Tarot Readings

Channelled Guidance from Spirit

QUICK FIX (tarot)

15 min (audio only) recording for $45 - BOOK NOW

If you simply need a fast answer to a question or help with a pressing decision, I can email you a recording with channelled guidance from the cards within 2-3 business days. The audio will be available for download for up to 14 days.


30 min ($75) or 1 hour ($150) - BOOK NOW

Are you feeling a deep need for change but having a hard time getting clarity on your purpose? Considering a career transition? Maybe you're having problems in a relationship? I can help you uncover the underlying issues, reveal the healing and expansion opportunities the situation is offering, and providing practical steps forward to live your best life ever! Some examples of topics we can discuss are:

  • *Messages from the Divine - what do you need to pay attention to, what’s your next area of growth, what’s opening up for you, and more….

  • *Romantic relationship or Crush - what’s the dynamic between you two, is there another person involved, should you stay or go….

  • * Career - which job should you take, how is your interview going to go, who can you trust at work….

  • *New Moon/Full Moon messages

  • *Month Ahead Forecast - look at the opportunities and obstacles for each week along with advice

There are a myriad of topics we can dive into. To ensure you get the most out of these reading, please have specific question you’d like to have answered.


$150 for 1 hour - BOOK NOW

Available within 30 days before or after your birthday. The celebration of your day of birth is the perfect time to give thanks for the blessings you’ve received thus far and the lessons you’ve learned, while also taking time to look ahead to see what the upcoming year has in store for you. In this reading I pull oracle cards for each quarter of the year along with tarot cards for all 12 months. Together we’ll uncover the opportunities and obstacles that you’ll encounter along with advice from Spirit about your best course of action to take for the greatest fulfillment.

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"My most recent reading with Jynnette came at a time where I was moving to start a new life out of the country. She gave me the information I needed to feel confident that I was making the right move. Her reading also instructed me on how I should move once I touched down. Now being here for almost 2 weeks - everything she told me to do is making sense. I am very appreciative and recommend anyone wanting to gain insight to go to her. She's an honest intuitive with your best interest in mind" -- Chris Eclipse @chriseclipse

"My reading with Jynnette came at a crucial time. I was able to gain beautiful deep insight in how to protect my energy but also my role in this life and how I can continue to show up for myself and others in a powerful way. Grateful for her time and wisdom." -- Alana Roshay