Build Your Personal Board of Advisors

While we all have individual ways of manifesting that are unique to us, the fact remains that growth does not happen in isolation! Having a team of people in your life who are dedicated to helping you evolve and accomplish your goals is paramount to obtaining success. The greater the impact and influence you wish you have, the more seriously you have to invest in anchoring support for yourself.

It can be easy to find a trainer or a financial consultant, but what about a spiritual advisor? What about having someone on your team who understands Divine Timing, Cycles, and your Soul Path? Someone who understands how incredibly disorienting & isolating it is to face the fact that a relationship, job, a way of being are no longer in alignment with where your soul is pulling, but simultaneously how exhilarating it is to stretch into something new? Someone who is going to help you work WITH the Universe to maximize the opportunities laid before you and to minimize any obstacles?

That's where I can help and be a pillar of support as your Spiritual Life Coach. Working with me will help you ground into the true nature of your being and help you maintain personal integrity as you grow and evolve.

My Love,



90 min ($225) - BOOK NOW

Are you an entrepreneur (or aspiring entrepreneur) who has a lot of ideas about what you could do but not sure what is actually in alignment with your soul purpose? Are you looking for support in determining what the next best steps are for successful growth? Do you have a long-term goal that you want help in reaching, such as a product launch, or the completion of a creative project?

In this session we can talk about your objective(s), break down the necessary action steps, look at the astrological trends that best support the manifestation of your goal(s), and utilize Spirit guidance for any other additional insight.


Starting at $250/month - BOOK NOW

This 3 month program will be customized to your needs, availability and goals. You will be supported with action steps and guiding principles that you can replicate beyond the program. All programs will include bi-weekly or weekly sessions (depending on customization) and conclude with a 4-week protocol for a New Moon ritual to engage with after completing of the 90 days that will enhance your work.

NOTE: A Visioning Consultation must occur before beginning a 90 Day Coaching Program.