

  • 30 min to 1 hour of homework per week

  • approx 20 min of daily self-facilitated energy work (with crystals, in conjunction with your preferred energy healing modality--if you have one. This is in addition to your daily meditation.)

How will this benefit you?

  • you will uncover your role as a lightworker

  • you will develop relationships with more members of your Higher Level Spirit team

  • you will raise the vibration of your aura and be able to facilitate energy healing in a greater way

  • you will be more empowered and have greater tools to combat negative energies & entities

  • your ability to manifest in the physical world will increase

  • you will know how to leverage the astrological transits for your benefit

  • you will gain clarity about the direction of your legacy and the next step to scale up

  • you will expand your strategic network with others who are doing similar work


When you join the Lightworker Academy you’ll get over 13 hours of Live, online class time (a $2000 value), 3 hours of monthly Live, online Office hours (a $450 value), AND a curated community of other changemakers to expand your strategic network.

I’m also including these as gifts:

  1. a BONUS 2019 Year Forecast reading for the group

  2. a BONUS Full Moon Lunar Eclipse reading for the group

  3. a BONUS “Conversation With The Oracle” online event

  4. and BONUS access to the 5 hour online astrology course

PLUS, students get a 20% discount off of all services booked during the 6 month program. (This discount is non-transferable.)

The value of this course is totaled at over $3000!

In the expressed interested in making this available to the most amount of people possible while still honoring the energy output, I’m making this incredible 6 month learning experience available for only $500 -- that’s a saving of over 80%, coming out to less than $100 per month!

Enrollment is open through January 2, 2019.

Full payment is due in order to secure your place in the Lightworker Academy. There are no refunds once classes begin on January 5th. Remember -- all classes will be live recorded and available for the entire year of 2019!

If you’re ready to receive extraordinary support as you answer the call to step into more of your power and be a greater agent of change, then I strongly encourage you to join the Lightworker Academy. There’s much work to do.


Send an email with “Lightworker Academy” in the subject line to info@innersunalchemy.com