Tarot Readings

Receive spiritual guidance…

A Tarot Reading will provide you with spiritual insight into what is unfolding in your life now as well as provide Divine Guidance for how to create an outcome that is for your highest good.

When you sign up for a Tarot Reading, you are affirming that you are choosing to be receptive to Divine Wisdom for your soul's evolution. Whether you are looking for general guidance or help with a specific issue, please hold a clear intention to actively utilize the information given to enhance your life experience.

QUICK FIX (tarot)

15 min (audio only) recording for $35 - BOOK NOW

If you simply need a fast answer to a question or help with a pressing decision, I can email you an audio recording with my advice based on guidance from the cards within 2-3 business days. The audio will be available for download for up to 14 days.


$150 for 1 hour - BOOK NOW

Are you feeling a deep need for change but having a hard time getting clarity on your purpose? Considering a career transition? Maybe you're having problems in a relationship? I can help you uncover the underlying issues, reveal the healing and expansion opportunities the situation is offering, and providing practical steps forward to live your best life ever! The 30 min sessions are good for quick check-ins or short-term planning. The hour long sessions are for going in depth in multiple areas, whether career, relationships, money, relocation, etc.


$150 for 1 hour - BOOK NOW

Feel like you can't connect with your Higher Self? Are you questioning the guidance you do receive? Do you wonder how your Spirit sees your life? I will channel messages from your Higher Self to give you comprehensive overview of how all the major areas of life are seen, along with guidance for how best to deal with any obstacles. 


$150 for 1 hour - BOOK NOW

The celebration of your day of birth is the perfect time to give thanks for the blessings you’ve received thus far and the lessons you’ve learned, while also taking time to look ahead to see what the upcoming 12 months has in store for you. What are the opportunities at hand? Where are the possible setbacks? This is your special day so let’s make the most of it! You will get overall themes for each quarter along with specific guidance month by month. Note: This must be booked within 30 days of your birthday (either before or after).


$225 for 1.5 hours - BOOK NOW

Have your been wanting to discover who the divine forces are that working closely with you in the spirit realm? What to know what your primary function is as Lightworker (Wayshower, Healer, Transformer)? This reading bridges the gap of the technology of tarot and the mysteries of the astrology of your natal chart to open the door. I will channel through the cards to connect with the Divine Beings who rule your chart and sun sign, the associated Archangels, the key players in your Cardinal houses, as well as guidance on your power directions, elements, and crystals. We will finish with a channeled guided, healing meditation.

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"My most recent reading with Jynnette came at a time where I was moving to start a new life out of the country. She gave me the information I needed to feel confident that I was making the right move. Her reading also instructed me on how I should move once I touched down. Now being here for almost 2 weeks - everything she told me to do is making sense. I am very appreciative and recommend anyone wanting to gain insight to go to her. She's an honest intuitive with your best interest in mind" -- Chris Eclipse @chriseclipse

"My reading with Jynnette came at a crucial time. I was able to gain beautiful deep insight in how to protect my energy but also my role in this life and how I can continue to show up for myself and others in a powerful way. Grateful for her time and wisdom." -- Alana Roshay