On Ancestral Wounds

There is a deep ancestral would that women hold in their DNA, their pysche, which is still maintained in the incarnate generations:

The debilitating fear of moving out of a situation of suffering and into a place of freedom--a core theme that can play out in many different situations...

  • abusive relationships
  • conflict with adult children in the home
  • poor physical self-care
  • toxic friendships
  • and more.....

It's easy to overlook less triggering areas such as...

  • not writing that book
  • not choosing healthy food options
  • not making sleep a priority
  • not pursuing education
  • not holding a standard or boundaries....

You get it.

Know this:

The greatest gifts you can give your ancestors are


Forgive yourself of the judgments you've held against them for how you feel they should have shown up in their lives. 

Ask for their forgiveness.

Know that they--just like you--did the best that they could given the external restrictions they endured in their lifetime. You inherently have more freedom than they did. 

You do them a disservice by not allowing yourself a fuller, freer, experience of life.

They want to help you get what they never had.

Say 'Yes'.

Call on Archangel Tzadkiel--"Please help me heal myself and free myself from this deep emotional wound, this belief system."

Your growth edge is FREEDOM and JOY.

Breathe there. Take the step. Remember: tears are the physical manifestation of healing that has occurred in the Spirit. Let them flow!

One last thing...

You don't just have ancestors from the "past". You also have ancestors from the "future".

Let the strength of your freedom free them.

Image: "Ancestral Chambers" by Robert Daniels