Enjoy this Crown Chakra meditation created by fellow soul family Kenn Michael to support the healing crystal grid activations for the people of Sudan who are in peaceful revolution for their sovereignty (and who are subsequently being attacked).

Listen to the track WITH headphones to get the most out of the sonic entrainment.

Find details on how you can participate in the healing crystal grid Here, Here, and Here.


Answer The Call

It's time to wake up to your....
• purpose
• creativity
• spiritual abilities
We are living in an unprecedented time in human history in which a whole new world is opening up where we can create our heart's desires AND serve the greater community's healing and empowerment.

Discover The Truth

We inner-stand now that our spiritual nature is the foundation for what we experience in the physical world. The knowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience is pushing us to integrate this deep knowing into practical application in our daily lives.

You're next

You don't have to go through this alone. Start the next cycle of your life with a strong, supported step forward. Let me guide you back to your Soul Sovereignty and living your best life NOW!

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A little about me…

I am an oracle, energy healer, and spiritual mentor who works with lightworkers, womxn entrepreneurs, activists, and artists to leverage their influence for radical social change and in healing trauma-informed behavior. My journey started over 25 years ago when, as a young child, I began to experience episodes of spontaneous samadhi. After a life-altering interaction with Archangel Gabriel I delved into Reiki, Yoga, gnostic Christianity, buddhism/taoism, metaphysics, and more. In October 2012 I received a vision of my ascension during a past incarnation and my choice to return to the planet to support the collective Ascension work.

I specialize in operating as an oracle-- a direct connection to the Divine--receiving profound wisdom, love, joy, and truth to share with all those with whom I am privileged to work. I download information through Tarot, Astrology, the Archangels, and Higher Dimensional Beings. I work heavily with the Crystal Kingdom and have a natural affinity for working with the color rays and elementals. I also facilitates classes & workshops on astrology, tarot, and spiritual & personal development.

It would be an honor to work with you.

My Love,


P.S. Want to ask me a question live? Join my weekly “Oracle Talks” on the Inner Sun Alchemy YouTube channel where I channel spiritual guidance for the week and have an open Q&A with the viewers!

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